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Blessed By a Broken Heart - 'Jesus for president!'
Blessed By a Broken Heart are Christians. “So what?”, you might say, but check out some of these promo pics and you’ll find they aren’t your everyday Hour of Pour guys. They’re more like.. erm.. well anyway their music is allright! Tony Gambino – a guy who should have a middle name like “the nose” or “straightflush”, the leadsinger of the gang filled in our questionnaire. He seems like a nice enough guy. Here’s what’s what:
Who are you?
‘Yo, this is Tony Gambino ‘

If you had to compare your musical style to any other band, what would it be?

I wish we could compare ourselves more to Journey. We are getting there....’

What instrument do you play (brand & type)?

I play the wireless microphone, in drop c tuning. Sennheiser ew435g2’
Tell us about writing and recording 'Pedal to the Metal', your first full-length album. A walk in the park or a hard day's night?

It was pretty much a walk in the park, the only crappy part was, I got strep throat while I was recording, so that slowed things down a bit.’
What was more important in the recording process: your (the band's) approval or a satisfied audience?

‘Here is the thing, we play music that we like, some people love it to death, some people hate it more than anything, there is no in between. So we just play what we want, and hope people listen....’
I keep reading you guys are a Christian Metal Band. Do you think this label suits you, since there is not really anything 'Christian' about the music.

Actually, we talk about our faith a lot in our music. We try not to shove it down peoples
throats, because no one likes that. So we just try to let our lifestyle reflect our views. JESUS FOR PRESIDENT!!!’
What steps in your career are you proud of?

Im proud of our band, that we have gotten this far without the support of a record label.’
Weirdest thing on your tour rider?
‘1 box of Pops cereal, required.’
Name the single lamest record in your collection.
‘Say what you want, DRAGONFORCE is sweet!’
Stallone or Schwarzenegger, and why?
‘I’m pretty sure Rambo is the best, ever.’
Motley Crüe or Poison?
‘Crue forsure.’

When's your next gig and where?

Euro tour, the beginning of November.’

Anything to add or plug?

"I'd say we've kicked some ass."