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Obscene Extreme 2004 - Total Annihilation At Trutnov

Obscene Extreme is a festival that will hopefully return every year. They’ve been on air for 6 years now and it all started as a birthday for the head of the Obscene label, Curby. This man helped me with a backstage pass and made this review possible. Thanks to you and we’ll see each other next year I hope. A little while before the festival, one of the headliners (Exhumed) said they wouldn’t come because they were tired. Luckily, Squash Bowels from Poland was found as a replacement and I didn’t mind that at all!


Thursday (08-07-04):


The first day was the arrival day, the bands had to arrive, the fans had to arrive. Because we thought to be smart to leave Wednesday, we came there Thursday morning around 6 o’clock. Nobody was there so we decided to place the tent and sleep. Around 2 o’clock they were finished with the stage and they began testing the sound. The festival was opened with an extreme piercing show covered by The base was a man on a cross who got 2 long needles through his chest while the cross was pierced to 2 people with a chain, so they had to hold the cross up. The music was blasting industrial from Das Ich and the show was ended by the man on the cross, who turned the cross upside down, covered in flames…. Very evil, but I expected a somewhat heavier piercing show. Nonetheless, the act was cool and it was a nice opening for Obscene Extreme 2004


Friday (09-07-04)




1: Deformed
2: Mincing Fury And Guttural Clamour Of Queer Decay
3: Fleshgore
4: Sufferage
5: Detrimentum
6: Gutted
7: Psychofagist
8: Mindflair
9: Wasteform
10: Fleshless
11: Birdflesh
12: Brodequin
13: Gronibard
14: Blood
15: Extreme Noise Terror
16: Screaming Afterbirth
17: Insane Assholes
18: Bloody Diarrhoea




The first band which had to play on this superb festival was Deformed from Poland. This was brutal death with no own influences. The music was real nice, but the songs began to wither as the time passed by. I enjoyed it though, because the presentation on stage was nice!

Mincing Fury…:


This band from the Czech Republic and Pigsty share the same vocalist, so I was really looking forward to this show. They used a drum computer, which could be better programmed, but really filled up nicely for the missing drummer. I thought they had a real drummer, but I could be mistaken. The show was really brutal and they mostly played their songs from Lamentations.




This band travelled quite a lot to come to this festival. From Ukraine this band came to entertain the people, which they really did! The music is merely really brutal death with nice riffs and blasting drums and vocals. The originality is quite high and I enjoyed it, however this was definitely not the best band of the festival.




This death metal band from Germany differs from the other bands because they have a female vocalist, which could easily been a man. Man, she even topped Rachel from Sinister!! I wasn’t familiar with this band, but I know that they made the show with their vocalist.




This U.K. band plays Dying Fetus like death metal which sounded really cool due to the massive drum sound. I found myself headbanging in front and that’s a real good indication about the music. Impossible to ignore!!




From Hungary comes Gutted, and they’ve conquered Obscene. The music was nice complicated death metal. Complicated because of the bass player, who brutally savaged a 6 string fretless bass. I was impressed by this band and the music, so I asked for an interview, which you’ll find here on soon.




The first name that entered my head when this band completed their first song was The Dillinger Escape Plan, but very grindcore orientated. This was clearly a situation of add good with good and you get superb!!!! I really liked this filthy band from Italy. The death/grind is really technical and that’s something not every band had on this festival. Enough said, this band was a real killer!




Mindflair was the first Crustcore band that I saw on Obscene. I liked the raw vocals and the really distorted guitars, but sadly it didn’t interest me longer than 5 songs, which lasted for 3 minutes in total. I can see why people like it, but too bad it didn’t affect me that much.




Because Pathology Stench were late with cancelling, the people from the Obscene management did not find a replacement for this band, so Wasteform was the next band to destroy the stage! The first thing I noticed was the immense vocalist, a big bulky dude with a bald head, that produced a grunt which sounded as something that didn’t fit in the stomach and had to come out. Real brutal US styled death metal like Deeds of Flesh and Dying Fetus. They have a new record out which is called Ignorance Through Sovereignty and I suggest you should walk into your local brutal music store and listen to it!




This band was ravaging Obscene a year ago, and now again is given a chance to prove themselves. After playing the first note, they had proved themselves already….. Goddamn!! This shit is brutal!!!! They had the luck to play for a home stage, because the vocalist of Fleshless is also one of the bosses of the Obscene label. The songs were nicely chosen and I recognized 2 of the songs on the DVD I also got from Curby. They almost exactly played the same show as in 2003, but nevertheless, it still kicked asses all around!!




