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Interview - 3 Inches of Blood
Can you introduce yourself to the audience?
Sure, we are 3 Inches Of Blood, from Vancouver Canada. Cam Pipes on Vocals, Jamie Hooper on vocals, Shane Clark on guitar, Brain Redman on bass, Matt Wood on drums and myself, Justin Hagberg on guitar.
What is it like for you guys to play on the Roadrage tour?
Well we toured in the states a couple times already and had a lot of fun. The European tour is incredible ´cause I’ve never been here and it always has been our dream to play at Dynamo, and now we’re playing it.
Can you say anything about the signing process of 3IOB?
Well, there were some general interests with Roadrunner and 3IOB. They saw 3IOB playing a couple of times. I think it was the tour of 3IOB with The Darkness, they were on the same label.
When were you signed?
Just over a year ago.

You said you know the Dynamo festival, what did you expect when you came here?
Before we came? I knew it would be metal you know, and there would be a lot of  metalheads, but I didn’t expect it to be so muddy. But that doesn’t matter, you get metal, right? 
Did you expect it would be this small? Didn’t you expect it to be much bigger? Because in 1995 there were 120,000 people.
Yeah, honestly I thought it would be bigger. But it’s cool there are still lots of people here.
What do you think of the other two bands you are touring with?
I think they are great. I think they surprise all. It’s cool, 3 completely different bands touring together. And we're are all new to the audience.
Is this the first show on the mainland of Europe?
We toured in the U.K., but this is our first performance on the mainland.
Which band of the elder generation, that plays on the Dynamo festival today do you want to be compared with?
I know it sounds a bit unworthy to be compared with these bands, but I would say Obituary and Anthrax. It would be cool to meet those guys.

What can we expect in the future of 3IOB?
We’re on a different level. Well, there are new faces in the band, new ideas. We are all like writing some killer stuff. So I personally think it will be great.
You changed quite a few members.
The new members complete the line-up since fall of last year. It’s going all quite well, it clicks well between us al, no fights in the band or so.
How about a DVD in the future?
I like the DVD idea, if anyone would like to record it.
It’s not like one of the Roadrage performances will caught on tape?
I think a couple of songs of each band will be recorded for some audio-compilation. Maybe they will make a video-compilation, I don’t know.
One of our editors wrote a review of your album and he wants to ask: Why the extreme high vocals?
Well I know the guys for about a year, so I just know that his vocalstyle like he used in his last band, it was low, grunts, deathmetal. It think it was the band that needed high vocals to be special.
The vocals are extremely high.
Yeah, he sings high. Either wise it’s like, wow! I think the vocals are killer.

Can you tell us something about the writing process? I hear some influences of Running Wild, am I right?
Yeah yeah, you are right. Running Wild is a big influence for a lot of the members. We all like Running Wild, but Cam and Jaimy are die hard fans and they inspire us all, they are great songwriters.
Is it possible to write new songs during the tour?
Yeah, we are definitely writing stuff. We have lot’s of ideas. Lots of new songs are going to be made.
You toured with the Darkness in the U.K. You must have some funny stories?
Well 3IOB toured with them before I came in the band, but I heard some pretty good stories. They said it was a life time experience.
What about the three songs about the sea?
Ow you mean the three pirate songs? You know what, I couldn’t tell you. Well I should know that because I’m in the band. But Jaimy and Cam are the ones who wrote the lyrics, and when I joined the band I concentrated on the music. I read the lyrics, and they are all good, but I couldn’t actually tell you the stories. I know from the guys that Cam and Jaimy are both into epics, they read a lot and they like battles. It was something they wanted to do for a long time. And the pirate theme was of great interest during the writing process.
Will this also be a part on the upcoming albums?
I hope so. We all like the epics, the themes, battles, victory and things like that.
Well, that was it. Thanks a lot for your time.
Sure, no problem!

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Details Written on May, 2005
Writer @Buzzin Hornet

Tags: #metalrage
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