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Obsidian - Eat more metal
Some time ago I reviewed the re-release of the Dutch band Obsidian’s debut album Emerging, after Sledgehammer Messiah reviewed the first one. Last Friday my band Model 101 had the honour of playing with these kind fellas from Amsterdam, so why not give them a little bit of extra exposure and give them an interview on Metalrage! Here goes!
For those not familiar with Obsidian, could you introduce yourselves to our readers?
"Hi, you have the unfortunate pleasure of talking with Sjaak from the progressive death metal band Obsidian, hailing from Amsterdam."
You’ve released your debut album Emerging twice, but with different vocals on each. Could you tell us how this came to be, and more importantly, which one do you prefer the most personally?
"After we released Emerging the first time in 2006, a lot of things changed for us. Serge, who did the vocals the first time around left and was replaced by Robbe K. Around the same time Rusty Cage Records showed interest in releasing the album. During the initial what-are-we-going-to-do-and-how-are-we-going-to-do-it talks with them, we decided we wanted to do something extra with the album. So we decided to redo the vocals, pimp up the artwork, boost the sound, and put the whole thing in a shiny new digipack. I like the last of course."
Your type of rhythmical death metal isn’t the most average kind of music, can you tell us how you got to this style exactly?
"Evolving graduate. There is enough inspiration around. The thing is that you have to make all those neat things you can do with the genre your own. Every song we experiment, trying to do something different, expanding our personal musical library."

Vocalist Robbe K. is also active in two other death metal bands, Arsebreed and Disavowed. What convinced him to take on a third act?
"Our stunning good looks and droopy puppy eyes of course. Also we have great benefits, like a dental plan and free coffee. But you would have to ask him. From what I heard is that he bought Emerging 2006 and thought: “Hey, it would be great to sing in this band”. When he read that Serge left, he emailed us."
Since the songs of Emerging are a couple of years old already, are there any plans to record/release any new material soon?
"Yes! In fact the songs are written already. We are now mentally and physically preparing ourselves for the monumental task that lies in front of us. It would be great if we could release a new CD somewhere in the end of this year. But metal heads do not like to work hard. They drink beer and smoke rolled cigarettes all day. O, and you cannot trust anything they say."
You guys had the honour of playing at the Arhem Metal Meeting last year, how was is to play that show?
"It was quite the experience, especially the whole spectacle besides actually playing ourselves. Walking back stage where Marduk is getting ready to go on stage. The singer was throwing his water bottle and kicking the wall to mentally psyche himself when some stage guy passed me: “Excuse me, I have to bring this chalice with fake blood to the stage”. Only the thought of bumping him, spilling the blood all over stage, priceless."
Bullshit question then; in movies, who do you prefer; Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone?
"A bullshit question indeed. I am not a big fan of either but fifteen years ago I would say Arnold, now Sly."
Do you have anything to add to this interview?
"Eat more metal. It was great fun to play last Friday with your band Model 101 in Tilburg by the way."