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Rosetta, City Of Ships, Blindead - Three times slow and heavy
Seeing this tour come to the 013 venue, I was surprised it wasn’t under the moniker of Roadburn presents. Nevertheless a package of three sludge/postcore bands hit our country on a Sunday evening, a perfect way to end a week.
Opening the show was the Polish progressive doom metal band Blindead, who feature in their ranks the singer for Antigama. Surprised was I when they showed up on stage with a completely different singer, who unfortunately didn’t pack the power as I saw Nick throw out with Antigama.  Especially the clean parts sounded a bit awkward. Nick was unfortunately forced to stay home due to serious health issues, filing in was the guy that usually does their visuals and who also sings in the band Psychotropic Transcendental. Also this band packs ex-Behemoth guitarist Havoc, who left that band in order to keep going with this one. Musically the band plays a melodic yet heavy postcore sound in the vein of Cult Of Luna, Isis and Neurosis. Unfortunately I didn’t feel like the band really stood out on any front in this genre, but I can’t call it a bad performance either. A bit too average, yet enjoyable. Next time hopefully with their original singer.
Up next was the U.S. trio City Of Ships, who took the intensity back a tad. Still heavy, but more in the area of rock than metal. The band’s singer/guitarist liked to play some slightly more technical riffs, sort of like bands like Baroness and Taint, yet they never really grabbed me. Also his vocal use wasn’t too impressive. The overall sound of the band can still be called alright, yet with a band like Blindead playing before you it’s hard to still impress when you’re just three guys. Pretty nice to see, but definitely the least band of the three tonight.
Then it was time for headliners Rosetta. The band claimed to have had a rough time the last couple of days with a friend of them ending up in hospital sporting a collapsed lung, but in no way could this be noticed from the show they gave away. Tremendously forceful sludge/postcore packed with sample loops and agonizing screams blew into the audience, immediately surpassing both the bands that played earlier. Even though the sound of the band is still highly melodic, mostly due to the guitar parts, the force they pack when hitting the low chords is one to be reckoned with. Most importantly this band has a beast behind the drum kit, something I felt to be the strongest asset of Rosetta. Not only does this guy pack a punch like he is working construction, he also manages to groove like he’s playing in a jazz band. It was like he was not just playing the beat but more like telling his own story with drums. An awesome sight to see, and hear of course. Overall a damn fine performance with a lot of groove, passion and sheer heaviness, pleasing any bearded Roadburner out there. Hopefully they’ll earn themselves a spot on that fest within the coming years, for they surely deserve it.
Details Written on Monday Jun 29th, 2009
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Rosetta #City Of Ships #Blindead
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