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Unlocked - A death star is born
After the Dutch death/grind goliath Prostitute Disfigurement called it quits, guitarist Benny started working on material for a new project. A project named Unlocked which gradually gathered a number of other known musicians. I took the time to send Benny some questions and find out what he is up to with Unlocked.
Unlocked is a newly formed band, could you introduce yourselves to our readers?

‘Guitar – Benny (Prostitute Disfigurement)
Drums – Dani”Garghuf”Robnik (God Seed, Nefarium)
Guitar – Sebastiaan (Tombe, Abhorrence)
Vocal – Nornagest (Enthroned)
Bass – Phorgath (Enthroned, Emptiness)’

Before this band you were active in the highly acclaimed grindcore outfit Prostitute Disfigurement, who all of a sudden came to a halt. Could you enlighten us why the band called it quits?

‘We made the best album, Descendants Of Depravity, we could make so it was time to quit!’

Unlocked features a number of known European metal musicians in its ranks, how did you end up with these people and isn’t it hard to work this way since some of them live in different countries and play in other bands?

‘After the split-up of PD I started a new project just for fun, but it turned out better than I expected. So it was time to recruit some musicians who could to the job. I talked with Garghuf at the Frostbite festival (Finland) about music and we came at a point that we talked about Unlocked. He listened to the music and was really interested in doing the drums. Sebastiaan knows the guys of Enthroned and asked Phorgath if he would be interested in doing bass for Unlocked. We went to Brussel and talked with him. When Nornagest heard that we were also looking for a new vocalist, he said he was interested as well. We made the decision even though they are playing in other bands but all the members are really giving it all for Unlocked.’

Plans are to release Unlocked’s debut album sometime this year. Have you guys already settled with a record label, and can you tell us what to expect from this record?

‘We’ve recorded the guitars and drums for the album. The drums are done by Michiel (Prostitute Disfigurement). We’ll record the bass, vocals and guest-musicians in the next few weeks. When everything is done we’ll try to set a release date somewhere in the fall. We’re talking with a few labels but interested labels can still contact us at [email protected].' 

Are there plans to take Unlocked out on the road as well?

‘Yes, we’re starting to hit the stage in the end of this year. A lot of plans are in the working progress and the first shows will be in October. We’re going to do a few shows with Deranged.’

What would you call your proudest achievement in the music industry so far?

‘Touring with Prostitute Disfigurement and sharing the stage with all the big names in the metal industry. And being the sound-engineer for bands such as Shining, Hate Eternal, God Seed (ex-Gorgoroth) and Mayhem.

Bullshit question, in movies, who do you prefer, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone?

‘Fuck them both!’

Thanks your time, do you have anything to add to this interview?

‘Make sure you get out our debut album and check our live dates on the site’
Details Written on 2009-06-16
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Unlocked