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Anti Product - A Chit Chat with the band
[b]DMA and I went to see Anti Product in Little Devil in Tilburg, and had an interview with Anti Product click this link to read the live-view: [url=]Click Here[/url][/b] [b]First some history. When was Anti Product formed, who�s in Anti Product?[/b] A. Product: Well we got together 1928 and then we tried to defeat the nazi serge, and that didn�t work out to well so we went hiding for a while, and it was only till 2001 that we felt that the world was fucked up enough to need our superpowers, for us to come back and once again save the world from the nazi serge called, George Bush.... Members of Anti Product are: A. Product Claire Milena Yum Simon the Gonk Marina Matallina [b]Isn�t it difficult that the band members come from different countries?[/b] Clare: Yes, there are big cultural difficulties, but we get through them for the sake of the band. Milena: No, I like it. Simon: It is cool actually. A. Product: where like the United Nations of rock except more effective, I think we�re actually are doing a better job than the UN for bringing people together, al in the name of rock&roll. [b]Are there other projects besides Anti Product?[/b] A. Product: Well me and Simon have a metal side project called mother fucker, and than we�ve got a Thrash project called �peni-trater�, we�ve got a EMO-band called �back in the day� from back in the day, and then there is of course selling the girl in the white slavery what is part of our side business. But now serious. Clair is actually classicly trained violin player, so she does sessions for like Psycobilly bands and stuff like that. Milena is actually graduated from Berkley and she is into like Jazz and stuff so she�s always playing jazz stuff on the side. Marina: I sing, I�m a lead singer in my other life, I have a double life. Simon: I�m a table dancer or a male prostitute, only if you had a video camera with you. [b]You said Claire plays violin and milena has a jazzy background and it is used on the album, why is it so hard to hear on the album?[/b] A. Product: Well Claire played violin on three or four songs on the album and Milena played sax, but there are so many vocals and guitar and there is so much shit going on that you have to be as familiar with the songs as I am to find everything. Simon: It�s one of those albums where is so much stuff that every time you listen to it you�re like, o that�s new and that..... [b]Something like on the Tool albums?[/b] Simon: O that�s new! accept only more interesting to look at. A. Product: And more like Abba meets Slayer. I do think we�re the first Abba meets Slayer band though. [b]How does the public react on the new album �Made in USA�? [/b]A. Product: Really good, I mean even tough we�re still like underground, I�m really proud of the fact that we sold a fair amount of the album, basically anything you have seen up until this point of Anti Product, one of the five people in the band has made it happen, like that competition Dirk (A.K.A. DMA) and I set up, there was no publicist no manager, that is what works, and this is for anyone who reads you website who is in a band, for the time being you know you will get it done, the minute you get someone else involved like a manager or whatever you�re like one of ten things he�s dealing with, but if it�s your life and your band you will get that shit done. But getting back on you�re question about made in USA, it is an awesome album, I think it�s a little bit challenging for the mainstream but that is why we play music. But the fundamental thing about Anti Product is, in a sold out venue we actually know more than half of them. [b]On your site you�re dueling the guitarist from the Darkness, will he accept the deal?[/b] A. Product: Ehm, the guitar player was al up for it but somebody else in the band was like jeah jeah jeah.... Because we actually practice together, so they�re cool but their not challenging enough for my paste, but what do I know. But they did respond on it and he was really up for it but I think the people that handling em didn�t. Claire: It�s just the same old thing just four blokes in a band playing together A. Product: The only thing I want is to play guitar with that dude on stage, face to face. [b]Well I would sure like to see that![/b] A. Product: Everybody wants to see that dude that would be better that Pro Wrestling!!! [b]What do you think of bands like The Darkness? [/b] Simon: Three of them are really cool and one of them is a dickhead. [b]I think they are a parody on some bands.