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Cro-Mags, Strike First - Hard Times Comin' Your Waaaaaaay!
Before going to a party in WATT (Rotterdam) in February I decided to check out the legendary Cro-Mags in the same venue, but a little earlier. Because front man John Joseph has almost reached 50, I thought this band might not last for long anymore, but the band, as well as the crowd, exploded and are here to stay for a few more years. Good times! Not even half a year after this show they decided to do yet another tour and did one Dutch show in Rotterdam again, but this time in the Baroeg. Hard times comin’ your way!
The public transport had let me down for the third time in a row (see Immolation and Parkway Drive review as well), so because of some delay I couldn’t check out the Dutch hardcore band State of Mind.
Another Dutch hardcore band, Strike First, had the second opening slot before the Cro-Mags, and gave away a pretty energetic performance. As they call it themselves; “No hypes, no trends, just pure impact!” Straight forward hardcore music, very energetic and with a very convincing singer. The fact that the room was only filled with about 50 people made them look a little pissed off and you could hear that in the music as well. I’m normally not too fuzzed about local bands as opening slots, but I really enjoyed myself this time. Definitely one to watch!
Well what’s left to say about Cro-Mags? They have been praised over and over and I for one can’t stop praising them either. Starting of with a Black Sabbath intro and ‘World Peace’ after that, the energy from John Joseph blasted off the stage, even though there wasn’t much movement in the venue. The amount of people merely doubled but the band certainly didn’t seem to mind and gave away an awesome performance for the next 40 minutes or so. The set mainly consisted of tracks from The Age of Quarrel like ‘Show You No Mercy’, ‘Survival of the Streets’, ‘Seekers of the Truth’, ‘Malfunction’ and ‘Signs of the Times’ along with a few Bad Brains covers such as ‘Right Brigade’ and the track ‘Crushing the Demoniac’ from Cro Mags’ second album Best Wishes to keep things interesting. In my opinion they could have played the songs ‘We Gotta Know’ and ‘Hard Times’ right after the rest of the set instead of an encore but overall it was the best set list I could have imagined. Great show but a shame this small amount of people showed up. Wake up people! It’s the fucking Cro-Mags!
Details Written on Monday Jul 6th, 2009
Writer @Brent_

Tags: #Cro-Mags #Strike First