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Red Circuit - Prog metal but not prog metal....
Interview with Red Circuit’s Markus Teske (most right on the picture below) , a sort of prog-metal band from Germany.
Producer and bandmember (keys) of Red Circuit.
Red Circuit is a very typical name. What does it stand for?
Is it typical ? I´m sorry for that, I hoped that it is not that typical, since I never heard of a bandname that is dealing with a circuit.
A technical part like a circuit stands for the electronic and stoical side of the music, red is about the warm side of the music like great vocals, huge harmonies, orchestral and epic parts. That´s what the bandname should describe.

You just released you debut called Trance State. You also just launched your website. Does that mean Red Circuit has ‘recently’ been formed?
No, we started this three years ago after I left my former band ´Sheela` . But this time I wanted to produce a great album and get a record deal at first. In my opinion it makes no sense to prepare yourself for the stage and play without a product, it takes too much time. That´s why it looks like the band is recently formed.
Your music is described as prog metal. I got the feeling that it is not totally 100% prog metal.
What is it that makes your music progressive and what does it take to become a (good) prog metal band?
I agree, it is not totally prog metal, it has influences of prog metal. I prefer the style we´re doing because of the fact that it is not to complicated to follow. The simple side of mind and music is longing to be satisfied too.
Next to the straight metal parts, I also hear some rock influences. Which are the artists/bands that you are influenced by ?
I don´t have a favourite band or something like this, it is more the song. I guess the influences are a combination of all the stuff you listen throughout the day.
But to mention same names, I was really impressed by the debut album of Masterplan, I love the songwriting of Vanden Plas. There are a few songs by Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osbourne, Adagio, Nickelback, Mel C, En Vogue, Destinys child, Billy Idol, Frank Sinatra, Christina Aguilera, Soilwork, Faith no more and others which stroke me. I know, this is a funny collection of bands and artists, mentioned at the same time.
Red Circuit sounds very mature. Is that because of the prog metal style? I believe that most progressive bands are formed by elder people. Or is it maybe because you’re into music for such a long time?
Thanx for your positive words. I think it is the songwriting and the arrangement. It´s supposed to be just natural, I tried to avoid unlogical parts and I hate songs that might give you the feeling that they´re constructed. At the end of the day it is a result of a long experience in composing and producing too.
On your website I saw that you work with guest guitarists. Why do you choose to work with guest artists instead of doing it all by yourselves?
The basic idea was to color up the album, that´s all. Patrick Rondat, Stephans Lill and Stephan Forte are musicians I worked with in the past, so I had a friendly relationship with them. They are all different personalities and brought other influences into the songs. Oliver, our regular guitar player, could have done it too, no question. Just listen to his solo performances, they are really great. But I had the option to involve the guest guitarists, so I did it. It was funny to sent, for example, Stephan Forte a MP-3 of  ´Is it gold`, and get an uncompressed solofile a few days later back over the internet. I imported it into the song and it worked ! I love technical things which are working. With Patrick it was the same, but I sent him a CD, and he sended me a CD back. Just Stephan Lill was at my place. We did same guitar parts for Ian Parry´s solo album, when I asked him if he wanted to try the solopart of ´The veil`. He just played a few takes within 10 minutes, that was it.
Search For Your Soul and Where You Are are two songs from your debut. What do you want to tell us with those kind of titles? In other words: is there a story behind Trance State?
No, Trance state is not a concept album, I just found out, after finishing the lyrics, that they are all about human dishonesty in all it´s variations. The base of the lyrics is the spirit of this poem collection. Since the lyrics are describing very personal inner thoughts and feelings, it can be difficult to understand, but everybody who reads between the lines can see what it is about. I guess for me it was some kind of getting rid of dark shadows from the past. 
In the past some of you were active in different bands. Are there any current projects outside Red Circuit?
No, but in my studio I´m creatively involved, more or less, in every production I`m working on. So every band I produced has a few parts and ideas from me.
My last question: do you have a special goal with Red Circuit?
Nobody knows what the future might bring, but I hope to be so succesfull that we´ll continue the band for a long time with a positive prospect. I want to produce a second and a third album, which is at least as strong as the first. Concerning live shows, you know how it is. If the album is doing good you are, more or less, forced to play to promote it. In this case I would love to be forced. You should check regularly
Thanks a lot for doing this interview and good luck with your career!
Thanx man !


Details Written on 2006-03-13
Writer @Maurits

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