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Charlie*Adler - Cartoon metal
It was a rotten rainy Friday the thirteenth at Knorpop where I interviewed the guys from Charlie*Adler. There was a lot of noise in the background, an occasional power failure and the terrible noise of the rain coming down on the tent. The recording was scrambled as hell so I could hardly make anything of it. So I send the questions to the band, and they were kind enough to answer them once more. The result:
DD: This might be a bit of a stupid question by now, but do you think that something will go wrong this Friday the thirteenth?
It’s still raining… my foot hurts (I can’t walk) and so on… but it’s very crowded for a rainy Friday night. So I think this is going to be a hell of a party!
DD: How did you guys come up with this name? (Charlie Adler is the mastermind behind cartoons like Cow&Chicken and I.M. Weasel)
We needed a name for promotion and stuff… we would like to make some merchandise, a website and so on. So we brainstormed for about 30 minutes. The band name had to be a name of a really cool guy. There are still bands going on with names like Charles Bronson, Kent Brocknam… The first name we came up with was Red Heiney… but it sounded too stupid. Johan came up with the name Charlie*Adler and we all think it is a cool name for a cool band hehe.�
DD: Why did you choose this style of metalcore?
Because it’s cool… the most members of this band are really into metalcore like Burnt By The Sun, Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Ed Gein and so on… All the members have other influences, Harold is really into Death Metal and Roel into Punkrock, Hardcore and Metalcore. We can combine all these influences into Charlie*Adler to make various music.�
DD: Isn’t it difficult with a lot of members playing in other bands to create time for Charlie*Adler?
We rehearse on Wednesday night… we rehearse that night from 7 ‘til 10 and we drink some Holger. Getting gigs is more difficult because of Inhume, Concubine and Collision have many gigs. So if you want to book us… be early!!
DD: When can we expect a first full length album?
Our recordings are planned for the next year, Niek is leaving us for 3 months (he’s going on a trip to Australia). After these 3 months we’re going to complete the songs for the cd and fix up some lyrics and stuff. We’re going to record it at the Tone Shed Studios by Erwin from Mangled .
DD: How do you come up with such weird song titles?
Watching much television and searching on the internet. The lyrics deal about vague topics. Most of our lyrics are quotes from other bands with an own ‘twist’. So they deal about NOTHING! It’s just bullshit! But it is a goal on itself to make up song titles that just don’t make sense. �
DD: Why do you guys have a link to the official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles site on your website?
Because they are cool, not the new Dutch spoken series, but the old one with the really cool intro! We used to play the video games on the NES a lot, so the choice wasn’t that hard.�
DD: What’s the thought behind the logo?
I did the ‘Eindhovense School’ and I studied ‘design’… so I think it’s my task to create the logo. I was playing with some fonts and I came up with the font ‘adler’… after some photoshopping the logo was ready!�
DD: Okay, thanks for the interview!