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Stone Sour - drumbeast Roy Mayorga speaks
At the Stone Sour show in 013, I was practically forced (haha!) to do another interview with the guys. Since they proved to be pretty cool guys last time, I agreed to do so. Initially I was scheduled to do the interview with guitarist Josh Rand, but due to problems in the schedule I was given ex-Soulfly drummer Roy Mayorga. Let’s chat!

How’s the tour been so far?
‘It’s been fucking amazing! This is my first headlining tour with these guys here in Europe, and we just did the festivals before in the summertime. It’s my first time back here doing a headline tour since Soulfly, so I’m really excited.’
Did you guys do anything special for Halloween two days ago?
‘Not really, we played in Paris.  I dressed in a white suit, hahaha, that’s about it, my ode to Keith Moon.’
How was the Family Values tour then?
‘Amazing! Every show was great, every show was sold out, we had a great slot right before Deftones and Korn, did a lot of cool shows, made a lot of great friends. Lots of heads out there and lots of good energy out there.’
And right after this you’re gonna do even more and bigger shows, with the Music As A Weapon tour and doing the Canadian arena tour with Evanescence, looking forward to that?
‘Yeah it’s gonna be awesome., those are some big shows. It’s gonna be pretty cool.’

Quite a different crowd than with Soulfly.
‘Yeah but this crowd in general is very different than Soulfly’s crowd or even Slipknot’s crowd. Way different. Very diverse, no mosh around punch somebody in the head crowd at all. It’s cool though, I love all those crowds. I don’t condone any crowd, but it’s definitely different. Good energy.’
How's Corey holding up after the cancelled Berlin show?

‘He’s getting back there so far the last couple of shows since the first one after that. It took him a couple of days to get it back. It just came out of nowhere, he was fine at the show in Hamburg, the next day, uhhhhh, just horrible. It could be because the dressing room was kind of cold and you just come of a hot stage. We were all not feeling great after that, but he just couldn’t do it so we had to cancel. Either that or do a crappy show. And he didn’t feel like that was the right thing to do and he felt horrible. We all did. We walked out to the parking lot, talked to the kids and explained what was going on, personally apologized to every one of them. Signed everything that they had and hung out with them for like thirty minutes. There were like 500 kids outside, I was really shocked. I was really shocked that they weren’t gonna kick the shit out of us haha! We told them that the tickets are honoured for the next time. So like please hold on to those tickets. We’re gonna use the same promoter, so we told him that anyone who has a ticket for tonight, gets in next time. And he got. So that took care of that.’
So he’s not gonna be as bad tonight as Tom Araya was at the Unholy Alliance tour?
‘Well actually what Corey got is quite similar to what Tom Araya got. It’s getting everybody. We all just got flu shots and everything before we went on tour. That’s not the flu, just a common cold, but still.’
Was Tony Petrossian a logical choice for the Through Glass video, since he already did the stuff with Slipknot?
‘His treatment was great man, we thought it was a pretty cool way to represent the song and what that song is about. Basically the fakeness of the industry. And he had a real spot on what the video could be like with the lyrics, and we just said great, let’s go with that. I’m really happy with it.’

It got a lot of airplay in Holland.
‘Yeah I heard. I haven’t seen it hehe, but I believe you.’

Did you also drink that amaretto stone sour?

‘I never ever heard of the drink until I joined the band. It’s basically amaretto, orange juice and whiskey I think. It’s a too gross drink. I definitely want to try it some day, I’m in this band so I’ll be devirginized of that. Probably should try it.’
Yeah, and puke afterwards.
‘Exactly, that’s fucking euhw. Thinking about it already gives me the creeps.’

