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Cancelled - a chit chat with Lebouwski

A few weeks ago I wrote the [url=]review[/url] of Cancelled's new MCD 'Sinus'. They really liked it and that was the reason I was asked to do an interview with CND. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to a face-to-face interview so it became an e-mail interview. Here we go!


1. Originally Cancelled is based in Amsterdam, though not all the members are Dutch. Can you explain how you came together?


I'll answer this question from my point of view. I've known Joeri (as a neighbour) and Sky for quite some time. I ran into Joeri at the Melkweg back in August 2001 and he asked me: "Hey dude, you play bass right?" I told him: "Nope, guitar". Since they were looking for a second guitarist and they had been trying out guitarists but they sucked or something, I thought it would be fun to do audition. And tadaa! Cancelled was formed. Joeri, Daan and Sky had been jamming from January and Yoav joined in June or July.


2. Does the name 'Cancelled' stand for something special or is it just a cool name for a band?


Nope no hidden messages or deep meanings. However the name has the, as I call it, three elements of sticking in ones mind. It's weird, it's annoying and it's in its own cliché way original. All ingredients which make people want to spread the name around, in a good or annoyed way (as in bad publicity is good publicity). And it works, people in the weirdest places had heard about us in a very short time. Sky originally came up with the name as a joke, because we couldn't agree on any name anyone came up with. And after two weeks we all began to see the brilliance in the name, and so we became 'Cancelled'. To be save we also came up with CND, so venues or bands who think our name would be too much of a problem had another name to be able to work with.


3. Cancelled became pretty well-known within a very short time. How the hell did you manage this?


Hmm, next to the name there are a number of other reasons which got us in the spotlight. Mainly the experience and contacts every musician in the band built up with their former bands. Also we recorded the single 'Abstained' and had a video which was #1 for nine weeks on The Box (on On The Roxx). The fact that we played Fields of Rock, Rock im Park and Rock am Ring twice in a row got us a lot of publicity and attention of the big dudes in the business.


4. Your new MCD 'Sinus' released a couple of weeks ago, how are the reactions so far?


The reactions are very positive. We hear things like 'we have matured in the music' and 'the diversity reflects the contrasts we have throughout our song-writing and song-structuring'. We were already really happy with 'Sinus', but everyone who listened to it is just so... I don't know how to say it... expressive about it. People won't stop giving compliments.


5. What's your personal favorite of 'Sinus' and why this song?


My favorite is 'Heavens End'. Not because I mainly wrote the music for that song, but because of the lyrics Yoav wrote for the song. The period in which we recorded was pretty tough for me because of the fact that my girlfriend needed a surgery on her heart for the third time, she now has got a donor heart valve and part of her aorta got replaced by a donor aorta. But at that time nothing was sure, it wasn't even sure if the operation would work or if she would survive the operation. So you can imagine how I put all my emotions which I felt during the recordings, in 'Sinus', for me also a good way to cope with my feelings. When I saw the lyrics to 'Heavens End' for the first time, which was in the studio, I got pretty emotional. I don't know if Yoav wrote these lyrics as placing himself into her mind, but to me the song is about that. So that is why that song means so much to me.


6. On the Cancelled website I saw a picture of a CND-tattoo which stands on the back of your bassist Joeri 'Spit'. It seems to me like CND is really a part of his life. What role does Cancelled play in your life?


And not to forget the full Cancelled logo on the back of the leg of our tour-manager Kim Brandtenaar. Cancelled means the same to me as it does to Joeri (and Kim of course). I have been in many different bands and have never had this combination of professionalism and freedom of artistic expression before. Also the chemistry between all the musicians, while touring, writing songs and on a personal area is priceless.


[img] tattoo (Custom).jpg[/img]


7. Although Cancelled became one of the biggest bands in the Dutch metal scene, the band still hasn't got a label, why not?


Why not!?! I've been asking the same question for some time, lol! We were signed to 'Talor', who helped us a great deal. Though we are ready now to go to the next level. I don't doubt the fact that we will be signed, the only question that remains if when?


8. Is this also the reason that you still haven't got a full-length (debut) album?


Yes and no. We do have enough material for a full length; however we are growing musically which made us think of what kind of album we could record if we finish the newer songs which we are working on now. Of course we want to record an album under a label because of the accessibility of resources we then would have, nevertheless we will record a full length album somewhere next year, with or without a label.


9. What is the most memorable gig for you? Why?


Fields of Rock. We just came back from touring Czech Republic, Slovenia and Hungary and we were pumped up from this tour which was with Locomotiva and Dimension Seven (RIP). The ambiance was perfect at Fields of Rock. Great wheater, a lot of friends, old friends who I hadn't seen in years, met a few of my idols backstage and most of all the gig was one to remember. Energy all over the place, the sound on stage was perfect, the sound in the field was perfect, and the moshpit was great. We were as other said: "an oiled machine".


10. Which band(s) do you definitely want to tour with once? Why this band(s)?


A band which is called 'Sorry', however they will have to be our support act. So they could announce themselves as: "Tonight is 'Cancelled', and we're 'Sorry'!" (You probably have to say it loud to get it).


[img] band (Custom).jpg[/img]


11. Like most bands, you guys played (and still play) a lot of small venues but you also played some real big festivals like Rock am Ring and Fields of Rock. What do you like more and why?


They both have their advantages. Small venues are great for the intimate atmosphere with the crowd and the fact we can join the moshpit ourselves when we play 'Never Rise'. The festivals are great because of the exposure and the fact you can party all day long!


12. Anything left to say?


I would like to ask the readers to check our website to check out our songs, to see when we play somewhere near soon and check our contests for CND goodies and free tickets! Check us out for the 'Cancelled' experience!


Thank you very much for your time and good luck in the future. I really hope to see you guys playing somewhere around soon.  






Details Written on 2005-01-01
Writer @Boek

Tags: #Cancelled
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