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Verona Beach and Charlie Adler - An evening of Metalcore

Just back from my holidays, I decided to go to town and check out what was going on there. I arrived at my home caf� and I discovered that 2 metalcore bands would play this evening. Unexpected but very cool!


The first one was Charlie Adler, which I had seen like two weeks earlier. Then I didn’t like it one bit. Now, I thought they were great. Great sound, just the vocals should have been a bit louder now and then. Standing in front of the stage, I had a great view to what they were doing. Highly technical riffs, varying from very fast and weird to the plain metalcore parts. The drums and guitar sounded very Burnt By The Sun like and that’s what this band is trying to create as well. The vocals tend more to a crustcore style than metalcore, but that gives another angle to Charlie Adler’s music. This is a band of high potential.


Then came Verona Beach. With an ex-Dreadlock Pussy guitarist with the gayest shirt ever and a female drummer they looked somewhat mellow. Then the music started. In the beginning it wasn’t that bad, but as the performance gradually continued I started to become more and more annoyed.

The vocals were partially good, the singed sucked ass but the screaming was quite ok. The drummer, that had my respect in the beginning for being a woman (since you don’t see that often), sucked most of all members. She had chosen to bring just one crash and two china’s with her drumkit, instead of the other way around. Now, I’m not anti-china but when you hear the same psshh psshh psshh psshh for more than half an hour you become very agitated.

The guitars were far from interesting but had some nice metalcore parts here and there. But both players were standing backwards towards the crowd a lot and that only adds to the terribleness. The bass was to soft.

The band did manage to get some people moving on the floor, and that became more interesting than what the band was doing. Only a couple of people really liked what this band was doing, most people I talked to weren’t that positive about these guys.

Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Verona Beach and Charlie Adler