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Constant Paranoia, Jesus Cröst - Rockinfuus @ WATT
Quickly making my way from the Obituary concert, I realised I had already gotten out too late to witness the full show of the hooligan grinders Jesus Cröst. I was just in time to catch the last couple of songs and to see the first part of the act that followed, Constant Paranoia.
Well, we ran inside and made our way to the front of the stage, only to hear 13 say that they were gonna play the last couple of songs. FUCK! Too late to see their full album presentation, unfortunately. In these few minutes I was treated to some of the best power violence this country has to offer; fast, furious, very aggressive and filled with little stops in which the duo really knows when to kick in again simultaneously. Much like Yacopsae indeed, but with just two guys. It was over before I knew it, so I really hope I find the opportunity to go and check them out again somewhere soon. Expect a review of their new album 010 very soon here!
The contrast with the previous act was very high with Constant Paranoia, a technical death metal band I had never heard of before. Here a full band with a huge drum kit and technical qualities took the stage, receiving little response from the audience. Because although they mastered their instruments fairly well, the songs they’ve written are a monotonous burst into nothingness, no peeks or anything. The audience seemed to agree with this, because the most crowd response they got was to a Morbid Angel cover song. I decided to call it quits and catch the last part of Obituary instead. Sorry guys, just not my cup of tea, especially not when you have to act as a successor to Jesus Cröst.
Details Written on Sunday Mar 7th, 2010
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #constant paranoia #jesus cröst #Constant Paranoia #Jesus Cröst
Blood I Bleed, Sylvester Staline, Jesus Cröst, A Den Of Robbers - Dynamo Grindnight 2
Blood I Bleed, Sylvester Staline, Jesus Cröst, A Den Of Robbers - Dynamo Grindnight 2
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