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OJC Pazzop - right wing extremism

This isn't an interview but it's more a subject what I wanted to discuss!

17 April 2004 there was some kind of festival in OJC Pazzop in Bladel.
This festival featured 7 bands and was scheduled the 17th of April 2004.

4 days before this festival the AFA (Anti Fasistische Aktie) contacted 'OJC De Pazzop' with the information that the 2 headlining bands from France where right extremists, with this knowledge the organization of the "herrieavond" in Pazzop called the 2 bands. The organization asked the bookings agency to send two other well known underground acts to compensate the cancellation of the headlining bands. (because they didn't want to be associated with right extremism and all the media commotion around it).
The booking agency told the Chairmen of Pazzop that they would send 2 other bands instead of the two original headliners.
So everything looked ok, 2 so-called extremists bands were cancelled, two other came as replacements.
, yet...
The day of the concert the originally cancelled bands arrived and the organization was really surprised, the 2 bands that they had cancelled stood in front of them, so they had to make a quick decision; just continue with the evening without having any damage. Or cancel the bands for the second time; this would make a lot of problems in the OJC and around it because they knew there would be some people from far away that would come to see those bands; who wouldn't appreciate it when they would't cancel the show. Originally the venue contacted 4 doormen, but after the negative news publications around the gig, the doormen cancelled for this show, they didn't want to be associated with any form of right wing activities.
So for the safety of the neighborhood and the volunteers of OJC Pazzop they decided that they wouldn't cancel the show.
So the show continued as planned, there indeed where some guys who where right extremists, some of those people made the Hitler greet, what indeed is to bad that had happened but those (maybe 10) people who weren't regular customers of OJC Pazzop and maybe where right extremists.

Check: for the broadcast of this subject.

But there is one thing I don't understand; why do people make so much fuss about this one subject, there are so many bands like Deicide and Marduk and a lot of other bands who can write and sing about Jesus being gay and raping and killing and they can perform everywhere they like and no one says anything about that.
Or, what interest is there for AFA in the Extreme Metal underground that they want to cancel a show, which attracts a hand full of extremists (that are foreign visitors). Wouldn't it be better that they invest their energy in other communities, like 'gabber' or 'house' in general?
Let me know what you think about this subject here :

Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @Dinges

Tags: #OJC Pazzop