[/b] A. Product: That�s what I don�t like about them, any band that is doing a parody of something obviously isn�t really doing something if you know what I mean? I think they�re designed for their rock music for anyone who doesn�t like rock music. It�s to �safe� if you ask me. But I fully respect them, and their really great guys and their great musicians [b]Why are you always dressed like you do? [/b] A. Product: Because we�re just to good looking otherwise, we got to give somebody else the chance to have sex and stuff. You know what?, I actually don�t know how it started or why but I do know that al of my favorite band�s like the Mistfits, Kiss, David Bowie, AC/DC, like these guys are from another planet!! I definitely like the sense of bringing something theatrical into it, so it�s not standard, like right now it�s really cool to go on stage wearing t-shirt�s and jeans, so that�s exactly what we�re [b]not [/b]going to do. No matter what everybody does we�re always going to go the other way so the freaks and the outcast�s know that someone is fighting their fight. [b]You obviously heard of Idols, what do you think about that?[/b] A. Product: I think it�s hilarious, but people call MacDonald�s a restaurant so why shouldn�t they call that music. But the poor guy who wins, he�s got a shelf life for 15 minutes or whatever it is, he�s 19 years old and he is washed up, you know what I mean? And some fucker has made millions of bucks of the guy and the kid�s sitting there spent at 19, just using the youth of today bleeding them fucking dry throwing them away when they�re done or worse yet sending them somewhere to go get shot. Common that�s not how you handle a generation of people. [b]What do you like the most, scare people or entertain people? [/b] A. Product: whahaha, both in equal measure. Milena: When you�re scaring people you�re entertaining them. A. Product: Because we did a show at a university a couple of day ago, and it was all like college kids and shit what is a great audience because they want to go crazy but their still in the middle of their exams and stuff, that they�re still wrapped kind of tight so that we give them the chance to go nuts and stuff, and when you go in the crowd and say �where the new ABBA� and they just look if they�re seeing water burn. [b]Dirk talked to you on your previous show in Holland. You said that you were going to record a CD with Corey Clarck. When can we expect this CD?[/b] A. Product: Well first we have to record it and where doing a lot of work this year as Anti Product so it�s a mater of finding time between the two schedules but we talk about it at least once a week and we started sending each other tapes and stuff now, it�s just a mater like, dude are you not busy good because I�ve got two lets GO, it�s going to be like that, two weeks without sleep just weird shit; just go. [b]More and more bands reunite, will there be a reunion of LSD?[/b] A. Product: Ehm I don�t know, I think some bands that should get back together but I don�t think LSD is one of the, for starters I�m the only one who is being actively playing and these guys can tell you that I demand the most and the best from anybody I get on stage with and I don�t think they�re physically be up to it, because I think it was such a cool band and so different I wouldn�t do anything to fuck up that name, and every band member wanted to go for 100% or else I wouldn�t do it. But I think that Anti Product is a natural weird evolution of of LSD because the songs are obviously going to sound alike, not alike but the same brain as it where. [b]What does the future of Anti Product look like?[/b] Simon: Busy.. A. Product: Busy and naked, we�ve got for at least an album or three worth of material written that we can record tomorrow, and we�re never out of lack for things to do, we have a couple of tours ahead, and we are just staring because everyone is learning the name of the fret�s and the stings, we do everything by feel, and the fact we can get on stage in front of ten�s of thousand�s of people, like Ozzfest after only to be together for only two years, like I�m playing like forever obviously but Simon is still playing for a while and for these guys it�s just the real 1st band that they�re been in, and where now just getting to get a grip at all of the instruments. Imaging if people are blown away by us now, what it would be in a few years!! [b]Anything left to say?[/b] A. Product: Yeah, check �Made in USA�, and come see Anti Product live and don�t ever let the asshole�s brake your spirit because they will try. Milena: A. Product: And what can you find there Milena? Milena: We�ve have got the Gonk�s corner now and you can buy a lot of bodyfluids and stuff. [b]I would like to thank Anti Product for this interview, and I really enjoyed the show. See you next time guys!!!!![/b] Interview by Dinges
Details Written on 2005-01-01
Writer @Buzzin Hornet

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