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Wacky Luuk's Crazy Adventures - Playing with the Osdorp Posse
So there I was, with my crappy band Model 101 from Venlo opening up for the founders of hardcore Nederhop. Something I would have never thought of realizing, but still I was going to do it. And since I felt this was one of the most special moments in my life and I tend to get pretty fucked up at these events I thought I’d be a cool idea to do a column on this. Here we go!
First I’ll explain how the hell we got to open up for this living legend. A while ago we participated in a band contest to win a spot at the local Zoks festival here. We actually made it to the finals, but lost to a band called Emotional Elvis, who make a ideal festival act with all the weird equipment and songs they have. We were probably much to heavy anyway.
But the programmer of this stage was rather enthusiastic about us, and one faithful night he came to me, quite drunk. He offered me all sorts of things because he felt we could go places and bladiebla and if we wanted to play here every week just let me know. Me, being also quite drunk, remembered an earlier conversation about him looking for a metal band to open up for Osdorp Posse, but at that time we were supposed to do a show with Green Lizard, which was cancelled later. So I immediately dropped the OP in the conversation, which was ended by a handshake and a big smile on my face. Settled it was then!
Now an ex-colleague of mine, who is a very big OP-fan suggested that we should try and play their Beastie Boys cover of “No Sleep Till Brooklyn”, dubbed “Geen Slaap Tot Osdorp”. This idea was taken into serious consideration, and contact with OP’s Ijsblok was established about this subject. He agreed on doing two songs with us, namely “Geen Slaap Tot Osdorp” and one of their recovered tracks that made it on their anniversary release. That track, called “Weer Geen Clubhit”, was originally recorded with them by the Dutch/Latin metal act Laberinto.
But due to us starting too late with rehearsing this stuff, because we were working on new tracks of our own to play with them, we only managed to reasonably play “Weer Geen Clubhit”. We did succeed in creating a track of our own which was very hip hop orientated and also includes female vocals and keyboards with a beat in it.
Enough history, let’s go to the specific evening. The Osdorp Posse had arrived a bit too late, so the soundcheck was pretty overdue. We had to go after them, so it was pretty late when the doors finally opened. Funny fact is the venue where we were playing in, Perron 55, has recently shocked us by prohibiting the use of marihuana related products indoors. Yeah, like that’s gonna work with OP. Those guys had a bag of weed with them that could last me like two months or so.
I first walked into their dressing room to hang up my coat and immediately on of their crazy ass roadies started yelling stuff about the letter N on my sweater (which stands for Nasum). I didn’t mind, because I can take a joke, how extreme it may be. So minutes later he stepped outside yelling at me again, followed by an apology and an explanation for his behaviour. He had driven all the way from Arnhem (which is like an hour…) smoking pot all the way, he said with a joint hanging from his lips. So one of our vocalists informed him about the new marihuana based rule to which his reply was; “I don’t give a shit! They’ve booked the Osdorp Posse, we all smoke weed and they know that. And if they don’t like it they can keep their money and we’ll go home!” Brilliant!!!
So around nine o clock the programmer I talked about earlier walked into our backstage and we asked him what time we should start. He didn’t give a fuck, but 9.15 would be all right. 9.15 exact we stood on stage, some of us mildly under the influence of alcohol and cannabis, but ready to do this. I’ve never seen more people standing in front of a stage where we were playing at, so that was a unique experience for all of us. We bashed in the door with the most brutal track we have and thank god we shocked some people, but we also pleased a lot of them. I got a lot of positive reactions anyways, and even got offered a potential show at a festival.

During the second track my guitarbelt flew of (again) with screw and everything, so I had to play the rest of the song on my knees. Then I had to fix it, while being on a adrenaline rush, with poor light and long hair hanging in front of my eyes. Fortunately our drummer kicked in a jam which was immediately joined by our guitarist, which sounded quite neat. So after a couple of minutes I was ready to continue the mayhem.
The hip hop track we had rehearsed was really great to play, without a drummer on stage and one of our vocalists trading places with a female vocalist. They returned in the end to do the heavier distorted part with a second guitar part. Interesting experience for us, that was done quite successfully.
After the hip hop track we played our last track, which has a kind of beat down like the end of Soulfly’s “Seek ‘n Strike” and I decided it would be funny if I jumped into the moshpit with bass guitar and everything. Incredibly dumb idea, but worth the rush and the laughs afterwards. And that was the end of our show.
We stored our guitars in their bags and left for the backstage after talking to some people in the audience. While rolling a nice spliff we were being asked to remove our stuff from the stage. We didn’t understand, because we had to do a track later with OP. So I went to the backstage to inform about this situation. There I found a wasted posse drenched in alcohol and THC that told me that it was just a little mix up and all of our gear could remain on stage. Thank god!!!
So a while later De Onderhonden stood on stage but I didn’t see to much of that. Their beats aren’t nearly as phat as the ones from OP. And I was too busy gorging myself on the free beer we had gotten.
So I ventured down once more in the lair of the OP to talk with Def P about the circumstances with our track. He said that they’d save that track for the end, and that they would call us out. His eyes were extremely red of hitting the herb, as well as everybody else’s. He wanted to know our name and the story behind it, so I told him the legendary myth about Arnold and the Terminator. He did guess that it had something to do with a robot. Then I continued my drinking elsewhere.
They played an incredibly long show, far over ninety minutes and we were beginning to wonder if we were even going to do it. They even played my favourite OP track “Steek ‘m Op”, which is about smoking pot. A kind of protest against that stupid rule they had put up. Which was of absolute no effect this evening, because everyone was smoking pot and hash everywhere. The freestyle by Def P was very impressing again, his subjects were the Saddam Hussein trial, the no-pot-smoking rule and selfrespect 2005. He felt it was getting a little bit too serious, but he did it any way. And how, for like five minutes he jabbered about those subjects straight from the heart and brain. Very very impressing.

So here it was then, after playing two encores they asked us to join them to play “Geen Clubhit”. Just as wasted as they were I entered the stage and launched the bassline. I saw a smile appear on Def P’s face and I knew it would be all right. The heavy part kicked in and the crowd started jumping and I started headbanging. F-U-C-K-I-N-G  A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!! What a killer experience. I did accidentally hit Arthur from OP in the head with my bass but hey, shit happens. I only got positive reactions afterwards, besides that my bass wasn’t really coming through in the beginning, to which Def P asked to give me some more volume.

And then it was over. I hung around there for some time, talking with Seda from OP and Bas from De Onderhonden who appeared to live in Rotterdam too, where I have a room now. So he gave me his phone number to hang out some time. Trust me, I’ll call him. He has one of the most stoned faces I have ever seen, my type of people.
It was 3.30 when I hit the hey, more satisfied than ever. And very very drunk too, strunk in Osdorp Posse terms, the way it was meant to be.

Special thanks to:

Osdorp Posse
De Onderhonden
Ernst-Jan & Perron 55
Inge for singing with us
Geertje for the fuzzy photo's
Brand Bier
Coffeeshop Nobody's Place
My cat
Details Posted on Monday Oct 24th, 2005
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #metalrage
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