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Your Mistake - Old Friends in a New Formation

Between Sworn Enemy and Madball, I took the liberty to ask some questions to a new Dutch hardcore band, Your Mistake. Today they gave away their first show. And seeing as this show is with Madball and Sworn Enemy, they apparently raised some expectations.
We've seen them before, they came from No Turning Back, Shattered and Guilty. Ex-members from those bands combined and named Your Mistake, New York Hardcore, another great band from Noord-Brabant. 
A short interview with a beer in hand.

Metalrage: Hey Guys, how are things now?

Frank: What can I say, it's been a great evening.

M: And how was the show then?

Saki: Always hard to comment on your own show. I think it went well. 

F: Yeah, that is hard. I mean, it's all a bit of a blur of losing balance and using up all your energy up there. Ofcourse we've had some feedback from the people we know, but we're looking forward to hearing some feedback from other people.

M: Well, one hell of a first show. Opening for Madball and Sworn Enemy. I think you are envied. I take it people have high expectations of you?

F: Haha, I don't know man. I guess people know our history. 

S: Wether expectations are high, I don't know. There are just a few people who are interested to see what we've been up to lately.

M: Since 2 of you quit No Turning Back and Shattered broke up, you weren't able to sit still huh?

S: Well, No Turning Back and Shattered have been friends for a long while. So we all go way back. Shattered broke up a day after these guys played their last No Turning Back-show, somehow we all just rolled into this. 

F: We're just taking things as they come by. 

S: Exactly. We're just looking to record some good material and play some good shows and we'll see how things evolve over time. Everything's still open. 

M: So are there any good recordings coming up?

S: We're actually going to be recording a demo somewhere during november of this year and it should be available in december. 

M: Ok, I'll be looking out for that. So for those who weren's there, what kind of music do you make? Any influences from you combined histories?

F: We do have our own history and some of that can be heard in our songs. But most of it comes from our personal preferences. And the way things look right now, that means we will be playing NYHC in one of the broadest forms. 

S: NYHC, our way. Combining NYHC from the early 80's through the mid-late 90's. But as said before, everything's still open. We don't want to bite down on a specific style yet. We are still defining it for ourselves. 

F: Yeah and everyone has a say about everything. The guitarists talk about the drumms and Willem talks about the vocals and then Saki makes the loop complete by talking about our riffs. We want to make something we all agree on and just take things as they are presented to us. 

M: Thanks

F: Thank you man.

Details Written on 2005-10-22
Writer @Spoerie

Tags: #Your Mistake