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Altar - The RE start of a Legend !
Once again our heavy grind grunting outside-reporter D.M.A. went into the fields of metal and did a splendid field report. This time with one of the biggest Dutch influences, in modern and underground metal, and highly controversial band Altar! All you bangers, enjoy! [b]Since September 1st 2001 Dutch metalheads Altar went through a series of events that put all work and effort into the band aside. Rumoures had it that the band was gone for good, untill news broke out that Altar was going through. Founder Marcel Verdurmen picked up things with the band where they left, along with Richard Ludwig and a couple of new muscians to join the team: Singer Arnold Oude Middendorp, Drummer Marco De Groot Nieuwbakken and Bass Player Reinier De Vries. I interviewed Marcel for a short time ago.[/b] [b][i]Personaly, the new members of Altar aren't familiar to me. Can you tell a bit about their musical background?[/i][/b] Our new singer, Arnold sings in Devious, Marco on drums has been in several bands like Blind Justice, and our bass player Reinier I know from a hobby project in wich we both play. [b][i]There have been auditions a while ago, and, like you said Reinier was already a friend of Marcel. Why have did the people who now are part of the Altar line-up been picked out of all of those candidates?[/b][/i] First of all because we get along as people in general, and ofcourse, for their musical skills. To play in a band like Altar one has to be able to play at quite a high level, especially for a drummer. Many drummers aplied for the position, but Marco was the only one who could handle it properly. [b][i]Now that Altar is a full band once again, you perform one again. The first show was at the early beginning of this year, january 18th. After that more shows have come along the way and I noticed that around Halloween a tour is sceduled with Sacred Skin. That sounds like good news to me, but how have the reactions in the audience been about this 'new' Altar?[/b][/i] The audiences have been responding very well, although I can imagine that people aren't to enthousiastic at first. But we have proven our selves as a band again by now, and succesfully convinced some of our fans. And you know what? Every time you lose fans, you automaticly gain fans aswell..... [b][i]Any new yourdates confirmed so far? A clubtour through The Netherlands for instance?[/b][/i] We are working on that, but not to worry a clubtour is a sure thing for the short future! [b][i]Altar has been playing material from the old Line-up. Have you already finished some new songs? A follow-up to Red Harvest [/b][/i](the last album before the split in 2001 -red)[b][i] on the horizon?[/b][/i] We have some new material indeed. But we have chosen to play the gigs first just to enjoy playing again. After that some new songs will come out, we are working on it any how. [b][i]Now that the band has included quite a lot of new members, will that effect the Altar sound or will you remain writing the material?[/b][/i] Richard and I have always written the music for Altar, and that won't change now. We have always determined our sound. [b][i]What does the future for Altar look like?[/b][/i] Good! We are busy doing shows abroad, together with a couple of foreign booking agencies we found that can do a lot for us. And as said, we are very busy working on new material for a follow-up to Red Harvest, and we are in progress of chosing between a couple of Record Companies to record en release our new album.. [b][i]My last question conserns the old Altar. I've been told that Edwin wants to go on stage with Altar-native and Sjoerd with Monolith Deathcult. What do they think about the new start with Altar?[/b][/i] The remaining band members are in that band [i](Alter-native -red)[/i] with Edwin for a handful of gigs, after that they quit. What they think about me going through with Altar... I think they have seen that coming. I was the only one within the band who had such ambition, the other members couldn't find themselves in that so that made it a logical choice. Either you go for it, or you don't. And they made an obvious choice. So did I, that's why going on with Altar is a logical thing. [b][i]Those were my questions, I'd like to thank you for this interview, and do you have anything to say to the readers?[/b][/i] Stay healthy and true to yourself, don't let your surroundings influence you... Thanks to Marcel for his time, and D.M.A. for the interview! Interview by D.M.A.
Details Written on 2005-01-01
Writer @Lex

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