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Discipline - Angels and Demons, Black N Blue Bowl Of Hardcore, PSV and more
Recently I saw Discipline a couple of times live and with a new album in the making and a change in the line-up I felt it was time for Metalrage to do an interview with the most famous streetrockers from Holland. Vocalist Joost was kind enough to answer our questions.
Getting straight to the point, how are you guys doing with the preparations for the new album Angels & Demons?
“At the moment we’re very busy with writing new songs. We’ve finished approximately five songs that will be on the record for sure. We’re very critical about our own songs, so it’s not strange when we decide to drop out some tracks. All in all it’s going very well.”
Will there be a couple of surprising elements or will it “just” be another Discipline album without much change in comparison to your previous records?
“It will definitely be a heavy one. More rock and metal influences, but without losing the melody and the sing-a-long choruses. Furthermore there won’t be many changes audible. Discipline will always be Discipline. This means, recognizable!”
At the beginning of the year you added Dave Moors (ex-Backfire, Angel Crew) to the line-up. Did he have a lot of influence on Angels & Demons?
“Recently he discussed his ideas about the new album with us and they sound promising. Shortly we will come together a whole weekend to work on the new material.”
How did you end up with Dave anyway?
“Obviously we know Dave from his time with Backfire. At a gig in Gemert (NLD) we accidentally bumped into him and that was just after we fired second guitarist Berry due to several problems. We talked about the current situation and the day after he was an official member of the band. We’re very happy to have him playing in the band. Besides he’s a great guitarist he also is a great guy and totally fits our group. That’s also very important of course!”
Discipline is an explicit fan of the soccer team from Eindhoven, PSV, while Backfire used to be associated with Ajax Amsterdam. You don’t expect much trouble about it?
“No. In any case an average Ajax support will be no match for us. Hahah! Furthermore, Dave doesn’t give a shit about soccer. This will fortunately spare us the irritations and frustrations on both sides.”
From my perspective, looking back at 2009, the band has at least dealt with two very special shows. First of all you were chosen to be playing the Black N Blue Bowl Of Hardcore 2009 in Brooklyn, New York. How was the response on the only European band playing and how did you guys experience it?
“It was a big honor to play the BnB Bowl in NYC! It was the first show of our US-tour and the response of the audience was great. It’s awesome to see that Americans also appreciated us a lot!! It was a great day with many cool bands during a party that lasted for many hours.”

Besides that you were also part of a benefit show with Madball to raise money for the wife of Madball’s bassist Hoya, who was suffering from a very serious disease. How where you invited for this show? Did you know Suzanne personally or was it the organization that asked you guys?
“For years, Suzanne was a very good friend of us. If one of your friends is in need for something you’ll do everything in your power to help. She personally asked me to do the show, but unfortunately it didn’t make any difference in the end.” (Suzanne recently passed away due to her illness)
What I strongly remember about the benefit show was the atmosphere. It was like everybody was truly part of one big family. Was this feeling also noticeable on stage?
“Of course. The guys from Madball are also close friends of us, but a situation like this brings everybody even closer to each other. At a moment like that you’re glad you can mean something for a friend. I’m very proud that we’ve been a part of this.”
I’ve just selected two shows, but what was in your opinion the most memorable Discipline moment of 2009?
“The BnB gig and the benefit show were besides all regular shows indeed very special moments for us. We enjoy every moment on stage though. Discipline has always been a real live band and always will be.”
How will 2010 look like for Discipline? Do you have plans for playing festivals in the summer or plans to do major touring to promote Angels & Demons?
“Until the summer we’re fully booked with all sorts of club shows and festival gigs in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Holland. In between we have to record the new album. After the summer we’re doing some extensive touring to promote Angels & Demons. We’re currently talking about doing shows in Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia) and doing a tour through South America (Brazil, Colombia, Chile). So we’ve got enough plans.”
Something to add to this interview or something to say to our readers?
“In this manner I would like to thank everyone for supporting us all those years. Don’t forget to check out our new album Angels & Demons that will hit the stores this summer. Hopefully we’ll see you all soon at one of our shows.
All pictures taken by Helena/I Scream Records at the BnB Bowl Of Hardcore 2009
Details Written on 2010-03-04
Writer @Gilles

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