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Kringspiertyfus - an interview Kringspiertyfus
Exclusive for metalrage Zodar Bami Core's singer Goatlord hooked up with dutch Metal band Kringspiertyfus' Joe-Bob to ask some in depth questions! [b]How long has Kringspiertyfus been around?[/b] No idea really. It's supposed to date back from centuries ago, but no one really knows when it originated. [b]Who is Kringspiertyfus?[/b] joe-Bob, Edgar and Elmer Tyfus [b]Why do you play grindcore?[/b] We don't (nice question, Goatlord :p - red), we play Death Metal. Because it's the only style for us. [b]Your band has an underground status, what do you consider underground?[/b] Bands like The Monolith Deathcult, Eternal Conspiracy [b]What bands influenced you?[/b] None [b]Any bands you can recommend?[/b] Yeah, Kringspiertyfus [b]Why don't you have a record deal yet?[/b] I don't know, ask the record labels. [b]Any plans on recording a follow up to your first EP, 25" kitchen knife?[/b] As soon as we have a record deal.. [b]What is your emotional link with songs like 'Kontsnor' (Ass Mustache -red)?[/b] What's 'emotional'? [b]You've only had two shows so far, any plans on getting a clubtour started?[/b] We'd love to, but touring is hard without a label. We've had some offers for bookings and shows, but a lot of people forget contacting us again [b]if you'd start a tour, who'd you bring along with you?[/b] Edgar and Elmer. [b]What's your opinion on the kind of bands that milk it?[/b] I couldn't care less. If that's what they want to do, let them do it. As long as we don't have to hear it, everyone is free to make money the way they want. [b]And what do you think about the seemingly endless Numetal hype?[/b] It sucks. Fortunatly we don't own a TV or radio so we don't hear a lot of it. [b]A lot of the metalheads are concerned ther is no more progression in the metal scene lately. What's your opinion on that?[/b] Metalheads should stop being gay. bunch of immature faggots [b]What's your current opinion on the political situation in Afganistan?[/b] Nuke 'em [b]Anything to tell the MetalRage readers?[/b] No, bunch of gay wussies. Well so much for the interesting interview, thanks to Goatlord, for hooking up and dealing with the interview! Interview by : Goatlord (guest)
Details Written on 2005-01-01
Writer @Lex

Tags: #Kringspiertyfus