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Gorerotted - Goreskin speaks about pure Grind
[b]Hello, this is D.M.A and Napalm Lex from who�s speaking to us?[/b] [i]Goreskin: How�s it going fellas? Fuck me, you guys have got even worse names than I do, Napalm Lex, DMA, fucking Goreskin!??? Are we gay or what? Nevermind, I spose its better than being called Julian or Laurence or some shit like that.[/i] [b]For those who have been in a cave somewhere in Iraq the last months, who are the guys behind Gorerotted?[/b] [i]Goreskin: Well my dear boys and girls, there�s me of course, your humble interviewee, Goreskin on vocals, along with my fellow partner in grime Mr Gore, who at almost 10 years older than me is the most past it, but also the wisest member of the band. On guitars is the unstoppable be-dreadlocked belly machine, a man who frequently drinks 20 pints of fine beer, then throws up exactly 20 pints of fine vomit back into the glasses, Fluffy Offalstench, along with the most violent and stoned biker in all of Norfolk (a beautiful area of picturesque, green English countryside), Lord Robin Pants. On the Bass is my brother-in-law, the very skinny and very over-friendly when he�s had a few too many beers, bald bastard child of Scotland, The Wilson, and on drums is quite possibly the worst man ever created of woman kind, the piss drinking, vomit touching, scrotum stapling Junky Jon.[/i] [b]Are there any side projects near Gorerotted?[/b] [i]Goreskin: Junky Jon plays drums in a doomy death band called Detrimentum, and I believe he�s planning on reviving the late and great Brtual Insanity and Grot, though he�s been threatening that for years, so we�ll have to see if anything happens. Me and The Wilson one day plan to form a very scary, grim and frostbitten, tr00 necro and evil fake Norwegian Black metal band called Himgrimner, in which I shall be known as Grimskin, and my fellow Gorebrother shall be known as The Welkin. Clever huh![/i] [b]Your big (press) breakthrough came during a performance at the Fuck The Commerce festival in East Germany, where Aardschok, the leading Dutch metal magazine exposed your band as a talented one, and one with big potential. How did this gig effect the popularity of Gorerotted in the underground scene do you think?[/b] [i]Goreskin: I didn�t think we�d made such an impact there at the time, I saw the video of us and all you can hear is our old bassist being all out of time. Along with the miserable ex-guitarist, he didn�t put too much effort into the show cos he was tired, or had a cold or had a note from his mum saying he couldn�t move about or something, but so many people mention that gig. It was our first big festival appearance, so obviously there was a lot of press and labels there. We�d just bought out �Mutilated in Minutes� and we sold a lot after we played, so I think its where a lot of people must have discovered us for the first time.[/i] [b]Aardschok also pointed out a big problem in the modern Grind scene these days, the fact that most grind bands fail to compose great songs with beginning, chorus and ending, and pointed out that you have completely shown how great this can sound in modern Grind on 'Only Tools And Corpses'. Now your latest album sounds like it takes more then just a few Death Metal influences, do you think that this is the key to great grind songs like 'Village People Of The Damned'?[/b] [i]Goreskin: Ultimately we�re a death/grind band, you only have to listen to the ferocicity of the music and the vocal style to see that, but there�s a huge range of influences in there too, which explains the verse/chorus/verse thing. We obviously take ideas from death, grind, black metal and thrash, but theres a lot of classic rock, punk and even some pop songs and film theme tunes that�s influenced us. When mixed up and played aggressively you end up with very heavy, but very catchy tunes you can sing along to. I like the fact that our songs are memorable rather than just recognizable, and I think its something that sets us apart from the most the other bands.[/i] [b]Is it challenging to you to compose extreme music like yours that is 'catchy', makes you want to gurgle along with the lyrics and sticks to mind without it becoming too melodic?[/b] [i]Goreskin: Nah, its not a challenge, 6 different guys put in different ideas, and instead of it being a mess it just comes together pretty naturally. We pretty much think along the same lines about shit, we don�t preoccupy ourselves with whether or not our lyrics and music is addressing the social issues faced by the rioting, oppressed Slavian protesters in Eastern Hornea, the only thing we worry about is where the next beer�s coming from, but as soon as we remember there�s 3 off-licenses and 4 pubs round the corner, we chill out and are able to put 100% into our music rather than worry about anything we can think of, or make up on the spot. We play good time heavy metal from our guts, there�s no bullshit involved so when we�re drunk and stoned we can come up with catchy, fun and happy-go-lucky riffs, and just combine them with the fucking fast intense shit. A winning formula there I think you�ll agree, my Netherlandish friend[/i] [b]'Only Tools And Corpses' is, by some people within the scene, already boldly labled as a record that caries the importance and impact that Napalm Death's 'Scum' , Carcass' 'Symphonies Of Sickness and even 'Reign In Blood' enjoyed back in the days. Without getting a big head, did you feel that way when it was finished, did you think 'this is a fucking good record' ?[/b] [i]Goreskin: Fuck dude, cheers! When we were recording it, we knew that it would be better than the first album, which was itself received really well, so yeah, we knew we had a good album in the making. Check it out, you�ve made me blush, I�m going all red and looking at my shoes like some shy chick the highschool hunk�s just asked out. I think with a lot of bands peddling stuff that they feel has to be more technical or brutal than their peers' work, its probably quite refreshing for a lot of people to find a band that just concentrates on writing good songs that people wanna hear. And that�s WITHOUT me getting a big head you understand�[/i] [b]My opinion is that 'Fuck Your Arse With Broken Glass' is simply one of the finest, neck-snapping metal songs ever written. No bullshit. What's your favourite track off' 'Only Tools..' ?