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Obscene Extreme - A little background story by Curby
The Obscene Extreme festival is almost there, and Metalrage had a the opportunity to ask some questions to Curby, the main drive behind this ultra brutal festival in the Czech Republic. Enjoy the intie!

Can you explain why Obscene Extreme was born, and how it was to organize a festival like this?
"Hey Matko…Curby back here…Obscene Extreme was born like answer to such a great German event Fuck The Commerce…i visited this fest back in 98 for the very first time and I also always wanted to do some bigger festival in Czech for really extreme music ‘coz a festival of this type was missing in Czech and in whole Europe I guess…and at the very beginning there was also my idea to do some bigger birthday party…I became 25 back in 1999 and it was just a great timing to do a festival like this…but to be honest I wanted to do just one festival and stop it, but reactions of fans, bands and all people were simply amazing and that’s why I continued with this work till today…and I still enjoy this weekend as in the beginning, people are still going crazy for grindcore and I can see many, many satisfied die-hard grind freaks that really love this event and it’s just power to continue and do it better next year…I still feel a big passion for this type of music even though I’m listening to grind from 85 or 86…and to second part of question…in the beginning it was an uneasy thing to do a fest like this but with every year I have more experiences and I can do this fest better…anyway it’s still the same as the first fest, fest made by fans for fans, nothing else…"
I read in an other interview that you were a little upset about the visitors? You said that almost 70% of the people are foreigners (not Czech). Do you know why Oef attracts so many foreign people and less Czech people?
"Actually about Czech visitors…I think that every year is here more and more foreign friends and I really dunno why…there are so many foreigners ‘coz Czech is still a very cheap place for them and we can offer lots of fun and that’s always good, especially in summer time when everybody wants to enjoy free time from their job and daily grey life…and I think Czechs are more and more lazy, watching Tv and so on and next thing we have here in Czech metal festival every weekend, same with club shows…and they’re a little bit “scared” by weather…I really want to thank all visiotors of the last Obscene Extreme when weather was shitty but they were really brave hearts and supported bands even in hard rain and simply don’t give a fuck what’s going on and enjoyed the whole festival anyway…but there’s of course still lots of real grindcore fanatics from Czech that are supporting the fest and enjoying every year…"
Of course there is always trouble when trying to get bands to your festival. How do you complete the line up? Do you just go out asking bands, or do bands ask you to play?
"Not really big trouble at all…As I said before I’m into this music for a long time and I still care a lot about all new bands and I’m still very happy when I’m getting loads of promos…it’s almost the same like years ago when I couldn’t wait to open packages and listen to promos…so every year I’m doing a list of bands I want to see live personally, then I’m adding some kick ass new bands and of course some bands are asking me to play there…but every year I’m trying to give some chances to newcomers in the scene as they have no more support from other and mainly bigger festivals as they don’t care that much about them…and in my opinion this is very positive thing about Oef, of course almost all people are going to see Dismember, Sinister, Cripple Bastards or Dead Infection but I can promise that they will enjoy also some bands that they didn’t know before the fest and they will enrich their lists of favourite bands…"
Example: Exhumed on Oef04. Why did that not continue that year?
"Yes, Exhumed didn’t play that year but there’s no more bad blood between us, I met Matt of Exhumed in Madrid on Trauma fest and I recorded a small interview with him there for the Oef 2004 Dvd when he said everything what happened in that year…they were simply too tired and he couldn’t complete the band’s line-up and they even forgot to tell me on time that they didn’t arrive and you can imagine that this thing really pissed me off ‘coz I couldn’t book some good replacement but at the end Squash Bowels played an amazing show instead of Exhumed…but sure this is always something that really dissapointed me…I’m working on this fest all year long and things like that make me crazy…but last year everything was perfect and I really think that bands really respect this fest more and more and especially bands that already played Oef always want to play again there and it’s quite good I guess…"
Tell me a little bit about the term grindcore in Czech Republic? Because sometimes it seems that there are way more people in Czech liking the brutal music?
"Yeah, I think that grindcore is one of the most popular extreme musical styles here in Czech…dunno why…maybe ‘coz we had to survive that shitty 40 years occupation of our country by the Soviet Union?? Who knows…anyway we have always lots of first-rate grind bands and also now we have plenty very good newcomers in this music and also young talents and fans…listen to Cerebral Turbulency, Ingrowing, Ncc, Jig-ai, Alienation Mental, Pigsty, Exhale, Uprise, Disfigured Corpse, Plastic Grave, Needful Things, Profesor Lefebvre, Mass Genocide Process, Carnal Diafragma, Mincing Fury, Gride, Skoda 120…we’re just 10.000.000 Czechs so for such a small nation it’s not really bad…we have lots of grind labels, shows, other festivals so to be honest we live in a good country he,he,he…"
How is the mentality towards your festival by the city of Trutnov, in other words, was it hard to get a permanent location for your festival?
