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Bloodshed Fest 10 - The anniversary edition
Holland's finest and biggest grindcore festival had a special occasion to celebrate, 10 years of madness and loud music! In honour of this celebration the fest expanded to a two days feast of gore and grind, with nothing but great bands! Metalrage was present of course! Read our report below.


2 Minuta Dreka
Hailing from Italy, the replacement act for Tinner, 2 Minuta Dreka (which really does mean 2 minutes of shit) sort of combines the sounds of Rompeprop and Bathtub Shitter, which means retarded blubbery nonsense grindcore. And blubbery was also the vocalist, who appears on stage in his pimp/birthday suit, swinging his lard before the eyes of a repulsed crowd. The rest of the band didn’t look too sensible either though. Unfortunately the band wasn’t exactly having a great performance, which was bad because I knew some people there that were quite enthusiastic about these guys. Maybe next time, more shit in two minutes! (DemonDust)
The Arson Project
The second band of the evening was The Arson Project. I had high hopes for this band, because I had never seen them live and their style appeals to me. On record they bring a fast chaotic style of grindcore with some metal influences. So we walked into the room that was already fairly full, the band started to play and immediately I was in heaven. I fucking love Swedish grindcore. The entire show was just full of energy, vocalist Niklas Larson was standing in front of the stage screaming and moving around to a point where he actually lost his shoes. The band played some of their new songs from the upcoming Split 7" with Noisear next to their whole Blood And Locusts record and some old songs of their Good Morning Vietnam EP. Towards the end of the show a guest vocalist entered the stage for some extra chaos. The strange blond black metal guy was screaming and running around in front of the stage to a point where he ended up screaming in front of my face. The only downside of the show was the sound. It was not great but I’ve heard worse at Dynamo. I hope these guys keep playing like this, release a new full length and maybe they will end up in the Swedish grindcore hall of fame with bands like Nasum, Birdflesh, Sayyadina, General Surgery and Gadget. (Roflmao)
Some beers and a joint later it was time for the next band; FUBAR, which stands for Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition, in case you didn’t know. FUBAR was the first Dutch act of the evening. With their recently released new split record they were ready to grind up the venue. I think it's always great to see these guys. They always bring a good show, and it was no different this time. They played a good and energetic show, and with their three-vocal approach they bring a really dynamic sound. So at the end of their set we raised our beers in the air for their performance. We applauded them and we will see them next time! (Roflmao)
Up next was the always great Cliteater, another band that never disappoints me. And then it happens. The band enters the stage and start to play with lots of energy on stage. Singer Joost Silvrants (in my opinion the best grind/goregrind singer in Holland) kicks and jumps around on stage. With groovy grind/goregrind music he is ready to party. And he gets what he wants because people started to move around. The show is made up of a mixture of old and new songs and we are lucky because we get treated to three new songs for the upcoming album that will be released early next year. If you have seen Cliteater before you will notice some differences, because they have a new drummer, Martijn Sijmons from Desensitised and State:Chaos fame, but also they have a temporary replacement for bassist Vedran who is currently travelling the globe. Overall a great show and all that’s left for me to say is: EAT CLIT OR DIE! (Roflmao)
Squash Bowels
Poland’s Squash Bowels have a new album coming up entitled Grindvirus, of which they displayed some material this night. The headliner for the first day, which had an average of 175 visitors, came to destroy the willing grinders in the audience once more, and so they did. Never a band to really excel in a live environment, Squash Bowels do what they’re good at. And that’s play some groovy gore grind with excellent precision, but with little enthusiasm or movement on stage. A nice band to listen to at home I suppose, but not so great to see live. Still I can not wait to hear that new record! (DemonDust)

Opening the main day of the Bloodshed were the Scottish grinders of Ablach, who weren't about to take it easy but blow away with full force. Very fast blasting and riffing was presented to the crowd, while two vocalists, one with a growl and the other with a scream, conveyed their message. I couldn’t have wished for a better alarm clock than these guys, a brilliant band to wake up to and get the day started. Will have to check their material pretty damn fast I think! (DemonDust)

