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Metallica - Death Magnetic - The day has come
The last two to three months were probably the most ‘Metallica’ in the history of metal. Never before have I at least seen 5 press releases per week, and sometimes more than two Blabbermouth news postings every day, all concerning just this one record that was due on September 12th. It sometimes went to ridiculous lengths: “another 1/3 of the new Metallica album title revealed!”, I mean who cared back then? But the more information got released, the more interesting this Death Magnetic thing started to get. And when the entire thing leaked onto the internet after a French store sold it ten days early the frenzy reached a highpoint.
From the album title - arguably the butt-ugliest ever - to the first time the track listing was shown: it became an interesting topic of discussion. Like Metallica always is amongst music fans. Ever tried proclaiming you actually liked Load? I bet you had one hell of an argument. This is a band that sparks up debate quicker than a lit match can blow up a gasoline soaked whorehouse.
That’s why Metalrage decided one review – and therefore one point of view – just wasn’t going to cut it. So we’ve got a whole bunch of ‘em for you. Buzzin Hornet, Angel, Neurotic, Gilles, Lex and Carn put on their earphones and listened in anticipation to Death Magnetic: the ninth studio album by Metallica. Probably the most equally thoroughly hated as revered band within the metal genre. The questions are: Is Metallica back? And: Does it really matter? Well, despite our best efforts: we like it. No, really.
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» Metallica - Death Magnetic - The day has come
» Page 2: Neurotic on Death Magnetic
» Page 3: Gilles on Death Magnetic
» Page 4: Angel on Death Magnetic
» Page 5: Buzzin Hornet on Death Magnetic
» Page 6: Lex on Death Magnetic
» Page 7: Carn on Death Magnetic
Details Written on Sep, 2008
Writer @Lex

Tags: #metalrage
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