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Lenzig - Venting!!!!

Okay, somehow I (DemonDust) managed to get that crazy ass pothead Lenzig from Cephalic Carnage to write a column for us. Now this wont be your ordinary well typed explanation on how to breed worms at a temperature of below zero, but consider it as a political drug-related message or something. Well I don't know, just read it and laugh your ass off!


hey all in the metal world,i hope things are going well in these days of of unrest,and uncertanty,terrorist have invaded holland,france keeps putting preasure on the u.n to recriminalize marijauna in holland ,cause the frenchies are getting to stoned for their own good,well weed is good, politicains are not no matter what country they are from,,they should smoke the stuff to find what it is all about or better yet mind thier own buisness,just like my sorry president should,he thinks he can police the world,what next police the universe,tell ufos they are flying in restricted air space,or they have weapons of mass destruction,if jesus christ came back to life he would have him killed ,and he is the guy who wants to merge church and state,rid the world of abortions,cause more pollution,and selling our souls to corparate tyrants who pull the the name of oil,thousands of people are being killed,or invaded,the ocean is dying soon we will have nothing but dead seas,once the phtytoplanktin is gone so will the air we breath,i dont want to sound like a tree hugger i am just voiceing my thoughts,like this new demo (emotional death metal)metal scene,that is plagueing america, and will soon be plagueing your shores in the near future if not allready there,all of a suddne those punker kids learned how to play maiden riffs they were making fun of at thier shows,realized the riffs were cool and now they want to play this type of stuff,its not metal to me sorryi want i brutal and origional,i know that is kind of hard to do these days but it can be done,just think and use your own sense of identity,do be suffocation # 1,000.that is what killed the scene in the mid 90's,set your own pace and do what thou wilt,well that is about it for now i hope i made some of you think,or get pissed at me,take it sleazy like weazy feeling cheesy,and dont let you meat loaf,your pussy willow,or dont eat yellow snow!!!hail from cephalic carnage see you in may of 2005!!!

Details Posted on Thursday Dec 2nd, 2004
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #metalrage
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