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Strasbourg, November 2
So here we are at the last French venue of this tour. France has been a great experience and we’re already looking forward to our next visit. Both Paris and Lyon has been sold out and the crowds have shown great interest in us. We had a day off in Paris which was great, especially for me who hasn’t been there before. Me, Jonas and Henrik slept on the floor in the smallest apartment I’ve ever seen, owned by Henriks brother Johan. We had no matrasses or anything so a mild back ache followed us wherever we went the next day. Johan gave us a brief tour of the city and we had bizarre amounts of cheese and baguette on the stairs in front of a big cathedral in Montmartre. An Indian dude slaughtered campfire classics for nickles and ruined the French atmospheric experience, but whatever. On the evening as we were planning our journey home, guess who we run into if not John and Simon? They had been on their own the whole day and it’s kind of weird to bump in to them in a city as big as Paris, but of course we did.

By the way, did you know that every beer brand in France has got fake German names? Tastes like shit though. Luckily we got le French fucking wine to keep our sinful living going. There’s also something weird about French women. They don’t even have to look so good, they all have this weird mysterious sex appeal. It’s great! And luckily the armpit hair thing has turned out to be not true. Some boys in the band explored this a little bit closer. And can’t tell you who and how but it’s really dirty and contains ‘Uno’. Well that’s it for today. Oh wait! Somebody told that we’ve forgotten to tell you about Milano. It just so happened that we were very busy that day celebrating our best show ever. Cheers! / Johannes

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Details Written on Nov, 2006
Writer @Buzzin Hornet

Tags: #metalrage
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