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World Downfall, Grindbashers, The Limbs - Grindnight 5
Dynamo’s Grindnight number 5 already, I think the third one I attended. Another selection of the noisiest of the noisiest bands, this time more in the direction of the old school crusty grindcore. Time to get wasted!
The Limbs are a five-some from the area of Tilburg, and the band features one of our ex-reviewers on bass guitar, namely Mat-Core. The band is not so grindy at all, but more an old-school death metal band with influences from a variety of genres. In their set you hear elements of thrash, death, black and grind, which makes for an interesting listen. Normally the band uses a vocal pitch-shifter when they play some poeka-riffs, but the thing was so fucked up they went without it after one song. Overall it was nice to watch and listen to The Limbs, yet it was clear that there is enough room for improvement.
Up next was the Agathocles clone Grindbashers. A trio of grinding maniacs that does not know how to play tight but know how to play some straightforward crusty squat-grind. With each song having a political statement explained by the vocalist/bassist, these dudes expressed their opinions though violent music. Although they were far from tight or anywhere professional it was a fun show to watch. Also because the bassist has just one string on his guitar, haha! Grindbashers do not thrive on musicality, but they have enough energy and spirit to convince.
The band to finish off this evening of mayhem was the German old school grindcore band World Downfall. Crusty old school noise material in the vein of the bands that started the genre, like Napalm Death and of course the mighty Terrorizer (of which they played a cover to finish the set with, guess which one…). Also one of their songs contains a partial cover of a Kiss song, which was pretty funny. By now, most of the audience was shitfaced, so the party finally got some mosh activity. To conclude this evening, once again the Grindnight was a success. I just hope more people start picking up on this concept, support your local grindcore bands man!
Details Written on Saturday Jun 6th, 2009
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #World Downfall #Grindbashers #The Limbs