"It was pretty weird the first year…I had to explain that name Obscene Extreme to the town’s police and I was interwieved by the criminal investigation police where 15 police officers asked me really strange questions like is it political meeting? And things like that but after some years of experience they’re all great and support us in everything…same with the City government…they can see that we’re normal people that just want to meet once in a year and we haven’t had problems anymore…and from 1999 we have this one festival area “On Battlefield” (real name of this place he,he,he…) so just from this you can see that everything is ok and we have always enough support from the city and police as well…fans of Obscene Extreme are just extreme in their musical choice…"
There were some rumours that Gut would not perform anywhere outside Germany, what’s the current situation for this band?
"It’s the very first time I heard something like that!!! I’m in contact with Boner more than 6 months and I just asked him now and he said “Everything is ok and we’ll be there” and I knew they played outside of Germany on Steel Warriors Rebellion metal fest in Portugal so all will be cool I guess!!! I have seen their show on Ftc this year and they were really great! I didn’t expect that much ‘coz if I do I’m always dissapointed a little bit, but Gut was killer!!!"
How is it currently standing with the visa’s for the bands from South America (Internal Suffering etc)?
"With Internal Suffering is all cool, they’ve got visas, we send 50% of money and they bought their flights so all is ready for their comeback to OEF’s stage! With Masacre is everything a little bit weird, they’re in Spain now…so they have Schengen visas and they have to ask for Czech visas…I sent a fax to our embassy in Madrid and they told me that they will go there on Monday but now it's Wednesday and I still didn’t get any reply from them…so I’m waiting…"
Tell us a little bit about your label’s history and current activities, will there be some new upcoming albums that are recommendable and what was your drive to start this label?
"Yeah, old good times he,he,he…at the very beginning I was a tape trader (I know it sounds funny for all of you guys now he,he,he…) and a member of all fan clubs of all extreme bands in Czech like Master’s Hammer, Kryptor, Krabathor etc. it was back in 1988 and few years after…and I just wanted to help our the newborn scene as much as I could and that’s why I started with Morbid Reality fanzine, then The Suffering magazine, then Obscene mailorder and definitely 11 years ago I released the first Ep under the flag of Obscene productions!!! I was full of enthusiasm for this music that gave me so much that I’m just trying to give something back…and this continues till today…I’m trying to help bands with tours, doing festival etc. This passion is my main power to be honest…and new records on Obscene? Just now we’re finishing the Obscene Extreme double Dvd 2005 – it’s the best of the festival from last year, amazing shows of Pungent Stench, Disfear, Blood Duster, Haemorrhage, Regurgitate, Sayyadina, Dead, Yacoepsae and many, many more…this year we’re working with profi cutters and the sound will be a very powerful mix so all of this makes it more interesting and better than ever!!! Of course we’ll add also Obscene extras – Body Piercing show of studio Hell, lots of interviews, stage diver’s manual, photo gallery and more…all together around 7 hours!!! And the next record that we’re working hard on now is Cripple Bastards anthologival Dvd – it's been over 2 years since we started to put this together, so expect it to be a colossal release... Of 5 chapters planned, we got 4 completely edited/ready and just one’s all important about this legend of nihilism from their start in 1988 till now...probably a double Dvd once again will be out this fall!!! Soon there will be a trailer on our website..."
Inevitable question, I know you like soccer. Have you been following the World Cup lately?
"I’m just a maniac if you’re asking for soccer…I simply love this game, I started playing football myself when I was 5 years old and I still love it…I have seen all matches on the World Cup!!! I wanted to go to Germany to see our Czech team but tickets were so expensive and so many Czechs wanted to see it ‘coz it’s pretty close to our country that I had to watch all the matches on my sofa…Our national team was destroyed by injuries and that’s why I’m supporter of Argentina now as I really like these long-hair like “rock-stars” looking players…it’s my first remembrance on football, sitting in our house back in 1978 when I was 4 years old only with my father and watching Kempes, Pasarela and other heroes of Argentina…of course I just remember long hairs of Kempes and flying papers everywhere…but from that time I like this team and hopefully they will win this year as they have many new talented players like Messi or Tevez!!!"
What can we expect from the Obscene Extreme festival in the future years, will it continue in it’s current form, or do you expect changes because the Czech Republic just entered the European Union and is negotiating to accept the Euro as currency?
"I’m not really sure that something will change ‘coz Oef always will be a grindcore event for the most extreme musical styles of the planet trying to destroy your ears thru one weekend…and with the euro…you can pay by euro in the festival area…all food, drinks, beers, fest merchandise is offered in Euros as well…and also all vendors in the Obscene market are taking euros so maybe it will be easier to buy tickets the for bus or train…anyway thanx for your time and see you all soon!!!
Details Written on 2006-07-02
Writer @Mat-Core

Tags: #Obscene Extreme
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