Joe Pesci
The dudes to kick off the show on the small stage were the lads of Joe Pesci. They had about the same ferocity and intensity of the band before, only with ultra short songs. They played for about fifteen minutes, but spewed out more blastbeats, hyperblast, screams and technical powerviolence riffs than most bands on this fest. A very nice smack in the face if I do say so myself! (DemonDust)
Armpit grindcore from Holland! These guys don’t really take it all that seriously, but they come to build a decent party, which they obviously did. Their thrashy grindcore has a more metal sound to it, which makes it easy accessible and quite catchy from time to time. With a vocalist that looks like he’s finished a keg of beer before he takes the stage, you honestly can’t go wrong on a fest like this. Drink ‘n’ grind! (DemonDust)
Spoonful Of Vicodin
One of the bands I was quite curious about was the New York powerviolence duo of Spoonful Of Vicodin, which is also a fucking brilliant name of course. These guys are touring with Joe Pesci, so their music lies in the same area. Only this time there is a girl playing guitar and a bearded dude playing drums and screaming his ass off. The songs they play are even shorter, so they throw their songs out in sets of three or so, just to catch some momentum I guess. They also finished in about fifteen minutes, what a tour that’ll be! Yet again the ferociousness and intensity of this band grabs you by your face and throws it through reinforced glass windows. Very nice, noisy and grindcore! (DemonDust)

When I entered the venue, the Spasm trio was about to begin. These crazy Czechs were wearing some masks, and their hefty singer was naked except for a Borat string (the one you wear over your shoulders). The band created a great wall of noise with only a bassist and drummer, plus the extreme grunts ‘n’ piggies from their frontman. The good vibe and atmosphere resulted in a partying circlepit, but a singer that had to read the songtitles from a paper made it even more laughable. (Mindsaver)

Needful Things
Needful Things, also from Czech Republic, gave an enjoyable show in the basement. The guitar and bass were tuned quite noisy and acrid, but the drummer's extremely fast blastbeats and the powerful screams of their singer (whose voice was strong throughout the whole set) made up for that, making it worth to check out the complete show. (Mindsaver)

Fondlecorpse from Holland played the main stage, but its show wasn’t well attended. Maybe because it was dinnertime, but also due to the fact that this was the only non-grind band of the festival, acting in the regions of (old school) death metal. Now there’s of course nothing wrong with that, but unfortunately the sound was really bad, with a cracking bass as the most annoying factor. The band, featuring members of Infinited Hate and Supreme Pain, formed in 1996 but only released its debut record Creaturegore this year. It's not a bad album, but today they just couldn’t present it well. (Mindsaver)

Hailing from Rostock, the Germans of Wojczech came to treat the audience to some death/grind madness. The overall sound of the band was very grindcore, yet the drummer implied a death metal background in his play. Which of course is no problem, for this dude was tight and fast as hell. All in all another great energetic performance of another fierce and violent band. (DemonDust)

After seeing them play a very short and irritated show somewhere in Italy, I was keen on seeing Sayyadina play a full set here. And by god, these guys fucking rule! The drummer they have is probably the fastest of this entire fest! Also the music these guys play is not your average kind of grindcore, I simply can’t place their style into just one box. And if I had to do that, I would name it art-grind. Sort of like Total Fucking Destruction, only way different. Catch my drift? Didn’t think so. All you need to know is that Sayyadina is one of the most original grindcore bands I’ve heard in a long while and I hope to see them every month real soon. Not quite likely, but I can always hope! (DemonDust)

Who do you say? Exactly my thought. Well rest assure my friend, a name doesn’t matter for this band kicked out some vile crusty grindcore and powerviolence, with a pretty dreadlocked girl on vocals. As I saw half of the crowd fall in love with her, I enjoyed the extreme power this band exhaled through the speakers. Utterly tight and fast, these Czechs destroyed whoever was still standing after the devastating performance we witnessed before. Again another brilliant band of which I need to have some music real fast! (DemonDust)

Inhume. Anyone who has seen this band live before must admit that it's one hell of a brutal party. My first encounter was only a couple of months ago at the Neurotic Deathfest, but where I thought they played Bloodshed and Dynamo many times before I seemed to be wrong, when the band said they only play here once every 5 years. Today we were lucky cause Inhume was a real treat again. The pounding kick drum, shredding guitars and most of all the endless enthusiasm of the two singers made it a great party. This band should play here more often! (Mindsaver)

Was the only band we didn’t see!

For me it was the third time to see Spanish gore grinders Haemorrhage live, but where I didn’t like the first two performances, I did have a very good time today. Just like always, the show was dominated by the pathology theme. The band is dressed like pathologists and the singer always has a torn off leg as attribute with him. There was a lot of interaction with the crowd, which was still well present. It seemed like a lot of foreign visitors slept in Eindhoven and didn’t have to go home, just like all the lucky residents. With a set that took at least longer than 45 minutes, Haemorrhage ended this Bloodshed in style. (Mindsaver)

Details Written on Thursday Oct 15th, 2009
Writer @DemonDust

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