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Flogging Molly - Dennis Casey fills in the blanks.
Since I couldn't stop listening to Flogging Molly's latest album Float, I figured I could also bother them with some questions. Guitar player Dennis Casey was the man to answer it all!

How long did it take to create “Float” from writing to recording?

'We took most of 2007 to write it and record it. We had 3 writing sessions, each about a month long in Ireland and one brief rehearsal/session in Ohio. We took about 3 weeks to record it, and one week to mix it.'

Where does the album title come from?

'It comes from the fact that we have been a band for over 10 years. And through all of our ups and downs, naysayers, tours, broken bones, heart aches, struggles and rewards. We are still here, making music, playing shows, and keeping our heads above the water.'

Do you think that recording in Ireland gave an extra twist to the record?

'Not as much as the fact that we all lived together in the same house for the writing sessions. We hadn’t had that experience before. We would wake up, grab some food then head into the garage to make music all day. At the end of the day we’d grab some food and then head to our favorite pub and have some beers, talk about the day’s music. Go home and get up the next day and do it again.'
Most say FM is a band formed by the classic Irish music Dave King experienced in his youth combined with American rock. How do you feel about this label?

'People can label us any way they want and I’m sure they will. I don’t look at our music as something that needs a label. It’s just what we do when the seven of us get together, that’s the music that comes out. We’re 7 very different people from all over the world, all different ages and very different influences. We put them all together and Flogging Molly happens. Dave is the only member from Ireland. He grew up there and he is the principle songwriter.'

What music are you guys into now?

'I’m sure we all are listening to different things. At the moment I really like Glasvegas. I have been listening to The Gaslight Anthem as well.'

What are the 5 best albums ever made?

'That is hard to pick only 5.
1) Plastic Surgery Disasters, Dead Kennedys
2) Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables, Dead Kennedys
3) Frankenchrist, Dead Kennedys
4) Bedtime For Democracy, Dead Kennedys
5) In God We Trust Inc, Dead Kennedys'

What do you think is FM’s most important change or progression since the shows at Molly Malone’s? Do you guys still play there?

'We have gotten a lot tighter live. Last time we played there was 2 years ago St Patrick’s Day at 8am. We play there only once in a while. I’d like to play a whole string of shows there.'

Where do you guys prefer playing? What country or festival, small or larger venues?

'We have no preference. We like playing places we have never played before. We get to meet a lot of new faces and visit a new city. Size doesn’t matter either. Both festivals and small club shows have great aspects about them. I couldn’t pick one over the other. I’m glad we can do both.'

What are your favorite songs to play live?

'Black Friday Rule was always fun, I got to improvise a long guitar solo with George our drummer. The new songs are fun because they are fresh and haven’t been played too much. They need to be beaten into shape. I think after 2 or 3 years they will be. I think they'll get better live over time.'

Your songs have found their way to several Hollywood movie features. How does this happen? Is it strictly record label, or do you have a say in it as well?

'Our publishing company, 26f, that does that. We all have a say in it.'

Can you tell us more about the annual Green17 tour?

'It’s a tour we started because fans would always say “you guys should play in my city on St Patrick’s Day.” We can’t play every city on that one particular day so we thought we would create a whole tour where we could celebrate St Patrick’s Day each and every night. The tour ends on St Patrick’s Day. One thing Dave has always said, “Every day is St Patrick’s Day when you are in Flogging Molly.'

Flogging Molly is currently touring the European mainlands, so go see them!