Can we still not talk about the meaning of 30/30-150?
‘I’ve sworn a secrecy oath. Yep, me too. The whole band did.’
Last time Shawn told me that Josh really wants to play Black Sabbath’s Children Of The Grave, has that happened yet?
‘No! I really wanna play that. I asked Josh that the other day, are we gonna play that when we’re playing in Wolverhampton or Birmingham or whatever? And he’s like I don’t know, we haven’t had a chance to really practice that yet. I was like let’s start jamming it, it’s an easy song. But no not yet. I don’t know if we’re gonna do it, I’m up for it! I know it!’
How about Road Hog then? I heard you love that song.
‘Ow I love that song. I don’t think we’re gonna do that either. I’m trying to get the band to do ‘My Generation’ by The Who at London Astoria. It would be pretty appropriate to play something like that in London especially. I don’t think that’s gonna happen though. I don’t know, we’re just concentrating on getting out shit going you know what I mean. Worry about the covers later I guess. I don’t wanna blow out Corey’s voice either, save it for our songs. Shit happens.’
What is it with Stone Sour and Poison? The guy is even in your video! And last time when I asked Shawn about which song he’d want to cover with Stone Sour he ended up with Talk Dirty from Poison.
‘I’m not really into Poison, I guess those guys are in a sort of novelty kind of way. But him in our video, I had no clue he was gonna be in it. And I don’t think he had a clue that he would be playing pretty much himself. He was cool about it. He just finished his reality tv-show and did that, he’s a really nice guy.’
He also had to dress up the way he looked back then.
‘Yeah it was kind of weird, I was like wow! I think he felt a bit weird about it, but I think it’s totally cool that he did it. He’s very cool.'

What do you consider the gayest album in your collection?
‘The gay… hahaha! I don’t own any gay albums!’

You don't have anything like the Spice Girsl or something?

‘Nooo!! I did say I like a lot of music, but I’m not really into Spice Girls. I honestly don’t have something like that. I mean, if I were to say David Bowie, any metal dude will be like ‘that’s gay’. But that’s not gay to me. So anything that I like isn’t gay, hahaha!’

So you don't have a gayest album?

‘Why would I waste my time to buy the gayest album, hahaha!’
Now it’s time for my infamous question. In movies, who do you prefer, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone?
‘Oh my god! Neither.’

Come on, there must be a favorite! Rambo or Terminator?
‘I love Terminator man, that’s fucking bad ass! Honestly if I had to choose between Terminator and First Blood, well, Rocky’s a good movie too, the first one. (followed by a Rocky impersonation; ‘fucking Rocky you know, e yo’, followed by an Arnold impersonation; ‘your clothes, give them to me, now!’) Alright, he’s good. I don’t know about him being a governor…’

No no, leave the politics out of it!
‘Thank you, because the last interview I had was all about politics. Motherfucker, that’s why I’m a fucking drummer and not a politician! I can get political if I want but I’d have to be in the mood for that man. I mean, if you really wanna know I’m fucking total left wing man.
I think all politicians are basically liars, they all have their hidden agenda’s.
‘Yeah, but I would like to see what it would be like if there’s like a politician with a more liberal sense to him. In the office. See what happens.’
What irritates me the most is that all politicians have a list with points, and I can’t agree with all of them. With some of them I can, and others I can’t.
‘Yeah, right or left. You know, I tricked myself when I said that I’m completely left wing, I am, but I do tend to put myself in the middle and hear both sides, but I’ll always agree with the left side. I’ll never agree with the right. To them there are things like survival of the fittest, fuck the rest if you can’t keep up. And that’s what I completely disagree with, I think it’s totally inhumane. Absolutely.’
In America.
‘Yeah, and that’s why I’m not here as an ambassador of America, but as a musician to tell that it’s not what it seems. Not everybody feels the way that people feel you see on tv. There’s people like me, a handful of us out there that are totally against what’s going on.’
Yeah, that’s what I hear from practically every musician that comes here, from grindcore to pop-rock.
‘Well yeah, that’s a good thing.’

‘That’s easy to say.’

But motivate it huh.
So, that were about all my questions for Josh, hehe. Do you have anything to add to this interview?
‘Just uhm, fucking rock on in the free world. Keep on rocking in the free world! Neil Young man.’
After this we chat a little more about Pearl Jam, Soundgarden (because of the same drummer of course) and on to Audioslave about which our opinions vary. A cool interview, with a cool dude!