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Sickening Horror - Blackadder and Death Metal
A short while ago I received Sickening Horror’s debut album When Landscapes Bled Backwards, released through our Dutch Neurotic Records. I was impressed with this brutal and technical Greek death metal band, which features the now departed George Kollias, so when I got the offer to do an interview I gladly did so. My questions were kindly answered (within one day!) by guitarist/vocalist George Antipatis.

For those not familiar with Sickening Horror, could you introduce yourselves to our readers?
‘Hi, we're two super heroes from Greece, George-Traffic Jam Extinguisher and Ilias-Junk Food Punisher and when we get bored from saving the world, we play some death metal.’
How did you get the idea to incorporate jazz and industrial in your mixture of black and death metal?
‘It wasn't quite an idea. It came straight from our influences. I love bands like Dodheimsgard, Ved Buens Ende and industrial acts like Wumpscut or Deine Lakaien. Ilias on the other hand is too much into jazz stuff, so in order to express ourselves completely, we needed to add all these elements in our death metal point of view. Variation is very important and we wanted to have songs that may sound quite different from each other.’
What were the exact reasons for the split with drummer George Kollias, and how is work going on replacing him? Must be tough!
‘He had lost his interest in the band and he was holding us back. We couldn't stop arguing about things all the time and it was his complete inconsistency that made us finally let him go. About his replacement we are currently checking some guys, but nothing has worked out yet. It is quite tough, but it's doable.’
Why did you decide to sign with Neurotic Records, and are you happy with the way things are going now?
Neurotic Records showed the greatest interest when we were searching for a label - plus they have this amazing logo and we thought it would be really cool to have it on our album! The things are going really well, they do their best for us now.’
What if there’s no replacement to be found for George Kollias? Would you slow down your music in order to be able to find one, or will it be a drum computer?
‘Most of the music for the second album was ready before we parted ways with George, so there is absolutely no case of slowing down because of that. We'll do anything we can to find a new guy drumming. A drum machine sounds quite tempting though, as we could have a clear drum sound for once. Anyway, the drum machine thing would be the last solution to this.’
And if you do find replacement, when will you start touring intensively?
‘As soon as we find a replacement drummer or a touring drummer, we'll start touring! Since our first dream is fulfilled – releasing the album - the second, which is go touring, must be fulfilled too! We enjoy the live performances as hell and we can't wait to spread the sickness on the road!’
Can we expect you on the next edition of the already legendary Neurotic Deathfest in Holland?
‘It would be great! You know, we were to play on this year's Deathfest, but someone in the band did their best not to make things easy for us to participate in this. I think next year we'll be on the Deathfest and we'll unleash a small holocaust. Be prepared!’
In movies, who do you prefer, Arnold Schwarzeneger or Sylvester Stallone? Motivation?
‘THE TERMINATOR!!! I've watched the second one over 10 times! It's one of the most brutal characters ever! Cold and silent but completely massive and effective! Conan and Total Recall own as well, this guy is devastating! About Stallone, I never managed to take him seriously, he seems so fake to me.’
Care to share the future prospects for Sickening Horror?
‘Obviously our priority No. 1 is to find a drummer and go touring. At the same time, we're doing our best to promote the album as much as we can, by any means. About further plans, we have the music for our second album ready and we'll probably start recording it at the first quarter of 2008.’
Do you have anything to add to this interview?
‘There is always something to add and I have this: if you want a new taste in death metal check our album out and also watch Blackadder a lot! Thanks for the intie!’
Details Written on 2007-08-30
Writer @DemonDust

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