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Kong - Bury those old songs
Kong, does that ring a bell? No, not your favourite gorilla on the SNES in the nineties, but another phenomenon that lasted throughout that decade. Well, that’s at least the idea that you get when you read about this band from Amsterdam. How often do you come across the term quadraphonic? I bet you don’t even know what it means.
During the first incarnation of Kong, lasting from 1990 till 2001, the band produced seven records. Quite a bunch, but the band never had a big success. Maybe their style of mixing electronics and metal in an experimental- and mainly instrumental way was too strange and difficult at that time, so they passed into oblivion. After ten long years Kong finally played in Amsterdam again, in the unconventional positioning of every musician in a different corner of the venue. A quadraphonic sound comes to existence in this way, and the idea is that the audience can choose how they want to experience the show. Great idea, but the venue was too crowded tonight to really be able to change positions. After a fantastic start with a postrock like song, we discovered that the old songs sounded really outdated. They were mainly a succession of dull nu-metal-ish riffs, which really aren’t acceptable anymore. The newer songs however really seemed to tell a story and take you along on an psychedelic trip where the metal riffs were replaced by postrock and intertwined with electronics. At the end of the night we were left with mixed feelings about the show. Let’s hope Kong grabs its momentum and continues writing new songs, so that the oldies can be gratefully buried. Then a Kong show will be very special and worthwhile.
Details Written on Tuesday Sep 1st, 2009
Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah

Tags: #Kong