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War From A Harlots Mouth - Hey... let's start a band!
A while ago I saw the band War From A Harlots Mouth play with Dying Fetus, Skinless and Cattle Decapitation. Not long after that I received a promo of their debut album, which I liked. So when I was offered to do a mail interview with them, how could I refuse? Here are some answers by bassist Filip.
For those not familiar with War From A Harlots Mouth, could you introduce yourselves?
'Hello we are a band from Berlin, Germany. The band was founded by Simon (guitar), Steffen (vocals) and Mario (drums), who was soon replaced by Paul. These three recorded their first demo tracks and uploaded them on MySpace while looking for a second guitar and a bass player. Daniel (guitar) and I joined in May last year. A short time later our split CD with Molotov Solution got released through 12Gauge Records. Our debut full length has just been released worldwide through Lifeforce Records, so we are really happy at the moment.'
It seems that humour is a vital part of your music, where did this come from?
'Well, I think this is due to our personalities. We all like having fun and our rehearsals as well as concerts are almost always funny. We laugh a lot and maybe you can feel it in the music.'
What in your opinion makes WFAHM different from all the other bands in the mathcore (if I can call it that) scene nowadays?
'I've got no idea. We try to do the kind of music we like. As we are 5 individuals, with different tastes of music and always keen on combining them to a piece of music all of us like, the music has to be unique. If there are similarities to other bands this may be due to their likes and dislikes as well.'
What would happen if people started fighting wars with keyboards?
'We already experience what happens, if people fight wars with keyboards. The song is about all those anonymous 'heroes' on message boards who hide behind their nickname and disrespect and insult everyone who does not share the same opinion. The same people would not dare stand to their so called 'principles' in real life. They are cowards and should not abuse an open scene to discredit other people. We got to know some of these and it is really ridiculous how a simple glance at them seems to stare them down.'
You already completed a tour with Dying Fetus, and now another tour with The Ocean and Intronaut is coming up. What do you expect out of this upcoming tour?
'We expect loads of good shows and even more fun. Every band is dreaming about touring. We have been dreaming about a real tour for years (we all used to play in other bands before) ; so this is a dream coming true. We don't have any specific expectations, being on tour is a fulfilled expectation already. We are really into the music of The Ocean and Intronaut. This is the best chance to see them every night and get known to the people behind it. You can't ask for more?! O.k. ; we wish to be able to convince more people of our music. This tour is the best possibility to present us to a foreign audience.'
You seem to have had some trouble with people annoying you about the fact that you're music is not so easy to categorize, what is this all about?
'Yeah, there have been comments on our MySpace profile saying we are no real grindcore band or we don't play jazz at all. The categories you put for your music are just a directory to our music. There are bits of everything in it. We don't claim to be true to any genre. Therefore we don't care about these reproaches.'
How did you end up at Lifeforce Records so soon in your career already?
'We have been really lucky. Simon had the contact and asked them to listen to our music and if they were interested in some further promo material. They were interested and here we are! Great, isn't it?'
What would you like to be the next trend in metal music? :p
'US!!! No serious. We are not interested in trends at all. We all listen to loads of different kinds of music and what we play is a mixture of all those styles. We didn't come together on purpose thinking: there might be a new hype coming so hey… let's start a band!' This is what the lyrics to that song are about actually. If the audience is getting more and more interested in technical music, this might have an positive effect on us, if not ; who cares'…'
In movies, who do you prefer, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone?
'I prefer Arnold Schwarzenegger. I am convinced you do have to see all his movies as comedies. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to see them all in English. I think I should. His accent must be hilarious ; as must be my attempts to give an interview in a foreign language'…'
Do you have anything to add to this interview?
'As far as I am concerned: no. Thank you very much for your interest. We hope you like our music and would be delighted to see you at a show of us someday!'