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M.O.D., Milkman, Collision - A living crossover legend!
On this warm February Saturday-night, the legendary Billy Milano and a new band played under the moniker of M.O.D.! Since the tour already hit the Dutch soil, word on mouth travelled fast, that his new band was a pretty good and tight one. Since I was in the mood for some good old 80’s crossover, I had to check out this legend…

After an hour of spoken word of Mister. Milano (which I missed), Dutch crossover/grind combo Collision kicked off the night. This band out of the south of the Netherlands, deliver always a good solid show, with crossover metal/hardcore, that is spiced up with a good dose of grindcore. Unfortunately the crowd wasn’t awake yet and just stood back and watched this solid band!

Due to illness both Tarantino and Violation Of Trust had to cancel their show. Luckily Tilburg very own crossover/hardcore unit Milkman stepped in to fill the gap! This band is doing this already for such a long time, that you only can have respect for these old-timers. Very good and energetic show of this band, that always reminds me of the perfect mix between old D.R.I. and Circle Jerks. Already raging for over 20 years, hopefully they will do 20 years more…
After a quick build up it was time for Mr. Milano and his new band. After a quick joke of Mr. Milano, the band kicked in with the killer track ‘Aren’t You Hungry?’! What followed was a great set of classic songs, from their first album USA for M.O.D., Gross Misconduct and Rhythm of Fear, so basically all the good old classics. With two Latino’s in the band of drums and guitar and a big guy on bass, Mr. Milano had himself a pretty tight band, which executed the old songs perfectly and with passion and energy. Unfortunately Mr. Milano himself wasn’t the best of voice this night! Not sure if he simply doesn’t pulls it off anymore or that he had a cold, but the lack of power in his voice was a bit annoying. None the less, the show had plenty of classics that got my hands pumping the air and banging my mullet like a mad man. The occasional intermezzos and jokes of Mr. Milano were quite amusing as well. After about 45 minutes, they kicked in the brilliant song ‘Hate Tank’ and finally more people joined the party and pit! After that the band continued their set with five or six S.O.D. classics, like ‘Milk’, ‘Speak English Or Die’, ‘Freddy Krueger’ and off course ‘United Forces’, which ended the night in style! Perfect fun Saturday night…
Details Written on Tuesday Feb 25th, 2014
Writer @RoyBalowski

Tags: #m.o.d.