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Bleeding Through - A chit chat with Brian Leppke
It’s Saturday, the 5th of February, when Buzzin Hornet and BoEk are driving to Amsterdam to do an interview with Bleeding Through. When I heard that this band was coming to Holland I immediately tried to arrange an interview with them, because I fell in love with this band only a couple of weeks earlier. This seemed a great opportunity to me and while I didn’t want to go all by my own (to the concert), Buzzin Hornet joined me this day. It turned out to be a nice interview and an even nicer concert (check: ).
*Note: while we officially had an interview with Brian (guitar), it turned out to be an interview with 5 of the 6 bandmembers, all settled down in the dressing room.
A lot of people in the Netherlands aren’t familiar with Bleeding Through. How would you describe the band and its music to people not familiar with your music?
Well, we all come from the hardcore scene, but we all listen to different kinds of music. From Metal, to Hardcore to Punkrock to Goth to Industrial. That are all influences to our music, but I’d say that mainly we are a metal/hardcore band. We have hardcore parts, we have breakdowns, we have metal-fast parts and yesterday there was even someone who said that we’re playing Trashcore parts as well haha! But I wouldn’t really call it Trashcore though.
What bands are the main influences of Bleeding Through musically and lyrically speaking?
Well, besides Britney Spears (she’s for the lyrics), I’d say bands like Integrity, At The Gates, Crowmax, Intombed, Crowbar, Pantera. Just pretty much we grew up with; we’re still listening to that stuff.
Lyrically, I think that Brandan gets his influences mainly out of personal issues in the past. 
What’s the idea behind the cover of ‘This is Love, This is Murderous’? Is seems to be a real hart.
Yeah, it is a real one. (Scott: it’s mine!) Yeah, we borrowed Scott’s heart haha! But seriously, it has something to do with being stabbed in the heart. And you can hear that back in the lyrics, they’re all about relationships and things that devastate you. But I think it pretty much explains itself.
Cult Of Luna is supporting you tonight; can you describe the process of this collaboration?
Well, personally I’m listening to Cult Of Luna for quite a while and it’s definitely a band that I like, but it’s actually our management that makes such deals. It was like, our management talking to theirs and our management mentioned some other bands that were available as well but we were like: no, let’s take Cult Of Luna with us on tour! And this is only our second day of the tour but these dudes are awesome and it’s just an awesome band.
Any strange stories of being on the road?
Well, last time in Amsterdam there was this guy running around screaming: “fuckingsuckingcandlesbananas”, that was kinda funny! But yeah, Amsterdam is always interesting; it’s a lot different from California. It’s a very cool place though.
How do you guys as a band experience the collaboration between Trustkill and Roadrunner Records in Europe? I mean, are there any differences ever since?
Well, it’s quite a new thing, it happened only a couple of months ago. We haven’t really dealt with Roadrunner that much, we’re actually talking to Trustkill about everything.
Ok, but in Europe they’re doing your promotional activities, are they doing their best?
Well, it’s only day two of this tour, so that’s kinda hard to say. But every show there’s flyers and big posters outside, so they seem to be doing their job. But overall, we haven’t experienced any big differences yet. So, no complaints so far.
You guys are on the Trustkill Video Assault Vol.1 DVD with two videos, what do you think about DVDs with videos only?
Personally I think that DVD sucks! A DVD with a live show is way more interesting and these kinds of DVDs are more like a promotional thing. It’s just for that period that there’s no band coming up with something new and then these things get their release. You can only wait and see who buys such a DVD. 
Are you working on a DVD right now? Because every band seems to be working on one right now.
Well, we already have one out. It’s just a live show on it, a hometown gig actually, and some backstage stuff. But we have some plans for the next DVD, that’s for sure. We’re trying to make a live DVD again with on the road stuff on it and it’s going to be about our new album as well. We’re going to film the recordings of our next album and that will show how we all deal with each other. The fighting process haha!
Do you get a lot of comments on having a ‘metal-chick’ in your line-up?
Marta: chick?!?!