The chicken run is loose again! Birdflesh are complete wacko’s from Sweden that play a rotting style of grindcore mixed with Crust. I enjoyed the live show and they were dressed up exactly the same as when I saw them with Neuraxis in Rotterdam. The drummer was wearing a mask of a Japanese guy and wore a band on his head with the Japanese flag on it. The guitar player was dressed up in a dress, which cleaning ladies use to wear. The extreme music was coming out greatly live and the crowdsurfing started! The music was from a wide variety of albums, including Carnage On The Fields Of Rice and The Night Of The Ultimate Mosh.




The mothers of blasting Death metal for me are definitely Brodequin and Liturgy, which both have the same line up, except that Matti of Disgorge does the vocals with Liturgy. Tonight it was Jamie’s party and goddamnit what a blasting feast it was! They played one of my favourite tracks from Instruments Of Torture: The Virgin Of Neurenberg, which is a medieval torture instrument used to restrain victims in some sort of sarcophagus, while the inside of it is covered with pikes…… Nasty!! The show was supreme and the sound was better than I heard on the albums. I remember that they also played a new track from the upcoming Methods Of Execution album, called Verdrinken. Yes the title looks Dutch and in matter of fact it is! On the new album this track’s lyrics will be Dutch. I cannot say anything more, definitely a great band for live performances.




Due to a problem with the guitarist of Extreme Noise Terror, they were switched with Gronibard. I didn’t mind it at all, because I was awake now. Gronibard plays a brutal kind of grind with poeka’s and very high pitched vocals. Their show is also noteworthy, as the members of Gronibard don’t wear clothes. So what had Obscene to expect? Exactly, 5 naked Frenchmen and a whole lot of great noise! I was jumping around with my guitarist completely wasted, and I reconsider my last exclamation about great live bands for entertainment, because Gronibard surely gave it! The songs were merely from the full length album Gronibard. Because all the titles are in French, I wasn’t able to remember the titles, but I knew which song on the album they played, so the sound was quite good. I can say just one thing. Look at the pictures coming up!




This band runs the scene for a very long time now, but I must confess that I got to know them 1 year ago. I wasn’t too fond of the music then, so I was a bit sceptical about their show. Sitting in the back with a beer in my hand I watched the quite entertaining show with fire-eating by the guitarist and bass player. The songs were from a wide variety of albums and everybody got their share. If Blood had to play somewhat earlier, then I would have had enough energy for moshing, because the music certainly wasn’t bad at all!


Extreme Noise Terror:


I don’t like everything from ENT, because their earlier albums are not that well produced and poorly played. With their latest full length Being And Nothing they finally sounded like that professional band they certainly are and that album is one of my all time favourites as well. When I heard their latest work on the Obscene Extreme 2004 compilation, I was sceptical again. They claim to go back to the roots, but I didn’t like that. The show was quite like that, the sound was nice, but the songs just didn’t catch my ear. Too bad for such a great band!


Screaming Afterbirth:


Screaming Afterbirth is considered Death/Grind in the veins of Dying Fetus, Brodequin and Circle Of Dead Children. I knew only some songs from a split with Mincing Fury, and I cannot say I really liked them at that time. Six hours earlier I bought their full length album Drunk On Feces, and when listening to that I was stunned… Goddamn this shit pulverises everything! The show wasn’t any different, because the lion share of the songs were from this album. Quickly finishing my beer I went forward to endure a great show at 2:00 am. The only thing that I can comment is that the vocals could be somewhat more powerful, but except for that I had nothing to complain.


Insane Assholes:


These totally freaked out Italians were indeed insane, because their show was one pure block of fucking chaos. I could not make anything from the music, but it really sounded extreme. It was quite late and everybody I knew went to bed, but I stayed, sitting with some weird Icelander drinking beer and talking about music. I was quite wasted and hoped to stay up for the next band


Bloody Diarrhoea:


2 people, one drum computer and pitchshifters. Do I need to say more? The music was ultimately brutal and I wondered why they let this band end the first day. Perhaps it was for the people who already went to bed, so they could be blasted out brutally haha. I don’t know anything about songtitles or whatever they were talking about in Czech, but I enjoyed the show and after that I went to my tent instantly…. What a day!


