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Hearse - Email from Johan Liiva

This interview was supposed to be done with Demondust, but I guess he forgot about it. I got a email from Karmageddon if we finally could send through those questions, and here is the result. Johan liiva (former Arch Enemy vocalist) answered my questions.



M-C: Explain why you've chosen the name Hearse and please add some short information about you guys?

Johan: Hmm, well... it was more or less just a matter of finding a short and catchy name that wouldn’t be too “tender and sweet”, haha... so HEARSE was perfect really. About the band in general – we’re 3 guys who got this band together like 4 years ago. Max and me go way back as we got to know each other in the mid-80’s and through the years we’ve had a couple of bands going. Mattias is young, fresh and yet quite unharmed from the constant warfare of brutal music, but that’s soon to change, haha... well, we all have jobs and/or studies, everyday lives, families etc. Released 2 albums and a 7” so far and right now we’re working on album numero 3. That’s about it I guess...


M-C: The sound on the first album is somewhat rawer than the new album, was that planned, because honestly I preferred the older sound!

Johan: You know, the intention for us when recording is always to try and get a somewhat raw and brutal edge to the sound, if it gets too polished and clean we’ll just have to pull the brakes for a mo’. I like the chaotic vibe of the debut, but the sequel is much more “in your face”, it’s much more powerful. That’s the kind of sound we’ll aim for in the future, yet more improved. There are always like a thousand details you wanna change after the recording’s done, but...glad you like it anyway! :)



M-C: Which country do you favor for performing?

Johan: That totally depends. Holland is always great, I mostly played smaller venues there but I like the dutch attitude in a way, kinda laid back and open-minded. If I could pick some places to play it’d be Bergara (Spain), Santiago de Chile (outrageous!!), Tokyo (Jap), Prague (Cz) and I also liked some places in Germany like Offenbach, Munich etc. I’m sure there’s quite a bunch of cool places once you start looking around, but as it looks right now any country in the world would be cool as for HEARSE, perhaps the interest is bigger in the U.S., still only time will tell where we’ll end up, depends on sales and so on...


M-C: What is the general subject of your lyrics?

Johan: It’s about everyday life really, mostly because I totally suck when it comes to fantasy-stuff with swords, dragons or even Satan himself. I simply don’t have the imagination to come up with something that’d make any sense. I tried a little on our debut, but when I read those lyrics today I just feel nauseous, haha... I try to write about my impressions of the world and what actually surrounds me, what pisses me off or makes me laugh.  It totally depends on my mood and stuff like that. I also try not to be political, but sometimes it’s hard to avoid. Sometimes it tends to get a bit too personal as well and I just think “Who gives a shit?” – and just keep writing!


M-C: What can we expect in the future of Hearse?

Johan: We are on our way to Holland and Belgium now in mid-September as support to DISMEMBER and CALLENISH CIRCLE, just for 4 shows but that’s cool anyway, that’s the way we want it to be, so... then the third album is on its way of course, but not until sometime next year.


M-C: I heard some rumours about a DVD? Can we expect one soon?

Johan: Actually that’s not a bad idea. The only thing is that I haven’t heard anything at all about that, hopefully it’s not just a rumour but a promise from our label.

M-C: You're going to tour with Dismember and Callenish Circle, how are you seeing to that?

Johan: We are really looking forward to it, it’s exactly what this band needs right now to avoid being seen as just some kinda “project-band”. It’ll be a step most necessary for HEARSE to take – and we’ll have fun as well!


M-C: Please add anything you want to add to this interview here...

Johan: Let us all enjoy the fruits of life with an open mind. Also check out our site A thousand thanks to you man for the interview!



M-C: Thanks for the opportunity!

Details Written on 2005-01-01
Writer @Mat-Core

Tags: #Hearse