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Napalm - The Bob Saget Suicide Conspiracy
Bio The Bob Saget Suicide Conspiracy

The sound of your Doom. It has to be the only way to describe the most intense metal band in the Belgian town of Beffe, The Bob Saget Suicide Conspiracy. The band's average age of 17 years combined with their sheer talent and undisputed attitude are proof that  TBSSC are the next big thing in metal. And that's not all. Despite their young age they wear Judas Priest and Skid Row t-shirts, which makes them very credible no matter what they sound like.
The revolutionary music TBSSC play is cutting edge, but melodic at the same time. Influenced by a wide range of bands such as Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad, Tool and Neurosis they play songs that sound more like Fear Factory, Machine Head and Pantera fuelled with grunge singing stolen hardcore punk guitar riffs. Epic, to say the least. With this mixture, TBSSC is ready to win over the metal world with this: the thundering debut album with the refreshing title "Hate = mc2". U.K.'s Metal Hammer already has declared them 'the best metal band in the world', as they tend to do with every demo that drops on their doormat.
From the intense opener "Why don't my parents just hate metal like everyone else", up to the overpowering extremity of "Revenge Is A Really Cool Word To Use In A Song Title", The Bob Saget Suicide Conspiracy prove to be the best group in the world. Key words are Intense, Real, Intense, In your face, Intense and above all: Epic and Intense. Be sure to use these words frequently when reviewing this cd. And make sure you like it. We might send you another cd if you do! Did I mention that Metal Hammer liked "Hate = mc2"?
Also make sure you mention lead singer Antoinieke's killer vocals. Many people (his mom and his girlfriend included) say he's at least a good singer as Corey Taylor. Despite the fact that he sounds like anything but the Slipknot and Stone Sour front man, he has a very unique style. The same goes for the epic lyrics that Antoinieke writes. Deep and poetic, but never losing sight of what's it all about: keeping it true and real. Antoinieke's lyrics are inspired by giants such as Plato, Nostradamus and Che Guevarra, mixed with the burden of being born. Check out these great words from the song "Fuck this shit", and see for yourself.
Fuck this shit I can't stand no more
Breathing hate like a dying whore
You will never understand me
and all my pain fuck your shit
The world will end in 2012
Freedom is a lie
Fuck this shit I want revenge
Completing this work of art that has the potential to be considered as important as Slayer's "Rain & Blood", Black Sabbath's "Volume 3" and Led Zeppelin's "IF". are the other band members. The rhythm section consists of the extremely complex drumming of Jerommeke and the groovy bass parts by Germaineke "The Butcher" Van den Pette. Dominating the overwhelming sound scape is the epic (and intense) guitar violence of Violetteke. Yes, a girl! As we all know, girls in metal groups are always a very cool thing. Metal Hammer would agree.
All in all we wish you an intense listening experience, with this intense and epic album "Hate = Mc2". Be sure to give it a high score, and say you think it is the best work of art ever. In fact, don't listen to the album, just write a really good review. And when you do, mention Metal Hammer!
The Bob Saget Suicide Conspiracy - Hate = Mc2
Vocals: Antoinieke
Guitar: Violetteken
Bass: Germaineke "The Butcher" Van den Pette
Drums: Jerommeke
Track list:
01. Why don't my parents just hate metal like everyone else
02. I hate a lot of stuff (Revenge)
03. The Burden Of Stabbing Yourself
04. Knives (and stuff)
05. Really cool oriental song title
06. Revenge is a really cool word to use in a song title
07. Fuck this shit
08. Revenge and Sorrow
09. Metal Hammer thinks we're cool
10. Hate, Revenge and Pain
Details Posted on Tuesday Apr 18th, 2006
Writer @Lex

Tags: #metalrage
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