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Interview - Trivium
Can you introduce your band to the audience?
I am Matthew, singer and guitarist of the band Trivium. Trivium is a Metal band. We started late 90s, early 2000. We went to shit loads of members.
So you were 13 when you started this band?
Yeah, I was 13 years old.

What is it like to play the Roadrage Tour?
We started with the American Roadrage tour. Actually this is our third Roadrage tour. We started with Machine Head last year and this year we did one in the States with these bands and The Agony Scene and now we are here playing in the UK and the mainland of Europe!
Every show is great, all the people who are present know the words and screaming them along. It is amazing! And the vibe between the band just is awesome.

Do you think that is a Roadrunner thing?
Yeah, the same thing with Chimaira or Machine Head. The bands support each other. Treat each other like family. But even the fans are treating us the same.
What was it like to play the legendary Dynamo festival?
It is an honour, there are so many great bands that have played here on this festival and we getting this chance is just awesome.

Did you heard of the Dynamo festival before you came here?

Was it like you expected?
I expected true metal heads. I didn’t expect any moshing but they sure were jumping around in the tent!

But did you expected the stage to be this small, and the location to be this small?
I wasn’t sure what to expect. Dynamo used to be big right so maybe it is a bit strange.

The biggest traffic jams were caused by Dynamo when 120.000 people came to the festival!
Really? Than this is smaller. But I love playing here and I don’t care if the stage is small or big. I just enjoy playing our songs and touring so this is awesome!

What did you think of the stage you were playing?
We were over fogged, the sound wasn’t that good but the show was great!
What do you think of the other two bands that are joining you on the Roadrage tour?
They are amazing bands and cool people. All three bands are totally different but it works out great. 3 Inches of Blood is more like power metal, Still Remains is more like melodic Death Metal meets hardcore. It is all good!
Which band of the older generation which is playing on the Dynamo festival do you want to be compared with?
Testament, don’t need to think twice about that one! Maybe Anthrax.

So you are hanging around tonight?
Yeah of course, I need to see all those bands!

You are 19 right now, what can we expect in the future?
World domination! I want to be the biggest metal band in the world!

At what age do you want to achieve that goal?
22. (without thinking about it)

You will be headlining Dynamo?
Yeah, and once again 120.000 people will come to Dynamo to see us!
What was the signing process like at Roadrunner Records?
We were doing our thing on Lifeforce Records and Roadrunner Records just contacted us. They were interested in our band and we shot a video and they just loved it I guess. They signed us a little over a year ago now and it has been great ever since. They are promoting us like hell every where which is great!

Was it like a dream coming true?
I couldn’t believe it they called us. We all love Roadrunner.
You played Eindhoven, Aldstadt when you were like 17 years old. What was that like?
It was packed. It was a small venue or bar but I remember everybody enjoying the show we gave them! We had never toured before that one and we just loved playing that tour and the people enjoyed our shows. That tour was only Europe!

What about Japan and Australia?
I want to do them all man. Every single country will be ours!

Did you love playing Europe?
It was awesome. Everybody is so open and receiving. It just is amazing.

What are you doing after the shows?
Always hanging around with fans and the bands. It just is great to be able to hang around with the people who love your music!

So next month in Amsterdam you would love to do an after party?
Yeah, always! That would be cool.
What do you think of your own video?
Awesome, the simplicity just makes it great. The logo at the end of the clip gives the finishing touch but I think it just is great!

Why no audience?
We couldn’t fill up that place and I think the show without the audience is even better.
You are younger than me, but your style of music has been influenced by Metallica and Megadeth. The albums that influenced you are 5 years old or maybe even older.
I don’t know why that is. I just like the older metal albums.

And what about newer music?
I listen to all new things. From the European music to the American wave of new bands but the thing I truly love is the old style of Metal.

Thanks for your time!
Thank you!

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Details Written on May, 2005
Writer @Buzzin Hornet

Tags: #metalrage
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