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Interview - Still Remains
Can you introduce your band to the audience?
I am Jordan, guitar player for Still Remains. We are ready to rock. Still Remains is somewhere from In Flames to Bleeding Through. I think we have more metal than core so I think we don’t belong in the Metalcore genre.
What is it like to play the Roadrage Tour?
The Roadrage tour is an awesome concept. We played on the US version, the UK version and right now we are on the mainland of Europe doing our thing. The shows are awesome. The people over here are so different compared to the people in the US. They are so excited about seeing you and love seeing you on stage. It is just amazing.
Besides that every show in the UK was like sold out or nearly sold out.
What was the show like here on Dynamo?
It was cool but I think people were just getting into the groove. We were the opening act at 12.00 o’clock. Everybody here is present for the music so I hope they liked us. We rocked, had a good time and enjoyed the show.
Is it hard for a new band with their album out for 5 days to play on a festival like this?
Totally, but we have got no choice. 90 percent here comes for Anthrax, Testament etc. They have got fans for years. We are brand new and that is hard but we have to. It is a lot of work bet the people are treating us very well and we are always open for new experiences!
Did you know Dynamo before you came here?
Ehm, I have heard of it. It is a pretty legendary festival and known worldwide!
What did you expect?
I didn’t expect anything but I heard something about 60.000 people but that wasn’t the case! It still is fun with less people. The only thing I didn’t expected was the rain. It just was pouring out of the sky! Always when we play an outdoor festival it rains. And today that tradition continued.
But we are sure enjoying ourselves on the festival. We will be hanging around the entire day so.
What do you think of the other two bands that are joining you on the Roadrage tour?
3 Inches of Blood and Trivium have become like brothers to us. Right after the Roadrage tour in the US we got separated for three weeks and when we rejoined each other and is was like a family reunion! They are just like best friends, or maybe even like brothers. We have been touring with them for 6 weeks in the States and now we are here for a long time together. It is nice to get along so good.

And what about travelling?
Well, Trivium has got their own bus with crew. Just because they have got a big crew. And 3 Inches of Blood and us are in one bus. But is still is one big party!

So the Trivium guys are spoiled brats?
Haha, no! They are really cool! Just because it won’t fit with all of us in one bus they have got their own.
The strange thing about this Roadrage tour is that all three bands are playing a different style of music. What are the reactions like?
It is really special actually. The three bands are different in every single way but the people are reacting in a great way. Of course all metal can be related to each other and our fans are really supporting the other two bands and vice versa.
Which band of the older generation which is playing on the Dynamo festival do you want to be compared with?
Wow, a band that is playing here? That is tough. We saw mercenary play and they were awesome. Always loved Anthrax and Gorefest. And of course Testament. But I don’t think we can be compared to any of these bands.
What was the signing process like at Roadrunner Records?
Our manager gave our EP to someone at Roadrunner and joked with: ‘This is the next band you are going to sign’. And Mike from Roadrunner listened and called our manager with the message he was interested in signing us. And after about a month of negotiating we got signed at our dream label. We always joked around that we wouldnt sign a contract unless it was at Roadrunner and when they told us they were interested we were amazed!
What can we expect in the future?
Worldwide touring. We love touring and we want to go to Japan, Australia. Everywhere we can. We were dreaming of touring UK and the rest of Europe. And now we are doing it. It is our first time here and the people are open, welcoming us and just asking for an autograph in a decent way. It is amazing.
You said something about Metalcore, what do you think of that genre?
It sure is great for the industry and bringing hardcore and metal together is great. Both things got charms which can be great when combined in the right way. You’ve got Killswitch Engage who are a big part of that but we also have got more influences like In Flames and stuff and that separates us from the genre I think.

Do you think the genre is Hyped?
Totally, every single release is called Metalcore but there are so many differences between al these bands. Being bumped into that thing that probably will come and go I hope that we won’t go with it. And the same thing for al those other bands. We are bringin more of the European metal style into our music and that just separates us from all the other bands.
Are you talking about bringing in the Keyboard?
Yeah, there is so much you can’t do with a guitar or bass or whatever. Those things can be done by a keyboard and it is cool to use that element in our music. Like Mercenary here, they are using awesome keyboards in their music. You don’t hear things like that in the American metal.
What about the words Love and Lunacy, what does these words mean to the band?
Our singer T.J. came up with the title. When we were in the middle of the writing process he had a lot of things on his mind and these words combined all his feelings into one sentence. It were crazy times.
The marks you received for your album are pretty high over here, did you expect results like that?
Actually we though we made an world class album but we were anxious because the press can make and break you. But when I heard about the higher marks I just knew that we were right from the beginning.
You thank your entire crew on your album, why is that?
Just because they are all part of the family. They didn’t influence our style and music but without them we wouldn’t be where we are now. And that deserves credits! They are just good friends and this was something we had to do!
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Details Written on May, 2005
Writer @Buzzin Hornet

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