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Hypocrisy - Aliens And Death Metal
[i][b]The No Mercy festival went along with some interviews with Kataklysm and Hypocrisy. First I had a chat with Peter T�gtren, who recently joined Bloodbath as a replacement for Opeth�s Michael �kerfeld. Hypocrisy has been busy the last time, with a splendid new album out ([i]The Arrival[/i]) and a lot of touring, there was enough stuff to discuss with them.[/b][/i] [img][/img] [i]When I asked Peter what Death metal and Aliens have in common, he said to me that there actually wasn�t anything in common with them:[/i] Peter: I�m a big fan of Science Fiction, and Aliens are a part of that too. We took this theme to have something else than the common Death metal band. [i]He also said that it was merely something they�ve come about over the years.[/i] After that I asked about the reason of their more polished style; compare Left To Rot with The Arrival and Catch 22, you�ll see a switch from pounding brainless death metal to that more distinct Swedish sound. According to Peter it was just the time and the experience, which caused them to look further along the road with musical style, and the time was the reason for the slow change.[/i] Peter: I guess it gets more polished, when you write more. Well, at least for us you know. [i]Due to this I asked why they�ve changed so radically with their Catch 22 album and the connection between The Arrival. It was surely a change Peter told me, but it was merely back on track developing. He told me that it was just the right thing to do next for Hypocrisy, as they�ve always tried to change the music a little bit on each new album.[/i] Peter: Hypocrisy style you know [i]Not so long ago Blabbermouth informed me that Peter was about to replace Michael �kerfeld in Bloodbath. I was curious what he thought about replacing Michael and if he wasn�t getting to busy with everything, as Peter now works for Hypocrisy, Pain and Bloodbath. Peter assured me he wasn�t taking to much hay of the loath and that he did not know how to replace him. Peter and Michal do differ on voice, and I�m quite interested in how Bloodbath will sound now.[/i] Peter: I�ll do the best I can to make it as brutal as possible and I�ll give myself to it as well. We�ll hear the outcome soon enough. [b]Mat-Core: The DVD of �Hypocrisy Destroys Wacken� was recorded in 1998 and is based on older material. Can we expect some new material, except for the bonus DVD that came with the first 1000 copies?[/b] Peter: Well, you know we have a video out for Eraser. I think we�ll going to try to show more stuff like Cannibal Corpse did, about the making of the album and things like that. But we don�t know it for sure yet, we are thinking on a lot of stuff you know. [b]Mat-Core: How was it like to be on this No Mercy tour with Cannibal and to entertain the people with your shows and especially the promotion for the new album? It�s the last day of the tour as well.[/b] Peter: It�s been very good, you know. It�s a challenge; there are a lot of different bands. That means you have to give yourself for 100% to get the audience behind you. [b]Mat-Core: I was informed that you have signed with Nuclear Blast for 3 more albums?[/b] Peter: 3 more!? [b]Mat-Core: I read that on a news site.[/b] Peter: Which one? Probably a not so up to date one then! [b]Mat-Core: I guess; if you say so it shall be true haha, change of question then. How has Nuclear Blast been for you and are you satisfied with them?[/b] Peter: Yeah, they�re doing a lot of work for us and they make it a good job too. They�ve certainly there faith behind this band and I think that�s quite important too. [b]Mat-Core: About the future then. What can we expect from your upcoming albums, is that already decided?[/b] Peter: We have absolutely no idea yet. We haven�t started writing for it and that means we cannot say anything about it, because we simply have no clue yet about what we�re going to do. [b]Mat-Core: You�ve been touring around a lot; can we see you here in The Netherlands or in the nearby areas soon?[/b] Peter: Uhhh, I don�t know yet. The closest thing that I know of is Graspop. Further I don�t know when exactly we�ll going back to these countries! [b]Mat-Core: I don�t have any questions left; do you want anything to add to this interview?[/b] Peter: Yeah! I hope that you people enjoy the new album and perhaps we�ll see you on a festival soon! [b]Mat-Core: Thanks for the interview and good luck with the show.[/b] Peter: Thank you too. [img][/img] Those of you who want to know why this interview is in such a weird style... I had some problems with my tape recorder and Peter had to give me 4 answers again, in less detail.