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Handful Of Hate - Taste the flavour
A little while ago I reviewed Italy’s Handful Of Hate’s new record You Will Bleed. This album appealed to me quite well, and when I was offered the opportunity to ask the guys some questions I didn’t hesitate. Here is the result, answers by guitarist/vocalist Nicola Bianchi.

Hi, how are you?
‘I’m fine and busy with the new album’s promotion.’
For those not familiar with your band, could you introduce Handful Of Hate to our readers?
‘Handful Of Hate started in 1993 and along these 16 years we released 5 full-length albums: “Qliphothic Supremacy” 1997, “Hierarchy 1999”, “Vicecrown” 2003, “Gruesome Splendour” 2006 and “You Will Bleed” 2009. Two EP’s “Death From Above” 2001, “Scorn And Conquest” 2003 and 1 mcd “Blood Calls Blood “ 2003. We toured across Europe and we consider ourselves an underground extreme band.’
You’ve just released your new record You Will Bleed, what are your feelings about the end result and how have the reactions to it been in general?
‘Feelings are really good we’re satisfied and we really appreciate how the new album sounds. The production has been managed by the band itself for this motive we’re proud of it! First reactions are enthusiastic we’re gaining very good responses.’
Could you guide us through the writing and recording process of You Will Bleed?
‘The writing process lasted more than one year, I worked closely with our drummer everyday in the rehearsal room. The song’s frame started with guitar riffing chained to drums solutions and we developed step by step the whole song. The recording sessions have been managed by our guitar player Deimos at Cholera Industries where we arranged the whole record. We recorded all the guitars, bass and vocals there and mixed it all together and mastered the whole album. Drums parts have been recorded at Studio 73 where we recorded the previous record, but everything concerning sounds and final result is a Cholera Industries’ product!’
Where do you draw your inspiration from (musically and lyrically)?
‘Simply playing guitar, no need to “summon the dark forces of Evil” or “to walk between the forests” I simply play my instrument and I compose the riffs. About the lyrics I read a lot and I like to use some particular experiences as a source of inspiration.’
What do you guys consider to be the highlight of Handful Of Hate’s career so far?
‘Through 16 years I think that coherence and obstinacy can be considered the mark of our essence. We live drowned in problems and we simply do not feed hopes for the future, we like to play and to grow up slowly without taking care of success.’
What would you still like to achieve with this band?
‘To record some more good albums, to play live, experiencing and having fun.’
It has come to my attention that different black metal bands have different views regarding its ideology, how seriously do you guys take Satanism and stuff like that?
‘Honestly I don’t care neither for god nor Satan, they’re the same face of the same ideology. To be Satanist means to consider the Catholic church. I simple hate the church, it’s the worst enemy of man and a big problem here in Italy where I live. I consider Satanism like an act of rebellion but I’ll never be a slave of god!’
Do you guys have plans to go out on the road again sometime soon?
‘Yes we’re actually taking care to fix the next gigs for spring, Spain and France are fixed. We just need more contacts, everyone interested in booking us just get in contact!’
If you had a handful of hate, what would you do with it?
‘Maybe to taste the hate’s flavor…’
Bullshit question; in movies, who do you prefer, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone?
‘My neighbors’ rotweiler is named Rambo so I think I prefer Stallone!’
Thank you for your time, do you have anything to add to this interview?
‘Thanks for the interview, visit our web presence at: Horns-up!’

Details Written on 2009-12-07
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Handful Of Hate