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Control Human Delete - The long awaited chat
[b]1: Can you tell us a little bit how Control Human Delete originated?[/b] Control Human Delete actually is a progression of a band created in High School, in which our guitarist, bass player, vocalist and our former drummer participated. This band wasn�t that serious and mostly we played covers of bands like Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under and stuff like that. Older, wiser and sick of the Death/Trash covers we wanted a change, preferably something completely different.That was how Ton joined the band, who knew his way with progression, by putting in the Industrial elements. Music lines were created, Ideas came in our minds and we changed the band name to Control Human Delete, a little while later Matthijs came in our camp as the second guitarist [b]2: The Error Spectre is your first MCD. How did the recordings went and wasn�t it hard to bring our an album without a label?[/b] We asked Pascal Altena for the recordings. He came by once and was confident enough to do it. Three months later we were sitting with him in the Gr0und Zer0 studio. With Pascal the cooperation was great, he knew exactly what we wanted and perfectly helped us through the recordings. Releasing the album without a label worked out quite well for us. We have the luck that one of our members is a Graphical Designer, which made the whole quite professional. We also haven�t released it in one time, but we did a small amount each time, this to avoid the high costs, which you probably won�t see back anymore. Another thing is the enormous freedom that comes with it, you aren�t bound to a contract. [b]3: What made you sing about the topic you use now, was it from one member personally or an idea which required some preparation?[/b] The concept and the lyrics were written by the vocalist, but there certainly is a proces that comes before it. First off all it�s very important for us that music and lyrics go along with each other. It has to intensify each other. The lyrics give a cold ambient, just like the music. The lyrics also are connected to each other to form a topic. This topic is, when you look it bluntly, the doom of mankind. But with the returning idea to tell how ignorant people can live. Only working on getting better themselves, to be better, gaining power, being god themselves. Everything can be screwed, no idea of what is happening around you, just having no idea how life is. [b]4: Could you inform us a little bit more about the song Discipline March Towards Destruction, qua lyrics.[/b] Part of what I just explained. Discipline March Towards Destruction informs the mass process of marching to the doom of mankind, blind as people are. It voices the despair, doubt and the uncertainty about what is happening tot hem. Machines are controlling life. People are going to realize that we�ve been blind for too many time and have misused our intelligence. [b]5: How are the influences in the band. Are you all in one line or on the contrary?[/b] We are on one line like in having a very wide taste of music. We all have the urge for new experimental music. Not only metal, but much electronic music like Triphop and Ambient, is listened by us all. Although the greatest shared passion is Black metal. This together works along quite well with the sort of music we make with Control Human Delete. [b]6: You�ve been doing some shows lately, how were the reactions from the crowd and from yourselves?[/b] That is changing a lot. Some people are reliefed when they hear this is not just ordinary metal. But others think it�s too experimental and don�t like the Industrial in it. But most of the reactions are positive, and that�s why we are doing it. [b]7: A little question about the future, what can we expect now that your drummer Thys left the band, will you continue your search for a new drummer and then begin recording a full length album? (when the interview was made, CHD were looking for a drummer, Mat-Core)[/b] The new drummer is Koen. We are very happy with him. With him we are still working to learn him our songs without errors and playing it without errors. We are already working hard on new material and a new concept what is already progressing fast. We expect to bring out a full length with this concept. [b]8: Can we expect the same style and ideas as on The Error Spectre?[/b] It will be in all means another concept album. The only difference is that we are trying to get one step further. Everything must be worked out somewhat more better, with more threatening music and lyrics. [b]9: Do you want to say something to metal listening Holland?[/b] No, I don�t feel the need. Thanks for the interview. No Problem!