Ok sorry, a ‘metal-girl’, I only mean, are you getting a lot of comments on that?
Yeah, we do! Only because we’re a little bit different because of having a girl in the line-up, people sometimes focus too much on that but for us it’s cool. She gets a lot of attention though, ‘the famous Marta Petersen’, haha!
Is it like the dudes from Walls of Jericho said to us: “It is fun to have a girl in the line-up for 3 weeks a month”?
Haha, yeah that’s right, the other week sucks!
Scott: Yeah but with Marta it’s like three weeks that suck and one week is cool!
Marta: Wow! What a great interview .
Scott: Ahhh Marta! No hard feelings ok? Haha!
If you had to pick a non-metal support act and still want to satisfy your fans, which band/singer would you choose? Besides Britney Spears of course!
Wow, that’s a tough question! I just can’t see who would be supporting us.
Well, just imagine a festival with a lot of different genres playing there, and you’ve got to play after another (pop) artist, which one would you prefer then?
Dudes! That’s really a tough question, you mean, like we’re playing after *NSync or something?
Yeah, I was at a festival in Hungary last year and fist a Hungarian pop band was playing and right after that In Flames came on stage.
Really?!? You see, we don’t have that in the US. There was one festival once somewhere in the US, but you know what? Most of those pop artists we don’t even know. So we haven’t really experienced that situation so far. 
What do you think of metal legends Black Sabbath touring again?
That’s just awesome! I mean, we played all Ozzfest (2004) dates with them and it’s cool to see them perform with all the original members again. I mean, they’re all about 800 years old and still rocking, they still sound awesome. That’s just great.
Yeah, about that Ozzfest tour, I just heard that you guys had a guy on stage with ‘Battle for Ozzfest’ but I haven’t seen that one on television.
Well, I haven’t seen that either, but most of episodes I did see. It wasn’t a guy though.
How did things went that day?
Ehm, she got picked to play bass in one of our songs and she said that she only played bass for about six weeks. That’s why we picked one of the easiest songs for her to play. So we gave here ‘On Wings Of Lead’ and she practiced it the whole week and then she came up on stage with us some day and we just played the show.
Was she good?
No! It was absolutely the worst bass player! She was a nice girl though.
Would you like to play some European festivals as well or do you prefer the smaller venues?
Personally I prefer smaller venues but at festivals it’s cool play for such different people and a part of them have never seen you before. But at festivals is a hassle, you’re always in a rush. And that’s not so weird, I mean, there’s about 100 bands playing on one day! How do you do that? That’s just impossible, there must be some problems rising up then. And besides that, at festivals you play a lot at daytime, which isn’t that cool either.
Did you have the chance to see other bands playing the festival as well? Or did you have to do all kinds promotional activities?
No, we definitely got the chance to see a lot of bands live and it wasn’t that bad for us on Ozzfest with the promotional activities. But that’s because we were on the side stage, and the press is more focussing on the bigger bands you know. Besides that, the festivals lasts the whole day long so the activities can be spread all over the day, which means you’ve got plenty of time left for yourself.
Name three things you can’t miss on tour?
Marta: socks!
Brian: yeah socks, my I-pod and a shower. But to have good food is important too, because last time we were in Europe we ate at McDonalds everyday, and that sucks.
What can we expect tonight? Are you only gonna play songs that were already released or is there something new on the playlist as well?
Well, we’re actually in the process of writing a new record now. We got five new songs and I think we’re gonna do two of them tonight. And besides those songs we’re gonna play some songs of ‘This is Love, This is Murderous’ and some of ‘Dust To Ashes’.
Can you tell us something more about the future of Bleeding Through?
Well, we got a lot of stuff coming up. After this tour we’re gonna finish the writing and record the new album. Then, once that one gets out we’re gonna head over to Australia, going back to the States again, doing the ‘Warped Tour’ and then hopefully we’ll come back here.
Anything left to say for our readers?
Stay metal!
Thank you very much for your time and good luck at the show tonight!
Thanks to you too guys!
Details Written on 2005-01-01
Writer @Boek

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