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Groezrock 2004 - A weekend in Belgium




Four Square

The band was supporting Ten Foot Pole on their European track and these guys gave up their lives for this tour. The lead singer had major problems during the show but nevertheless they continued playing and actually did a nice show. Not great, but good enough. The lead singer is a little bit weird but okay, after all. His voice is decent, even when he throws his head in his neck, his voice is still of good quality and volume.



On The Might Of Princess (Replacement Beatsteaks)

A lot of people were disappointed that the Beatsteaks weren’t playing on this years Groezrock Festival. But the replacement was called On The Might of Princess and they actually gave away a nice show.


Ten Foot Pole

The band with one of the most extraordinary biographies of all times must be Ten Foot Pole. With a huge list of line up changes this band still lives in 2004. And in what kind of way! The punkrock band puts up an awesome show. They only played two songs from the album Insider and the audience wanted to hear more, which frontman Dennis will consider for future shows.


Strung Out

Strung Out is a band which im not too familiar with. They put on a good show, and the response from the crowd was good as well. The band's mix of punk and (technical) hardcore works well and definitely encourages me to check out some more stuff of this band. Definitely one of the better acts that played that day.




As always the guys from Madball put on one heck of a show. Freddy was taking control of the stage; running, jumping and moshing, he did it all. Their performance really takes the NYHC-image they have painted all over them to a new level. Madball is back and you better believe it!



Sick of it All

Hardcore legends rampaging the stage. That is what you can expect of a SOIA-show. An extremely tight performance, nifty jokes and a crowd that goes wild. And that was exactly what happened. The only minus to the performance was that Lou didn’t seem to be at ease. He was being very sarcastic about the very young crowd. But hell, with a show like this, he is allowed to.




Either you like them, or you don’t. It’s generally a happy-happy-joy-joy type of thing and not everyone can appreciate that. Now, I can say I like that kind of stuff, but I was not very happy to see that their performance was way below average and in this case: not fit for a headliner. It hurts me very much to say this, but there were too many errors in their performance. The good thing is that the crowd, including me, still went wild. Lots of people knew the songs and the ones who didn’t tried their best to sing along with the choruses. One big happy family with the guys from Millencolin.






When I saw the name Chimaera I was mislead by the spelling, but reading it again taught me that this was not the heavy metal band Chimaira. This band actually is from the northeastern part of Belgium called Limburg. The sound they produce is a mix between hardcore and metal. The live show is excellent for a small band like this one. The only thing I don’t like is that lead singer Jan constantly hands out his microphone to let someone in the audience sing. But it was an overall great peace of music.


Strech Armstrong

When Spoerie was interviewing Sick of it All, I was watching Strech Armstrong. I had a little conversation in the press area with these guys, but I was too late for an interview. That sure is a shame because the band is awesome live. With their mix of melody and agro force a great band to look out for in the future.



E-Town Concrete

Before the show I have talked with guitarist David Mondragon. He told me the show would be awesome. This was the first time I saw this band live on stage and they simply blew me away. With the new songs Mandibles and the duet with Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta (who wasn’t there…); Battle Lines. These new songs were my first interaction with E.Town Concrete but when I heard Shaydee I recognised the song immediately. The set they played was awesome and they really impressed me. Next time Metalrage will be there, that is for sure!

Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @Buzzin Hornet

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