[/b] [i]Goreskin: I dunno really. I really like Zombie Graveyard Rape Bonanza cos it sort of picks up where Mutilated in Minutes left off and it opens the album up. Its got fast bits, gurgly vocals, backing screams, dumb lyrics, 3 guys singing at once in places, but also a really catchy mid section and a classic rock lick at the end, so it gives a good impression of us right away. Its drinking music, you know, you can just whack it on before you go out, have a few cans and it sets you up nicely for an evening�s worth of drink, drugs, sex and violence.[/i] [b]As said, and you must have noticed this, your popularity is rapidly rising, 'Only tools..' is a major artistic success, you played with Pungent Stench and loads of other great bands, it seems like the roof of the underground is the limit now, to me that is.. Am I right or horribly wrong?[/b] [i]Goreskin: I�d like to think we can rise above the roof, break all the tiles, piss down the chimney, then break into next door�s house and steal everything they own of any value. World domination is but a short step away my friends![/i] [b]The Grindcore scene is becoming overloaded with shit. These days all you need to do is get yourself a drumcomputer, a mic, a guitar, no talent and a beer can to gurgle with, burn it on a cd and send it out to a bunch of metal zines. So much crap is put out these days that all the fine bands are lacking the well deserved attention. Help us out a bit here, do you have any bands you think every grind freak should hear?[/b] [i]Goreskin: You�ve got it in one there fella! I�m constantly being told to �Support the underground� by people, then they play me this fucking crap that sounds like someone vacuuming the floor whilst someone else kicks a load of cardboard boxes about all out of time. Then fanzines give them marks as high as the good shit! How the fuck are you sposed to find out whats good and whats bad when you get crap like that going on!? The band that I�ve been introduced recently to that�s impressed me most is Prostitute Disfigurement, I reckon they�ll do pretty well for themselves. Apart from that, as far as death and grind goes I like bands like Cock and Ball Torture, Rotten Sound, Aborted, Impaled, Pig Destroyer and Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Should be pretty well known to most people reading this, but then any band better than them wont need my recommendation, they�ll rise above the shit hopefully and we�ll no doubt be hearing about them soon too![/i] [b]How was the last tour in Europe?[/b] [i]Goreskin: Fucking great, the promoter and crew from TMR were some of the coolest people I�ve met in the scene, they always went out of their way to make sure everyone was happy, and that we all had enough to drink and smoke, plus they were good drinking buddies, really cool guys. Hope to work with them again at some point. We�ve known the Pungent Stench fellas a few years now, so it was cool to tour with them and watch them every night, plus they bought with them the finest sound engineer we�ve ever worked with, so all in all it was a barrel of laughs, and a tour I�ll remember for years to come![/i] [b]What were the greatest, and the weirdest things that happened on this tour?[/b] [i]Goreskin: Well our drummer�s got Tourette�s Syndrome, so he�s constantly shouting �Fack Of!� at the top of his voice. So when we were in Deventer on our way to a caf� and some small stray dog he told off for pissing in the street barked �Fack Off� at him in exactly the same accent, it kind of freaked all of us out. That combined with drunken karaoke session, a bit of piss drinking, and Mr Gore snorting Cocaine with the drummer from Motorhead made it a right memorable experience.[/i] [b]Are there any plans to cross the ocean for a tour in the US?[/b] [i]Goreskin: Sure, I spose one day, I�ve heard a lot of crap about promoters and the American scene-kids so to be honest I�d rather do Australia or Japan first, but yeah, when the right tour comes along (or the wrong one, doesn�t matter which really) we�ll get our limey asses over there.[/i] [b]When are coming back to Holland? And make it quick damnit![/b] [i]Goreskin: As soon as we can really. I really love Holland, its chilled out as fuck, plus we got some cool friends out there, so shortly. Definately before the year�s out. In fact, I�m gonna move there I think.[/i] [b]I've asked this to many Grindcore musicians and many have failed to answer this question. Maybe you can give it a shot. Define grindcore, what is it and why should everyone listen it?[/b] [i]Goreskin: Well you�re gonna laugh when I tell you this, but I�m gonna fail to answer it correctly too! I�m not actually a musician either, I can�t even play the fucking kazoo, so it would be better for one of the more talented members of the band to answer this, but I�ll give it my best. I�m 22 so I was pretty young when Grindcore started to kick off, but from what I can gather it was a bunch of guys that did harcore punk, but wanted to do it faster and heavier. Nowadays, its often mixed with death metal too, and in many cases the political banter�s gone. The reason people should listen to it is explained by listening to the good bands doing it really, they speak for themselves. So, did I pass or what? And what do I get? [/i] [b]Well this was it, Thank you very much for taking time, good luck with the band and your personal lives anything to say to the readers from[/b] [i]Goreskin: Cheers to everyone that came to see us on tour, bought our Cds and shirts, drank with us and especially all the fuckers out there who supported us from day one, particularly all the nutters that came and saw us on our fist ever Dutch tour with Engorged in 1999. Thanks to you guys too for the interview, take care, lots of love, Goreskin xxxx [/i]
Details Written on 2005-01-01
Writer @D.M.A.

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