Saturday (10-07-04)




1: Lahar
2: Grobar
3: Warscars
4: Despise
5: Antigama
6: Poppy Seed Grinder
7: Amputated
8: Abortion
9: Cliteater
10: Godless Truth
11: Requiem
12: Embalming Theatre
13: Emeth
14: Prostitute Disfigurement
15: Resurrected
16: Gride
17: Rompeprop
18: Butcher ABC
19: Natron
20: Uncurbed
21: Squash Bowels
22: General Surgery
23: Le Scrawl
24: Despondency
25: Coma
26: Pigsty
27: Skoda 120


I have to make a note here. You can see there were 27 bands scheduled with the first to start on 10:00 am. Because yesterday ended around 3:00 am, it was impossible to attend the first bands. I have missed quite some bands due to interviews but the main line I was able to follow.




I missed this band and slept through it.




I was waked because the music sounded familiar, I turned around in my bed and when I finally stood up they just left the stage… bummer!




I definitely wanted to see this band because they have the same members as Gronibard minus one. This is considered their serious band and no funny stuff was done. The music sounded very professional and it really blasted the snot from my eyes. The perfect time for a breakfast and a beer and Warscars definitely won their conquest! This is a band to keep an eye out for, when they finally release something, I can recommend it already.




Brutal death/grind is the standard for this band. It was quality stuff and people certainly liked it, measured by the swinging hair. I cannot remember fully how the show was, but the music was good.




The same story with Antigama, I missed them because I was having a second breakfast. I have one song from the Obscene Extreme 2004 compilation and what I can tell about this band is that the music is really good. This is decent grind in the vein of Regurgitate and sounded very professional.


Poppy Seed Grinder:


Because of the funny name I wanted to see this, and I heard it Thursday on the Obscene Extreme compilation. I really enjoyed that song! The show was really cool with a guitarist who had the fun of his life, fully enjoying his time on the stage. With a big grin and a cigarette between his clenched teeth, he grinded along with the rest of the band. The music is quite hard to describe, but I dare to say that the music sounded a bit like our music with Haklust. The songs were almost all from their album Oppressed Reality and the show was real cool.




This band from the UK is quite nice to listen to. I know of little real death metal bands from the UK, but Amputated really kicked ass. Their professional style of old school technical death metal is nice to listen to and surely kicks some eardrums. The show wasn’t that spectacular, but then again, why should you be moving like an insane motherfucker, while your music just tells enough. Great band!!




This grinding orchestra comes from Slovakia I believe and sounded really primitive. I liked it because of the devastating podium act, but the music was a little bit less than I expected. This band was recommended to me by someone who told me I absolutely had to watch this. It was just an average band, not spectacular, but certainly not bad!




The second band from Holland was Cliteater, with Joost from Inhume and Ivar and Vedran from Grobar. I’ve seen them perform already, so I knew what to expect. The songs were merely from the Clit Em’ All album and songs like Profane Martyr and 4$ Bitch Disfigurement were naturally played. The Czech audience loved the show and it was quite crowded on the first yard of the stage, with people who had the urge to bang their head to the concrete. The show was truly intense and I really enjoyed it.


Prostitute Disfigurement:


After Cliteater we decided that there wouldn’t be a shop open at Sunday, so we decided to get to the shop now we still can. That forced me to miss 3 bands and Emeth I just saw the last couple of songs. So Prostitute Disfigurement was next in line and they really blasted through the show. With songs from both Embalming Madness and Deeds Of Derangement they worked themselves through the set. I was not really paying attention because I saw this band at least 6 times perform already, but the show was as usually very good. I’ve nothing to complain about, so a ‘well done mates’ goes out to Prostitute Disfigurement.




After Prostitute Disfigurement, we decided to visit the metal market, so it went a little bit wrong, so I missed Resurrected and Gride, which I really pity. Rompeprop however was making up to all the bands I missed. Dennis and friends were really impressing Czech people. I recall a moment when I sat on the tribune for a moment during General Surgery, when a Czech guy asked were I came from. When I mentioned Holland, the first thing he said was ROMPEPROP ROMPEPROP!!!! So guys…. You really impressed that lot over there! The songs were from both albums, and one song from a split with Tu Carne. I always enjoy the blubbering splatter grind with 4 chords. Music doesn’t have to be complex to kick ass, and Rompeprop is the right example.


