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Napalm - The Nostalgia Era
Some people say that the type of music you listen to reflects your personality. Well, if that's the truth mine must be either completely incoherent or total schizofrenia. When shuffling thru my winamp playlist, wherest all my albums have been stored in mp3 format, chances are you are swept thru a rollercoaster ride that takes you from Nasum to AC/DC, into a looping with Korn and a big g-force drop with Jefferson Airplane, Mozart Concertos, John Coltrane, Tom Waits, The Doors and a slow uphill chain with My Dying Bride, Sleep and Candlemass, just before a corkskrew neck-breaking session with Gorerotted, Kyuss and Public Enemy. Basicly there are no boundries to what kind of music I listen to, and I'd like to thing that's a healthy thing. How boring must a person be if they listened just to Grindcore? How oblivious is a punk-hater? If it gives you a kick, it's all good ain't it?

Here's where the fun comes in. There is this stupid pathetic stigma about youth cultures and their music of choice. 14-18 year olds are the worst. They all diss Limp Bizkit like their life depends on it. Fred Durst sucks! Limp Bizkit is for kids! Papa Roach is gay and Linkin Park is soft and above all: commercial!

Of course, the kids are completely right. But where does this common thought come from? What is wrong with them, judging on stuff they know fuck-all about? Let's take a trip back to the eighties shall we? Most of these young (mostly involved in Black Metal, Grindcore and Hardcore) dudes and dudettes all shout it out loud: it's childish stuff for little kids that deals with problems about puberty. Back in the eighties, there were bands such as Bon Jovi, Twisted Sister and (the allmighty-) Skid Row. Nowadays, it is completely accepted music, especially by the older demin-jacket-wearing-patch-sewing-alcoholists that hang around festivals and bitch about the type of music that is made nowadays. Want to analyse a Skid Row lyric? "they call us problem child, we spend our lives on trial, we're walking in that mile, we are the youth gone wild". It's the same stuff. But it sounds old and dated so it has to be good.

And it is! And Limp Bizkit has only made two proper records, Papa Roach one and Linkin Park zero. But how many proper records have Twisted Sister ever recorded? Ah. It's the nostalgia that gets the listener by the balls (or clitoris, let's not be sexist here). Even if the listener never expierenced the era. In less than two months time, it's time for the big Rock Am Ring festival in Germany. Headlining this year? Iron Maiden, Limp Bizkit and Marilyn Manson. One band that's from way before my time and two that caused my speakers to rupture when I was sixteen. And already I'm exited to get drunk as a motherfucker and sing along to the puberty rock that they'll bring. I can't wait. And my sweet sixteen was no more than.............. six years ago... Nostalgia on demand. Long live the retro era!

It's hard to keep up your principles that bond you with the people you think that are your friends due to the t-shirts you wear and the amount of cd's you own. The latest and hottest hypes won't even matter in 2 years time, but you will. So let it go, let it flow and mosh to the Bizkit, bounce to Snoop Dogg and groove to Chet Baker. You know you want to, and you've got nothing to lose. Grow up, and stay sixteen for ever!
Details Posted on Thursday Apr 14th, 2005
Writer @Lex

Tags: #metalrage
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