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Persistence Tour 2009 - Definitely bigger, but better?
After a couple of editions of the annual Persistence Tour it was almost without a doubt the Holland show would be in the 013 venue. This year they decided to move to a bigger venue (Klokgebouw, Eindhoven) and combine it with Speedfest, a festival organized by Peter Pan Speedrock (review online soon). Due to this change in venue/concept the Persistence Tour in Holland consisted out of 12 bands, divided over 2 stages. Not everybody was pleased with this news, ‘cause there are still “true” hardcore fans that think the previous location was already way too big and the tour already was too commercial. Nonetheless, Metalrage went to see if this big venue would spoil the fun, or not. Our answer: hell no. There was a great vibe, there was plenty of beer and we saw some great performances.
The day started (for a Sunday) very early at 15:00h with Folsom. They just released their new album Hammer Lane and are currently touring through Europe with Last Mile. Opening one of the editions of the Persistence Tour must have been interesting for these guys to introduce more people to their music than they would be able to reach with their solo tour. Unfortunately there were two downsides: 1. They started just 10 minutes before the local heroes kicked off at the main stage. 2. They just didn’t sound that interesting. There were some people that probably think I’m wrong (read: 2), because they were moshing and doing circle pits the whole show, but that was about it when it comes to feedback of the crowd. (Gilles)
No Turning Back
As said before: Eindhoven’s local heroes had the honor to kick off at the main stage. No Turning Back is also probably the best Dutch hardcore export band since Backfire unfortunately quit just a couple of weeks ago. Today they once again proved why. The songs were good, the energy was high, the crowd participation was excellent and they just delivered a great show. As NTB said it themselves: “Brabant hardcore lives!” (Gilles)
Last Mile
For me it was the second time I witnessed a live show of one of the newer Danish hardcore band Last Mile, but just like their tour mates Folsom they couldn’t convince. They definitely did their best with aggressive songs and an energetic performance, but they couldn’t get a hold on the visitor’s interest. They didn’t have something that separates them from another random hardcore act. I also think the stage was just too big, too high and too far away from the crowd for these guys. During a sweaty and intimate show they will have more change gain the people’s attention. (Gilles)
Walls Of Jericho
After a rather late entrance, Walls Of Jericho was my first band of the day. I’ve always liked Walls Of Jericho for their energy on stage. And you have to admit with: Candace Kucsulain they do have a killer frontwoman. The energy of that lady on stage is probably an example for a lot of frontmen within the heavy music scene. Backed by their latest effort called The American Dream they are trying to convince the audience but fail miserably. Luckily during the older songs the shit finally hits the fan and a massive circle pit is the outcome. A tight show with a lot of energy but the downside is still the weak songs of their latest album. (Niamen)
Gama Bomb
The only band we missed due to the tight time schedule and the need of food.
Agnostic Front
These guys have been around for ages and every hardcore fan has probably seen them for over a hundred times. I guess for some people Agnostic Front just doesn’t get bored. Well to be honest I’m not one of them, but apparently I’m just a part of a small group since the main stage is packed and it’s like everybody just can’t wait to hear the good old anthems like ‘Warriors’, ‘Crucified’ or ‘Gotta Go’. During the show it’s only a matter of seconds before everyone around me is singing along with these gold old hardcore veterans. Add to this the energy that blasted from the stage and you’ll can only respect these guys for doing what they do best. (Niamen)
Death By Stereo
It has been three years since I saw Death By Stereo live. Back then it was a rather disappointment since the second guitar player had left, which resulted in a fucked up sound. Although they had to cope with a really bad sound during the first couple of songs they did live up to my expectations. Vocalist Efrem Schulz does practically everything to get the party started. This resulted in standing on the barrier during the second song and firing up the circle pit. With a nice mixture of both old and new songs they laid down a solid set with a nice intermezzo at the end with the message that bear heals all wounds. (Niamen)
Napalm Death
This wasn’t a show for the faint-hearted. I honestly have no idea what they exactly played, but I liked it from start to finish. As Arnold Schwarzenegger probably would have said about it: “Br00tal!” One of the best shows of the festival. (Gilles)
Evergreen Terrace
Evergreen Terrace from Jacksonville, Florida, had a pretty decent spot on the bill. Only three other bands played after them and maybe the only downside was the fact a lot of people used their spot for dinner. Still the band had quite an audience in front of them and thanks to some fans for the interaction and audience participation the band did leave a positive impression. But to us their sound, which can be described as hardcore with a pinch of metal, didn't do that much. The band is just yet another band without their own style. And like all the other band, they do pretend they are original. But face it guys: you aren't. Good show, average band. (Buzzin Hornet)
Ever since I’ve bought the Urban Discipline album as a kid I immediately liked the massive sound of these New Yorkers. They brought a new sort of hardcore which had a nice twist of rap in it. Well one album later they kicked out the guitar and they have sucked ever since. Until they did a reunion tour last year. Seeing them during that tour was a dream come true. So when they got announced at this tour I knew I had to be there. A lot of people had the same idea which made it a nice and very crowded. During the first song the shit hits the fan and it was only a matter of singing along with all those great songs from the first three classic albums. They honored our good friend Dimebag by playing ‘Mouth For War’ which they have covered for a dedication album. After that a new song followed which was called ‘Vengeance Is Mine’ and to be honest if the entire new album sounds like that I’m filled with joy and I can die a happy man. Closing the set up with ‘Punishment’ (including the Dolf Lundgren intro from The Punisher) and ‘Hold My Own’ made it a night to remember. (Niamen)
Born From Pain
Headlining the second stage, Born From Pain attracted a lot of people and that can be called impressive when you’ll have to start your set when Biohazard just ended and Ignite is about to hit the stage. Infamous for their left-wing speeches and the “Come on! Come on Eindhoven, come on! Come on. Move up, come on!!” x2.834 during their set they did leave a nice impression. The songs they played were loudly sung along and the pit was of a reasonable size. Still they begin to bore you a lot when you’ve seen them a couple of times already. (Gilles)
During the set I questioned myself if it’s possible to get an overdose of Ignite. Well I guess there is, I’ve seen them way too many times since the release of their latest effort Our Darkest Days. Although I do suffer from an Ignite overkill I do have to say that the guys pulled of a great show. After three years of playing the songs from Our Darkest Days are still standing next to the classics as ‘Run’, ‘A Place Called Home’ and ‘Call On My Brothers’ which is quite an achievement if you’d ask me. They even made me long for their new album. After a half an hour of the Orange County hardcore guys I decided to call it a day and left. My guess is I can catch up with Ignite somewhere during a summer festival. (Niamen)
Details Written on Tuesday Dec 1st, 2009
Writer @Gilles

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