Butcher ABC:


The most oriental band from Obscene has to be Butcher ABC. This new band is a mix between members of C.S.S.O. and Bathtub Shitter and that’s enough for the insiders to know what music we can expect. First class Japanese grind for the ears on Obscene Extreme 2004 and goddamn what a pity the drummer wore a mask! Why? Because he simply must be the most humorous looking man of Japan, always wearing a big grin and laughing while drumming with C.S.S.O. The music of Butcher ABC is easy and complicated at the same time, because sometimes, they use pieces that nobody understands, varied with simple but menacing grind. Another freakshow along with Birdflesh, and the audience was surely satisfied.




This Italian death/grind band is quite known among most extreme music fans and they made their reputation whole. The show was very neat and really kicked ass. I don’t know that much about this band, so I really cannot tell you about the songs they played. What I do know is that there will be an interview with Natron soon enough. After the show we exchanged addresses, so we’ll keep you updated. Again a real brutal blasting death/grind band that knows how to entertain people!

The Uncurbed:


This band from Sweden was a quite strange band in the big heap of putrid grindcore. The Uncurbed have their roots in Punk, and especially in Crust. I’m not a big fan of Crust, but The Uncurbed made a positive exception. It was a good choice from Curby to invite these people. People really went mad when The Uncurbed began to play, and I enjoyed myself watching these people go about. I was drinking beer, so I couldn’t care hahaha. The show was nice though, and the music wasn’t that bad at all!


Squash Bowels:


Squash Bowels wasn’t supposed to perform on Obscene, but due to the cancellation of Exhumed, these Polish grinders were asked to fill the empty headliner spot. I must say that I really didn’t mind the change, because I’ve seen Exhumed 3 or 4 times in very little time. Squash Bowels music is to be described as raw grindcore with little traces of death metal, but not much! With blubbering pitchshifters they worked their way through the set, especially promoting their new album No Mercy. The show was really impressing, and I surely want to see them again for sure!


General Surgery:


These old time grinders from Sweden really gave away a fabulous show. That’s the first and only thing I’m going to say, because after the brutal assault of Squash Bowels, I was dead tired and drinking beer on a bench. After 3 songs I began to hear the music more clearly, and goddamnit what a real cool band is this. So we stood with 4 people on our bench, windmilling our heads of and really enjoying the show. I was too wasted to remember song titles, but I believe they did something from Nekronicle.


Le Scrawl:


I know only one word to describe this band: Experimental. This band is experimental because they combine Death/Grind with Jazz, including a Sax player!! I really enjoyed the jazzy pieces, combined with a grunting and blasting band. I don’t know more to say about this, just that you should listen it, it’s really unique, as I don’t know of a band that did this earlier….. Except Naked City that is…. But that’s very old. This odd band got its approval by the whole crowd and could leave Obscene as a conquered field.




After all this experimental stuff, it was time again for standard US styled death metal. The bass drums kicked very hard and the vocals were perfect. I saw them once before as an opening act for Gorerotted, but this time I enjoyed it better. I guess it’s the late hour that was responsible. Almost all the songs were from their debut album, which I hope to review once.




The Obscene crew must have thought; hey it’s late, let’s kick those asses up again in 20 minutes. Coma plays really decent crustcore and damn it was hard! This band really got it up in the sky and the festival area was one big crustpit and despite the late hour, people totally went crazy. I liked this performance although I’m not a big crustfan.



The reason I stayed for these late bands was Pigsty, because I really didn’t want to miss them. Luckily, the show was very good for this early in the morning and the sound was exceptional. The vocalist, who also sings in Mincing Fury… was really trying his best to make the show go on and he worked it out perfectly. The brutal grind was eaten by 200 grindheads and nobody was throwing it up afterwards! This show was surely not the best one on Obscene, but certainly wasn’t bad either.


Skoda 120:


The last band for Obscene Extreme 2004 was a Czech band named after a popular car brand

for the Czech Republic. Skoda 120 made the same noise as those cars hahaha!! The music was just plainly real fucked up grind that sounded ultra brutal. They were planned to begin around 3:00, but the beginning time was 3:30 and they played 20 minutes. But those last 20 minutes of Obscene were done with dignity; damn what a brutal band was this!


So far ends the story. Obscene Extreme 2004 was a success for me, the people were nice although some were really freaked out. Its just something that’s wrong in your brains, when you are really enjoy listening to this real crazy music. I’m happy there is something wrong with me, and it was shared by 2.500 people. I hope to bring you a detailed review of Obscene Extreme 2005 next year, and perhaps Fuck The Commerce too.

Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @Mat-Core

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