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Napalm - Cycle
Barry Hay of Golden Earring was on a Dutch T.V. show called 'TV3' the other day. That programme will most likely dissapear, along with the whole network thanks to government's new rules concerning Dutch Media. 

Golden Earring recorded the biggest Dutch rock 'n' roll hit ever made, Radar Love. Radar Love has been covered over 30 times, amongst the covering bands are Hanoi Rocks. Hanoi Rocks have cancelled their gig at the Rock In The Castle event, metalrage reports. 

Metalrage is an upcoming metal webzine that has seen their hits skyrocketing the last three years, mainly focusing on the new music. Webzines are the type of media feed from the future, and will take over television graduately. On the world wide web, there will always be room for Dutch broadcast networks that will be wiped out by the government.

The government only thinks about money, and the media seems to be thinking in terms of twenty years ago. Twenty years ago Hanoi Rocks was a big name in Rock. 

Rock has always been around, be it static or progressive, from Sabbath through to Nine Inch Nails and from Frank Zappa to the Dillinger Escape Plan, people no matter how select or big the audience have always liked Rock. A couple of decades on, and Radar Love is still a worldwide known song.

Hardly anyone of the younger generation of metal and rock fans know Hanoi Rocks though. But they do share a common interest in new and advancing technology, such as internet and UMTS telephoning. Those two bring the new type of media, websites such as, which has a majority of young and enthousiastic Rock and Metal fans. Those youngsters read about the new wave of rock n metal, such as Killswitch Engage, Trivium or Slipknot. But some of them learn about the history of Rock, bands such as Twisted Sister, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, or Hanoi Rocks.

The more times a band name such as Hanoi Rocks is printed and published on a website with a young and dynamic audience, the more fame they will graduately achieve. If I keep writing columns about Hanoi Rocks, and if the similar webzines follow, the younger generation will soon forget about Golden Earring. 

Radar Love, isn't that the song by classic rockers Hanoi Rocks? Barry who? Tele-what? 

No offence, mister Hay.
Details Posted on Sunday Sep 18th, 2005
Writer @Lex

Tags: #metalrage
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