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Red Tape - talking to Jeff Jaworski
[b]First of all, thank you very much for your time![/b]

[b]1) Can you tell me a bit about the history of Red Tape? [/b]

The band started in Sacramento, CA around 1998 with me and 2 other guys fumbling around with punk rock songs. We managed to get our 1st demo put out on a label called New Age Records, who was introduced to us by a friend of a friend. We played mostly local gigs in Sacramento, until Twig(bass) joined a year later.

Then we put out a DIY demo/EP called Constructivism, and started playing out of town more. That demo got in the hands of Amir Derakh (Orgy, System of a Down, Coal Chamber), who was looking to produce an album for a punk rock band. We hooked up with Amir and made a 5 song demo that ended up getting into the hands of Roadrunner Records. We were signed to Roadrunner later that year. We started writing for the new record and added Mark(guitar) and JD(drums) to the band. The new album, Radioactivist, came out in Feb of 2004.

[b]2) I think Red Tape is a pretty cool though simple name for a band, but why the hell does anyone call his band Red Tape?[/b]

The name actually came from this landlord of the house we practiced in. He used to threaten to condemn the house and put "red" tape around it -he actually meant to say YELLOW tape, because that's what they put around a crack-house after it's been boarded up. The term "red tape" also had some cool punk rock and political meanings so it caught on very quick.

[b]3) How would you describe your music to someone who isn�t familiar with Red Tape?[/b]

The music is mainly old-school 1980's style hardcore punk. Fast, heavy, and short songs. I also call it "thrash-punk", cuz that's what we'd call a lot of those late 80's punk bands that played fast and had a metal influence. We've added other influences as well, but the main basis of everything is the 80's punk/metal sound.

[b]4) When I think of the lyrics from the Radioactivist album, I think of all the bad things that happen in this world and your opinion about it. What other sources of inspiration does Red Tape have?[/b]

There is this inspiration of getting off your ass, fighting restlessness and boredom. The track "Divebomb" is about dropping all responsibility, getting stupid and just having fun. I wrote it on a sleepless night at like 3am in the morning -I still have days like that. There's also the influence of just wanting to reach out others and express yourself -I like to just make observations on life and write about that shit.

[img] band (Custom).jpg[/img]

[b]5) Radioactivist released a few months ago and I must say I really like it! All the songs are very short, but compared to the power of them that�s not a bad thing at all. How are the reactions to the album so far?[/b]

We get a lot of people, from metalheads to punkers, that take the time to come up to us at shows and say they love the album -that's a great feeling! I've also read plenty of good reviews -even a few bad ones that really were not that bad! So overall, the reviews and feedback on Radioactivist has been great.

[b]6) Which song is your favourite and why this one?[/b]

If I had to choose one song from Radioactivist as my favourite right now it would be "Social Meltdown" -I like the dynamics in that song. Plus the lyrics are an honest expression of loneliness and dealing with feeling out of place in society.

[b]7) Which band do you definitely want to tour with once in your Red Tape-career? [/b]

We've alrealy toured with some great bands, but I still have hopes to tour with Rancid, Pennywise, Avail, Against Me, The Bronx, Anti Flag, Amen, Toxic Narcotic, Pipedown, Thrice, Strike Anywhere.... I could go on, and on!!!

[b]8 ) If you had the chance to choose a guest-appearance on your new album, which person would you pick and why?[/b]

I'd have to pick Dennis from REFUSED. He's got a unique voice that would go well with our music, and REFUSED is one of my all time favourite bands.

[b]9) Which 3 albums would you take with you if you were banned to an uninhabited island for a long time? [/b]


[img] logo (Custom).jpg[/img]

[b]10) What�s the craziest thing that ever happened to you on tour? [/b]

We had a fun filled night of eating, drinking, and just living large with the guys from MURPHY'S LAW in NYC... to make a long story short, the night ended with us getting rolled up on by the NYC police, full guns drawn, everyone up against the wall -it was great!

[b]11) Is there any chance that Red Tape will tour Europe?[/b]

Yes, we will get to Europe as soon as we can afford it! I'm currently working with a friend of mine who books DIY tours for unsigned bands -so you may see Red Tape at a punk rock squat near you!

[b]12) Coming to an end, is there anything you�d like to say to the readers of Metal Rage? [/b]

What up rockers! -Check out our CD -buy it, download it, steal it, all that shit! Come out to see us play live and start the mosh pit! We like to hang out and drink and shit afterwards to... can we sleep on your floor? Check out the website -

[b]I hope to see you guys in The Netherlands some day. Thanks again and good luck in the future![/b]

Word up -thank YOU!

[b]Interview by Boek[/b]
Details Written on 2005-01-01
Writer @Buzzin Hornet

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