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Hot 'n Steamy Monkeylove - Sludge 'n Roll and monkeycocks?

For a change, I fucked up the first try for the interview with again empty batteries. It’s becoming a tradition, but the guys from HSML didn’t mind to much because they were pretty wasted the first time, except for the straight edger of course. This time they were a tiny bit more sober, and I had been with these guys on stage banging my head of wearing a monkey mask. Here’s the result of the second try:


DD: How did you think of this weird name?


Nabbe the Bastard: It started with a phone call with a good friend, Pete from Narcosis, and we were just thinking of idiotic band names that couldn’t reveal the style of music. The first idea we came up with was Ed Gein’s Nipplebelt, but that was turned down. I even had some lyrics written about it…


DD: And a logo? Hehe!


Nabbe the Bastard: No, but in the end we chose Hot ‘n Steamy Monkeylove. Sounds pretty funky and sexy, but although we are both those things, that’s not the way we sound.



DD: Willem, this next question is for you, how is it being the only straight edger in a drug infested band?


Willem: Haha I’m sitting here with a couple of junkies, hehe. No, as long as they respect my choice, then I’ll respect theirs and if that doesn’t work, then that’s the end of the co-operation. Everybody makes his own choices, as long as they aren’t snorting powder or pushing needles in their vein because then I’ll kick their asses.


All the others: oooeeehhh!!!


Willem: No seriously, but smoking pot within limits is fine.


Nabbe the Bastard: You can see the band is very open minded, we’ve got junkies and straight edgers.


Davy: And doesn’t it prove something, the only single guy in the band, is the straight edger…


DD: You said something a while ago about a guy doing something with a video screen with your live performances, how’s that coming?


Nabbe the Bastard: That guy’s name is Mike, and he’s doing the promotion for the band now and he going to do something with the visual aspect of the show. Probably a video screen with violent and freaky images on it.


DD: And monkeys.


Nabbe the Bastard: Mainly monkeys, humping monkeys. With horny pink pounding monkeycocks… then it’ll be all right.



DD: How did you get to making a combination of sludgecore, hardcore and rock ‘n roll?


Nabbe the Bastard: Well there are a lot of different influences within the band.


Davy: I believe that there are two people or so with the same taste, the rest is different.


Nabbe the Bastard: The only band we all have in common is Iron Monkey, for the rest everybody has his own influences. We don’t even have a term for our music ourselves, but sludge ‘n roll might be the most suitable name for our style of music. And the mix of styles is useful to play with a lot of different bands.


Willem: Yeah, one moment we’re playing with grindcore bands, the other it’s doom metal or metalcore, it’s really useful not being able to be put in one genre.


DD: Ok. That answers another question already, hehe. Next question. What if a monkey jumped up on stage and started fucking Davy’s ass real hard?


Davy: If I had to fuck him, I’d fuck him in the head, skullfucking!!


DD: That’s funny, I didn’t notice anything at all!


Davy: Neither did I!


Nabbe the Bastard: We prefer baboons, because they have such shiny asses to fuck.


DD: Why did you release the album on LP first, and then on CD?


Nabbe the Bastard: Well because the first label that was interested in doing our music only produces LP’s. We were already planning on releasing it on CD, but the people asking us if we didn’t have a CD bothered us so much that we released it ourselves. Hands the cheap price, 7,50 euros.


DD: How are the reactions in general? Just now you got a lot of Insult screams from the crowd…


Nabbe the Bastard: That’s what you get at this place, we played here to often with Insult all of the members except for the bassist were in Insult – red.) and it rocked every time, so people are expecting Insult when they see us, but alas, it’s not.


Willem: People have certain expectations, when they think Insult, they think hard and fast, when it isn’t they don’t watch.


Nabbe the Bastard: But I think we are reaching a different crowd with this music, people that think that Insult was to fast and noisy can perhaps appreciate this music. But I like it this way, I think this is for me the most interesting style to make right now.


DD: Some of you play in different bands, which band goes first when they both get to play in different venues?


Nabbe the Bastard: Normally HSML, except in cases of a kick ass tour or something.


Willem: I think that the show that is arranged first goes first, except if the other show is more important to do.


DD: Any remarks?


Nabbe the Bastard: Basically it’s all about fun and pounding cocks. Just the feeling of monkeys, crawling up on everything to hump.


Davy: And more monkeys like you!


Nabbe the Bastard: Yeah, that’s one positive thing, this show we had one monkey, we need to see more of that. More monkeys in the scene.




Editor’s note: Some things I had to leave out due to total irrelevance or insane disgustingness. One request for all the people coming to one of their shows in the future, wear a monkey mask and go insane!!!!!

Details Written on 2005-01-01
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Hot \'n Steamy Monkeylove