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Skumring - Acoustic guitars, female vocals and doom metal
After I reviewed Skumring’s re-released debut album, I got the offer to do a mail-interview with this Norwegian melodic doom metal act Of course I could find some time to do so, and here are the answers, given by frontwoman Cecilie:
  1. So how are the reactions in general on your album De Glemte Tider?
I think the reactions this far are very good. It’s great to read what people think of our music. Especially when we are getting response from fans. That’s the best thing. Off course there are a few negative reviews, but when reviewers give our cd a bad score because they think the music is to slow, or they don’t like female vocals and/or acoustic guitars, then it doesn’t really matter to me. If you dislike slow doom and female vocals, Skumring is most certainly not the band you should listen to.
  1. Have you been able to find a replacing drummer yet?
No, we haven’t found a drummer yet. Drummers seem to think it’s not a challenge to play doom. I really can’t understand that, it’s not easy to make the drums sound great when you can’t show off with speed or advanced techniques. And it’s very slow so you would have to be a very steady and precise drummer. But we do have a drummer that is willing to play for us on the next release.
  1. Why did you decide to keep the lyrics in your own language?
It just felt natural to sing in Norwegian. It’s a part of our sound. The music wouldn’t have been the same at all if we had used English.
  1. What inspired you guys to make this relaxing but heavy kind of music?
Both Vàli and myself are great fans of doom music in general. We wanted to make music that would fit my vocals and with a certain acoustic feel to it.  I can mention that we are inspired by bands like The 3rd and The Mortal, Funeral, Empyrium and Shape Of Despair. I think that you can find a little from all these bands in our music.
  1. Has work commenced on new material yet, and can we expect a new album soon?
We are currently working on new material. We will hopefully record it during this summer if everything goes as planned. And a release can maybe be expected late this autumn.
  1. Bullshit question then. In movies, who do you prefer. Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone?
None of them? But if I have to make a choice between Arnold and Sylvester, I would have to say Sylvester.
  1. Would you consider singing in a different project, with non-distorted music, and if so, what kind of music would that be?
I am singing in other projects with non-distorted music. I sing folk, pop-rock and alternative music. Skumring is the band closest to my heart, but I also enjoy working with other types of music. I get bored if I am just going to work with one type of music all the time, I need the variation.
  1. Do you have anything further to add to this interview?
Thanks for the interview and stay doomed!
Details Written on 2006-04-01
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Skumring