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BlackRage - Gunsmoke
Well, it's a big day for the United States and possibly even for the whole world. Who's going to win the elections, Bush or Kerry? I can't really say who I'd like to see terrorize the white house.

Oh, don't get me wrong: I wouldn't do it for the world! It's a tough job, I can tell you that. I'll let you in on a little secret. About a year and a half ago my little cousin of 13 years old came to see me about an assignment from school with which he needed some help. As I tried to read his terribly bad handwriting (god, the kid can't even pee straight into the toilet, for crying out loud - must be puberty), he bit his upper lip while rubbing his hands - he seemed to be excited. When I was about to raise my eyebrow and look at him, he yelled into my ear that his assignment was to play the role of president of the USA in the yearly schoolplay. Of course I agreed to help the kid (actually, that was because I didn't really hear what he asked me to help him with; my ears were still honking a good ten minutes after he explained everything to me, but because I had already agreed...) and we sat down.

We agreed that he had to place himself in the position of Mr. President (as he called his character) and imagine what it was like to rule the biggest superpower in the world. With his seemingly natural talent of persuasion, It came down to it that I was one of his generals who had to carry out orders. Oh yes, chapter Iraq had been re-opened. In his role of president, he was in favour of destroying the terrorists and he had to try and convince me to give the green light for the bombing of Iraq. I suggested a conversation. Here's how it went.

"Ah, general. I assume you know why I have summoned you here with me, today?"
"Actually, I don't have a clue, Mr. President".
"Well, then. Allow me to enlighten you. Recently I have decided to invade Iraq. Because that cheap bastard of a Saddam wouldn't sell me oil at a low price, I feel forced to bomb his ass out of the middle east".
"With all due respect, Mr. President, I think you're acting a little harshly. I'd say an international meeting with the UN is likely to change things in a positive way".
"Oh, come on! You don't seriously think that those low-lifes actually make a difference? They can't even unite europe, for crying out loud! How on earth should they be able to convince Saddam to give up his attitude and sell oil at low prices?"
"The leaders of the UN countries have accomplished much in the past, Mr. President. I would not underestimate them".
"Right. Well, it seems they sympathise more with that oil-sniffing sandcrawler than with the one who saved their asses 60 years ago! What's stopping me from turning them into smoking piles of ashes at our next meeting? What's stopping me from taking over the world by hamstering every dollar I have and use it to secure my position as untouchable leader of the world?"
"Okay, I think that's enou..."
"You are opposing me! I will make sure you lose your job and can never accomplish anything within the military again in! Your! Entire! Life! Guards, take him away!"

Before I knew what hit me, I was left startled and kept staring at that 13 year old boy standing in front of me, laughing at my face. How on earth could this kid have the ability to reduce me, an educated young man of 23 years old, to a wee pile of flesh 'n bones in front of his feet?
Next thing I felt (besides the agony of humiliation) was the pain in my right-hand fist from battering the little rat out of the window.

Now, a year and a half later, I realised what actually happened on that day. I was degenerated by a kid half my size (believe me, that ain't that big at all!) and I snapped. I totally snapped. Without reason. Without excuse. Without thinking.

It happens often during one's lifetime. Think about it. Senseless violence occurs in every town, city or even the smallest village. Vandalism is common nowadays. No reason is needed to get hit, stabbed or even killed in the cruel, cold streets of modern society.
Today, another case of senseless violence occurred. A well-known Dutch filmmaker was shot to death and a note, held by a knife that was driven deep into the heart of the man, was left by the murderer. The man was killed because of his beliefs and opinions.

Let me ask you this: if we can't live our lives anymore in our own streets without living in fear of those who will snap at the least, what can we do to make our lives comfortable? Nothing. Because our safety has been taken from us.

Behind the act is always a person. Guns make people feel powerful, more in charge of their own lives, perhaps. But behind gunsmoke is always a fate no-one wants in the end.


Your BlackRain
Details Posted on Wednesday Nov 3rd, 2004
Writer @Bastian Blackrain

Tags: #metalrage
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