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Samaritan - An introduction to a 'new' band
As you might remember I’ve written reviews for the albums of bands such as K-Again and With Pride. And those were not even all the bands Pigo played in.Though, a couple of months ago he announced his split with all the bands he played in and revealed that he would join a “new” (Dutch) band; Samaritan. The band is currently preparing to hit the road for a full European tour and a couple of weeks from now the band will release a new demo. Which of course will also be reviewed on our website. To get an impression of this upcoming hardcore band I asked guitar player Marijn some questions. Here’s the result.
Hey, how are you?                                       
‘Yeah pretty good, I can’t complain at the moment. Finally a period again with little stress and a lot to look forward to.’
Please introduce yourself and your band.
‘I’m Marijn and play guitar in Samaritan. I used to do vocals in Standard and also played guitar in Born From Pain for 2 years. On vocals we have Eduard. Drums are being played by Gijs who spend some time before in the band Neuk! Baz plays second guitar and used to play in Stone Cold. And our newest member is Pigo on bass who used to be the frontman of K-Again and was handling the guitar in With Pride.’
Can you describe how Samaritan came to existence?
‘After I left BFP in 2003 I immediately started a new band again. I asked some old band members from Standard and a couple of friends from the Ymond area to join me and we started rehearsing. Already after a short while when we started playing shows, our singer Eduard decided to go back to school. The drummer got a girlfriend and didn’t had any time for the band anymore etc etc.. Result.. the band splitting up. Only members left were me, our old bass player Omer Da Mad Turk and our new guitar player Baz. After this, we had a break for more then 2 years because we just couldn’t find any band members. Two years later we found a drummer that lived like 200m away from me. From the first practice session I knew he was the one for us. As we still didn’t had a singer we asked Eduard to fill in until we did. He agreed but never left the band anymore. February 2006 we played our first show again.’
What are the main influences for your music?
‘I got so many, but mainly bands like Hatebreed, Crowbar, Machine Head, Born From Pain, Morbid Angel etc.’
And how about your lyrics?
‘We are mainly still a hardcore band so you can expect lyrics about personal issues and global problems. Now and then we got songs with a more political dose.’
What goals would you like to achieve with this band?
‘Just play a lot, maybe a tour here and there. Go into the studio again. We just want to have fun, of course it would be nice if we could do this all year and pay our rents with it. But I don’t see that happen in a short while. Too many good bands around these days.’
I just received the news that you added Luca (aka Pigo) from K-again/With Pride/Until We Bleed to your line-up, how and why did you guys come up with him?
‘Well he just replied to a bulletin on MySpace, we already knew each other for 2 years I think. And he had some trouble in his former bands so he decided to join Samaritan. I’m glad he did because like I said before it’s really hard to find people who are willing to quit their jobs for the band. He has done this before so I don’t have to hold his hand if you know what I mean. He knows what touring is like, that a band like this costs you more money than you earn with it. He is willing to spend all his time in the band, doing all kind of things not only playing. This gives me more room to focus on writing songs.’
At this moment you’ve only released one demo, any upcoming releases planned yet?
‘We didn’t release the demo yet, this will take place pretty soon. But we are still waiting on the layout to be finished. And also we are still talking with Filled With Hate, a label from Germany to do the distribution. So first we want to get our 5 song demo out there. And in 2007 we will go back into the studio again to record a full length or MCD we hope. It all depends on how much time we got for writing new material. Because we already got a lot of shows confirmed for 2007 and it’s getting more everyday.’
And about the touring, do you already have some plans? Please tell us!
‘We are planning some small tours in France, Germany, Austria and the Balkan area.
And already got a lot of shows confirmed. Wherever they want us we play. So in May we will be hitting the road again.’
Any idea yet which band(s) you’re gonna take with you on tour? Or which bands you would like to take with you? Why this band(s)?
‘I don’t think we are in the position yet to bring a band with us. When you set up a tour yourself it’s already hard to get enough money, sleeping places and food for 6 people. I would love to go on tour with bands like Born From Pain and Enemy Ground. But they would have to take us with them not the other way around. Why? BFP because they are like brothers to me, and EG pfff man.. I think I will return in a body bag if we would hit the road together.’
Thank you for your time and good luck in the future!
If you’re interested in seeing Samaritan live be sure to check out the tour guide on our website! There’s lots of dates in it! A review of their upcoming demo can be expected somewhere around March this year.
Details Written on 2007-02-08
Writer @Boek

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