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Lord Belial - Blasphemic, indicting and offensive
Hey guys. How are you?

‘Hey man. We are doing fine at the moment. Just came home from a tour through the Eastern block all together with Graveworm from Italy. Besides that, we are trying to promote The Black Curse as good as we can and planning the near future.’

Could you please introduce yourself and the band for those who don’t know you?

‘We are Lord Belial from Sweden. Check our homepage for all the information you need!’

How were the reactions to your newest release The Black Curse outside of Holland? What do you think about that?

‘The reactions are simply great. We only got the highest quotes all over the place. It makes us proud and more excited to continue the way we are.’

Where did you get your inspiration for the production of The Black Curse?

‘Basically we have no special inspirations. Of course we listen to a lot of traditional metal and classic music but I don’t want to name special influences. I think Lord Belial are quite unique with their kind of music. You listen to some notes and you know it’s Lord Belial. My honest opinion!’

How did the recordings of The Black Curse come about? Any particular events that happened during the recordings?

‘For The Black Curse we went to another studio and decided to work with another producer. The recording went really smooth and Valle (of Impious) helped us a lot with his producing skills. We work really concentrated and focused on the music when we are in the studio. We want to reach perfection when it comes to that.’

The artwork on the cover of The Black Curse is very impressive. Can you tell something about the artist and the reason why you choose him?

‘The artist is called Marcelo of HVC Artworks. He lives in Brazil and I think his work is simply amazing. It really fits the character of Lord Belial in dark ways. It’s blasphemic, indicting and offensive: that is the way we are!’

What would you say is the biggest, musical difference between Revelation, The 7th Seal (release: 2007) and The Black Curse? Are you satisfied with the result?

‘In general we are satisfied with all of our albums. The main difference is of course the place of recording and the sound though. With The Black Curse Lord Belial is averting from the doomy parts towards higher speeds. That basically is the main difference.’

What is your opinion about the black metal scene nowadays? What does the concept of black metal mean to you personally?

‘Hard question though! I don’t want to explain myself so deeply. The scene has changed a lot over the years. I really respect and like certain bands like I despise other ones. I’m not up to name them, that’s your job, haha.’

When can we expect the next album by Lord Belial?

‘I don’t know yet but I think we are quick when it comes to recording a new album.’

You’ve been on tour from the 17th of September until the 3rd of October. Why didn’t you play a gig at the Netherlands?

‘We will hopefully playing in the beginning of 2009 in the Netherlands. We are actually working on a new tour. Be patient my friend!’

Thanks for your time and the last words are up to you!

‘Thanks a lot for the interview. Hails to our Dutch fans!’
Details Written on 2008-11-30
Writer @Kaar

Tags: #Lord Belial